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What do Barbra Streisand and Jonathan Adler have in common? Well…

  • Streisand is star of stage and movie screen. Adler, star of the TV screen and design scene.
  • Streisand and Adler both have adorable dogs in neutral hues (Samantha and Liberace).
  • And they both love interior design and color.

Except orange. Barbra…not so keen on orange. Her favorite color? Burgundy. Adler…he LOVES orange, along side pink, turquoise, brown and navy. Something else they have in common? New books, available in stores now.

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If your definition of smooth sailing means cocktails at the ready, you would have had a leg up on the answer to this week’s “What the…?”.

It’s a…1930s brass drink server for use on a yacht.

We thought we’d have you on the line for a while, but leave it to a ChicModern gal to know about an accessory that combines sailing, cocktails and physics.

Let’s keep playing. If you have any great mysterious finds, send them our way at

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Fall is upon us, and I’m in search of snuggle-up-by-the-fire-inducing designs.

It seems furniture artist Claire-Anne O’Brien had the same idea when she created these adorable knitted stools, which tap right into a recent hot trend in home decor: warm, cozy weaves. I love the playful quality of Obrien’s designs. One of these stools would look cute in an office or even a kids’ room.


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Color is deeply personal. We all have our favorites (mine is fuchsia) and those we despise (green just isn’t my hue).

Photo Credit: Domino Magazine

For some it’s all about beige, and then there are those of us who go wild and paint a whole room blue.

(Yes I am referring to that episode of HGTV Design Star).

Bring Color Home, Your Way

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Whether creating hand-crocheted wool hats, intricately detailed scarves or a stunning jewelry collection, designers John Ross and Don Carney of PATCH NYC add their creative twist to everything they touch.


Now, they’ve partnered with West Elm for a new collection that redefines vintage style. We caught up with them to find out about their inspiration, their favorite music and a certain pup named Edith.


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There are plenty of festive things to look forward to on July 4th, but one of the best is the colors. Red, white and blue what a great palette to be immersed in this weekend! I’ve spent some time this week revisiting the goodies Chelsey and I captured on film during High Point Furniture Market in the spring. Here, in honor of Independence Day, are some highlights in red, white and blue.

The Natural Curiosities showroom was a feast for the eyes. Owner/antiquarian Christopher Wilcox stands beyond the archway.

The Natural Curiosities showroom was a feast for the eyes. Owner Christopher Wilcox, who stands beyond the archway, is also an antiquarian and is preserving art and history at the benefit of interior design and much more.

See more red, white and blue pics from High Point

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The wrong hotel and a 6am fire alarm could not keep fellow decorating editor, Leslie Judson and I away from the amazing design trends at High Point Furniture Market. We arrived last night and had the chance to meet with a few of the incredible designers showing their work here.

Kevin O’Brien is one of our favorites so far. He’s an artist turned textile designer who has some truly inspiring handmade home furnishings. All the designs come from original drawings or paintings Kevin has created and are then transferred onto his intricate pillows, bedding and even area rugs.

You can find his work in places like Bergdorfs and Barneys, but also check out his new exclusive boutique in ABC Carpet and Home opening this May.

For more of our coverage on the High Point Furniture Market, click here.

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If you’ve been following our blog for a while, you’ve probably figured out we love handmade items and particularly “heart” Etsy. Today felt like a good day to put out a little Etsy love and share some of my favorite finds this week.

I’m a huge list maker, so I desperately want these vinyl wall chalkboards from SpellitOutdesigns.

This whimsical and adorable print is from monkeypowered.

Cute porcelain pillows from stepanka make for a unique wall decoration.

Well, wouldn’t it keep you calm? Print from jennysbakeshop.

I’m not sure if there’s ever been a cuter vase. Check out prettyrandomobjects store for more.

Don’t forget to share your favorite Etsy or handmade finds in the comments!

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