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I grew up in Seattle and as a result, I spent a lot of time playing in the rain. Parents, you can probably see where this is going: before my muddy feet could even touch the doorstep, my mother would send me directly to the shower.

Although my puddle-splashing days are [mostly] over, I’m still known to spend an hour in the shower after a storm. So instead of dreading those rainy days, use them as an excuse to relax – preferably in the comfort of one of these luxurious showers or bathtubs.

Susan Fredman Bathroom / Imperia Tub For Two / Stone Outdoor Shower
Bath Crashers Eco-Tub / Bath Crashers Spa Bathtub / Wooden Outdoor Shower

More stylish bathroom remodel ideas:

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San Francisco Bay-area designer Kriste Michelini uses tile to create a divide between the wet and dry areas of the bathroom. She frequently experiments with unique combinations of tile and uses various tile shapes in the same marble material to create a sense of infinite space.


Bathroom Tile Designs

This marble bath is pretty exquisite, yes? It’s very Lisa Vanderpump if you ask me.

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Grab a piece of paper and a pen and jot down your answer to…

What does the drool-worthy bathroom or kitchen of your dreams look like? Imagine that money is no object, you have top-of-the-line materials at your disposal and a designer doing your bidding room you’ve always wanted. (It’s okay to let your imagination go a little crazy on this one!) This glamorous and ultra-feminine bath retreat with its freestanding clawfoot tub, canopy of curtains and ceiling of skylights is mine. (Please be mine!)


Designer Savio Firmino

My dream kitchen is this French-country style cook space featuring a farmhouse sink and…get this…a three-part kitchen island with a “Venetian Gold” granite countertop, iroko wood chopping block and marble baking work surface. (Oh dear, I’m drooling.)


Designer Heather Hungeling

Whether you’re looking to turn your dreams into reality or simply want to pass some time daydreaming, you’ll want to explore our collection of opulent and sophisticated kitchen and bathroom designs. Then let us know, did you find the design equivalent of heaven on earth? Did the list of must-haves on your scrap of paper get longer? Please share!

Tell us in the comments below.

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I loooove decorating bathrooms. It makes no sense, because the benefits are rarely reaped (except for last year’s bout with food poisoning, but that’s inappropriate to discuss in this forum). I think that’s why I love bathroom designs so much — they’re unexpected and often neglected spaces of the home. In fact, I tend to use as many non-bathroom furnishings as possible in my lavatories, just to make guests twitch. I’m surprising that way.

So naturally, my bathroom ideas are overflowing, (ha! pun!) and I’m absolutely thrilled to share them. We have two bathrooms: one for guests/future kids (not yet, Ma!) and one for ourselves, which happens to be bigger than my first Los Angeles apartment. I’m a lucky girl, indeed.

Care to see what I’ll be doing with each space? Here comes the style board for the master bath suite!

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