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I’m a sucker for a nice bathroom. I know a lot of people care more about kitchens or bedrooms or living rooms, but for better or for worse, I’m a bathroom stickler, and it’s been the make-or-break factor in almost all of the apartments I’ve rented. If this gorgeous bathroom by Blanca Sanchez of Halo Design Interiors was in a rental, I’d be all, “Where do I sign? Give me the keys!”

bathroom lights

The whole space looks clean, calm and inviting — so, pretty much everything you’d want in a bathroom — but the romantic twinkle of the overhead lighting is what pushes this over the top for me. I can imagine spending a lot of time here, relaxing and daydreaming in the tub, and “stargazing” at the celestial patterns and shapes on the ceiling.

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Seeing this gorgeous ikat tile by New Ravenna Mosaics reminded me of those old commercials for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Like, “You got your ikat in my tile!” “You got your tile in my ikat!” Fortunately, I think ikat and tile are two great trends that taste better together, if you will.

ikat tile

I adore this for a funky yet elegant powder room like the one shown, or an accent wall anywhere, really! Then again, I’m a sucker for tile, so I could be biased. (See my bio below.) What do you think? Do you wish you had walls — or even just a backsplash — like this?

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A few days ago, I thought I had found the coolest tile floor ever. A few days ago, I might have been wrong. Because I just spied this PLAID TILE FLOOR on Houzz, and my life is forever changed.

plaid tile flooring

Look closely, rub your eyes, squint, and then pinch yourself like I did. I cannot believe this is tile, and not carpet. I also cannot imagine the kind of patience needed to lay down such a work of art. A doff of the cap to you, Andrea May!

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I’ve shared with you our master bathroom progress, and although we have yet to finish the big projects in that space (I’m talking to you, Sauna!), we decided to tackle a few smaller projects in the mean time. It’s the tiny transformations that can make a big impact, yes?

DIY Master Bathroom Hardware- Erin Loechner

I see a DIY waiting in the pipeline... pun intended!

I’ve written before that I always enjoy nontraditional accessories, and when I spotted the above galvanized conduit pipes and fittings at the hardware store, I knew I had the perfect future project in mind for them:

DIY Master Bathroom Hardware- Erin Loechner

Surprise! A TP holder!

I think our little DIY adds the perfect touch of industrial design to our soft, Scandinavian bathroom. But, of course, we didn’t stop there…


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Recently, I had a conversation with my boyfriend about the design world’s overreliance on the word “sexy.” Of course, there are perfectly legitimate uses for it, I just fear it’s becoming a too-convenient shorthand (like “pops of color”) to convey meaning. I’ve tried to limit it in my vocab, but how else to describe the Italian luxury house Bisazza’s new bathroom division, Bisazza Bagno? Because this collection is way sexy. That gleaming gold. Those clean lines. The jewel-like washbasins. Seriously.

bisazza bagno italian bathroom collection

The bathtubs have hidden storage compartments and some of those sinks even have lamps and magnifying mirrors built right into them. I swoon! Spanish designer Jaime Hayon is responsible for the collection’s sleek, sensual, ’30s-glam-meets-Scandinavian look (Glamdinavian?). Therefore, he is also responsible for turning me into a “sexy”-spouting hypocrite. (Thanks a lot, Jaime!)

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Jewelry storage is a huge problem for me. I have an overflowing jewelry box, an overloaded jewelry stand, and several jewelry catch-alls that are at capacity. So you know I’m swooning over this bathroom by Molly Luetkemeyer of M. Design Interiors Inc.

m designs bathroom with jewelry

I love the idea of bringing all your baubles out in the open, and turning them into an arresting (and easily accessible) display. I’m also digging the way that a lot of the colors in the beads complement the colors of the bathroom itself. Hesitant about taking over an entire wall? This DIY jewelry organizer is another charming way to show off your charms.

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The tagline for these wooden Laguna bathtubs should be: “Soak in some natural beauty while you soak in the bath.” Worried about the logistics? The tubs are made from highly-compressed wood that’s been saturated with resin, so you don’t have to fear water damage or, ah, splinters in your delicate bits. And sailing enthusiasts, take note! These tubs are crafted by experienced yacht builders, which gives them that same feeling of luxury and class.

wooden bathtub

The rich color adds warmth to any bathroom, and the sleek, sculptural form reminds me of something you might see in the Wharton Esherick Museum. Bath in Wood of Maine also makes some elegant free-standing double wooden tubs that would be perfect for couples. Timber for two, please!

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We all know that colorful decor can make an significant impact in spaces like the living room, kitchen and bedroom. But what about bright, bold hues in a white bathroom?

House to Home white bathroom with colorful chandelier and clawfoot tub

House to Home :: Photographer Nick Pope

Rainbow-inspired decor, from the elegant chandelier to the striped basket and towel, brightens up this neutral bathroom from House to Home. While not a French empire-style chandelier like the one featured in this space, Urban Outfitters‘ candelabra-style Gypsy Chandelier is equally fun and decadent with its multi-colored acrylic jewels. And at $159, it’s a steal.

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Finally a great excuse to save all your wine bottle corks: upcycling them into a bath mat.

wine cork bath mat

My tiled bathroom floor is currently devoid of a bath mat because I can’t stand the wet spots that occur on a rug after you step out of the shower. Slippery tile isn’t a great option either, so something like this cork mat is a great solution. There’s a handy-dandy tutorial on CraftyNest if you are inspired.

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When I spotted this bathtub and shower combo, I could hardly believe it was real.

KOS rain shower

But apparently, this dream set up is a reality. Designed by Italian company KOS, this gigantic soaking tub and overhead shower create a rain-like experience for the most luxurious bathrooms. I think that if I had an outdoor shower and bath like this I might never, ever leave it.

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