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A super quick dresser makeover involves nothing more than swapping out the drawer pulls for new ones.

anthropologie drawer pulls

This Prismatic Spring Pull from Anthropologie comes in four colors, each of which somewhat resemble a cross-section of a natural geode. Turquoise is my favorite of the options; I think it would look fantastic against a whitewashed finish or almost any wood stain.

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I admit that I lobbied hard for gray to be the Color of the Month. And as a not-terribly-graceful loser, I wanted to share these lovely, deep gray curtains. Keep this versatile shade on your color horizons.
gray velvet anthropologie curtains

The rich, satin-backed curtains would add an element of retro-glamor to a bedroom and look like they would provide good light blockage if needed. I do love a bit of old world charm in small doses, and I think these window coverings have it.

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This week’s “What the…?” is not a toilet seat cover, although it would make a cool one on a tankless commode…until some late night/early morning when you forget to lift the seat. (Ouch!) Katie was the first to guess correctly that this is, in fact, a door knocker.

Giraffe Knocker

This Giraffe In Hand Knocker is one of many cool vintage-styled and bohemian chic finds at Anthropologie and a fun way to greet visitors to your home. I also like their woodpecker design.

Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Orange who?

Orange you going to send us your mysterious design finds at

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Sometimes I long for the days of glamorous vanities with jewelry boxes organized just so.

Jewelry ornganizer

Short of being able to turn the clock back to more luxurious times, we can at least attempt to organize our (faux) jewels more beautifully. Liz Stanley of Say Yes to Hoboken made this necklace holder from a thrift store frame and knobs from Anthropologie. Much prettier than my own push-pin-in-the-wall technique.

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Black and white interiors never go out of style. This simple color palette can take a room from casual to classic, adding a touch of sophistication and luxury to any space.

Mary McDonald in Veranda

This living room by interior designer Mary McDonald infuses bits of gold and pink in this black and white space. The little pops of color spice up the room.


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Ikat, a centuries-old dying and weaving technique, is experiencing a renaissance. It’s a great way to bring in global style and hot colors.

Elle Decor, Ellen Pompeo's Den


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Here’s the answer to yesterday’s “What the…?”

The utensils have it. HeatherK even knew that she could buy this Utensil-Go-’Round Spinner from Anthropologie. What a great find for holiday entertaining, even better if it can hold that wine. (Red, white, blush and bubbly?)

Have you come across any finds, say while shopping at Anthropologie or 1stdibs, that you think would make a good mystery blog post?  Don’t forget to send them our way at

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Finding a journal with writerly gravitas and a lovely cover is always a delight.

This embossed leather journal with tasseled closure from Anthropologie would be a pleasure to write in or simply display on a desk.

What writing tool inspires in you the creative cobbling of words?

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Who can forget that gorgeous Paul Smith pillow resting on Big and Carrie’s sofa in Sex And The City 2?

Elle Decor

That simple yet elegant cushion is a prime example of a watercolor print, one of my favorite new trends. Watercolor prints look like they’ve been painted on the fabric (some may actually have been) and add a sense of artistry to a space that I love.
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