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Today marks the last day of Get Organized Month – how did everyone fare? I managed to clean out the pantry and guest bedroom/catch-all closet, and you’ll be happy to know that both areas still look surprisingly top-notch. If you’re looking to conquer another room today, then you’re in luck because we’re heading to the bathroom. So, to finish off GO Month and help you get organized in one of the smallest rooms in the house, we have a simple project that will transform your bathroom walls in no time.

Get Organized: Fast and Easy Crate Shelving

wall crate shelves bathroom storage

For most of us, our bathrooms are fairly small and offer little storage. And, of course, we have more perfumes, lotions and soaps than we could ever possibly need. Here’s where vertical wall storage comes into play. Put your favorite and most-used bathroom items on display in a convenient way. Here’s how:

Take wooden crates that are less than 6 inches deep and paint with spray paint. Decide where you want to put them on the wall. (We suggest staggering them a bit so you can use the tops of the crates for storage space, too.) Apply large picture-hanging strips to the backs of each crate (each strip can hold up to 4 pounds), and hang them on the wall in desired placement. Get the Full Step-by-Step Instructions Here >>

Check out all of our how-to projects from January that focused on decluttering some of the most cluttered rooms in the house:

Did you attain some level of organization this month? Conquer the catch-all drawer in the kitchen? Clean out your closet’s unworn clothes? Recycle all the magazines you’ve been stashing for five years? Tell us in the comments, and share your tips, too!

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Happy New Year, gang! How’s the first day of 2012 treating you? I’m still feeling a little worse for wear after all the celebrating last night, but I think a nice soak in this bathroom by John Maniscalco Architecture would make me feel as right as rain. Or snow, as it were.

wintry bathtub

Looks so clean and serene, doesn’t it? I’m not usually one for minimalism, but the bathroom’s simplicity lets the dramatic view from the window take center stage. Just hope there aren’t any neighbors nearby!

[Via: Houzz]

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Ages ago, mariners were haunted by tales of gigantic monsters called kraken. As they swabbed the decks on wooden ships,  sailors wondered what dangers awaited them in the murky depths of the sea.

kraken shower curtain

The fear of a kraken may have lost its punch with the advent of modern seafaring, but the legendary creature is still enchanting printed on this shower curtain. Beware, all ye who shower here!

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Remember when I shared this bathroom inspiration board? Things are finally starting to look just as I planned. As of today, our master bathroom looks like this:

She’s pretty, yes? Ken has been hard at work laying our 360Flooring tile (with radiant floor heating), grouting, finishing the sauna, prepping trim and gearing up for the big plumbing finale: toilet, sink and shower.

And while he’s been toiling away for weeks, we’ve still got quite a bit of work left. Here’s our to do list, complete inspiration board, so you can envision what I’m thinking!

Honey, Do Check Out The List

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