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Growing up, I always preferred boy friends over girl friends. I suppose there was something about the catty sleepovers and Barbie swaps that just didn’t register with me. (Not to mention I had two older sisters with their share of hormones in the house!)

Yet now, as an adult, I flock to girls whenever possible. I simply love watching women becoming empowered individuals and utilizing their talents to inspire others. And although there are dozens of women designers I could profile, my favorite five are below (oh it’s so hard to choose faves!):

1. Jeanine Hays, AphroChic
You might recognize Jeanine’s name from her HGTV column (hello, Jeanine!), but she also happens to run a successful textile and pattern-based homewares shop that continually blows my mind. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more on-trend pattern designer than Jeanine.
Love: The Vibe Pillow in Cerulean/White ($150)

2. Lisa Jones, Pigeon Toe
Portland-based designer Lisa Jones wins my heart for her heirloom goods and eye for simplicity. Her love for pottery is evident in the quality of pieces she curates for Pigeon Toe, and she continually produces top-notch ceramic work that will leave you breathless. Promise.
Love: Faceted Hanging Tray ($60)

3. Elisabeth Dunker, Fine Little Day
I escape to Elisabeth’s Swedish shop often and continually swoon over her quirky, illustrative style. From wallpaper to cutting boards, her work demands attention in the most subtle of ways.
Love: ‘Up’ Cutting Board ($33)

4. Christiane Lemieux, DwellStudio
DwellStudio is no stranger to (Sabrina Soto loves Christiane’s toss pillows for Target!), and we applaud her for juggling an active family life while maintaining a socially responsible (and deservingly successful!) brand.
Love: Draper Stripe Rug in Ink/Cream ($125)

5. Karen Young, Hammocks & High Tea
Inspired by tropical design, Karen’s skilled eye is evident in the patterned Dopp kits, drawer liners and tea towels she lovingly designs. Talk about bringing vacation home with you!
Love: Hammam Table Runner ($120)

Keep up the great work, ladies—we’ll be rooting you this month…and beyond!

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Looking for something to pretty up your space? How about a big, beautiful mirror? I’m a fan of bold mirrors, especially in small spaces. Over a mantle or behind the sofa, they add another dimension, making your space look bigger. And with so many different types to choose from, from porcupine quill mirrors to inlaid mother-of-pearl, mirrors are the perfect way to accessorize at home. Just look at how interior designer Palmer Weiss uses this gold rococo style frame to add some glam style to this dining room buffet.

Palmer Weiss

Mirror, Mirror

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Ikat, a centuries-old dying and weaving technique, is experiencing a renaissance. It’s a great way to bring in global style and hot colors.

Elle Decor, Ellen Pompeo's Den


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Holiday season has arrived! Those of us hosting the Thanksgiving festivities this year know that there are many things that go into preparing for such an event. And what’s at the top of every holiday host’s checklist? The dinner table. Colorful, artful styling, like my sister does so well, can help you make your Thanksgiving feast a delight for all the senses.

House Beautiful: photo by Alexandra Rowley

My sister makes a grand production of her tabletop design for our family’s annual Thanksgiving feast. She starts planning months ahead of time, devising a color scheme and purchasing special linens. And her creation always inspires awe.


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The Beat wallpaper from AphroChic’s new collection, Brooklyn Renaissance, is at once classic and vibrant…youthful and sophisticated.

Aphrochic The Beat wallpaper

Jeanine Hays joined as a Design Happens featured blogger and our color expert, after we fell in love with the modern, soulful style that is the essence of her blog and shop — AphroChic. The vibrant hues and playful patterns in her collection are authentic to the clothing styles and street scenes I see in Brooklyn every day.

Jeanine’s high-end pillows, table decor, wallcoverings and other textiles are eco-friendly, in the production process and the materials used. And all AphroChic products are made in the USA.

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