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I’m a single guy in the market for new bedding. And let me tell you, it is not easy to find a masculine look with some semblance of color. I don’t want all this black, brown and navy blue that I seem to find everywhere — come on, not all dudes are afraid of a brighter hue here and there.

It appears that Bed Bath + Beyond has come through for me, though. I’m sold on their Willamsport Plaid collection.

Plaid Bedding

 Am I the only person who struggles to find non boring, non floral bedding?


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Necessity, they say, is the mother of invention — and when you’re the mother of four kids and a top mommy blogger, designing kids’ rooms that are both fun and functional is a necessity. Enter Rebecca Woolf of Girl’s Gone Child; she’s taking us on a video and photo tour of nurseries and kids’ rooms that offer big design ideas for your little one.

Start by peeking inside the whimsical world of Rebecca’s 10-month-old twin daughters, Reverie and Boheme, to get a taste of her eclectic style:


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I’m always on the lookout for new designers to admire and I think I’ve found one in Amie Corley. This eclectic kid’s room she designed is a looker! It’s fun and playful without coming across as too childish, which can be a difficult balance to achieve.

amie corley room

The color and pattern mixing is masterful, plus I love all the whimsical touches like the butterfly art — guess that’s a theme for me? — and lotus lamp. And don’t even get me started on the zebra rocking horse! (Although, I think this Vespa “rocking horse” I found would fit right in here, too.) This is one kid’s room that is definitely cool enough to transition well through their teen years.

[Via: Pinterest, Merriment]

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Do you ever get the feeling that things would be so much easier if you just had a totally-not-evil twin? If I did, I would dispatch said stylish twin to do half the home projects I had planned, leaving me to actually accomplish the other half. You see, we’ve been enjoying spring at our new house, as well as planting, raking and building flower beds (more on that later!). All this has left our bedroom project languishing a little.

But aside from amassing inspiration and used furniture, we did make one big update: After months of sleeping on the floor, we finally have a new vantage point, in the form of this Danish modern-style bed:

Modern Bedroom in Progress

Miles enjoys his new view.

Actually having a centerpiece for the room has motivated me to finish the makeover. This weekend, we’ll be painting the walls a warm gray shade, and adding accents in green, turquoise and yellow. (Sorry, tangerine fans, the brighter palette won out.)

Bedroom Color Palette Reveal

I’ll keep you posted on the progress! To see more about my inspiration for this room, follow my bedroom design board on Pinterest.

Bedroom Pinterest Board

My bedroom inspiration board on Pinterest

Read Liz’s previous House Diaries posts here and follow her home inspiration board on Pinterest.

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Happy Friday, everyone! I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t be happier that this week is drawing to an end. Before we all take off for the weekend, I have some end-of-the-week cuteness to share.

When Cara, a fellow co-worker and working mom, shared with me this adorable wish-list that her 10-year-old daughter wrote for her, I knew I had to share it with all of you.

You see, Emmaline is starting middle school in the fall and Cara told her that they needed to spruce up her bedroom a bit — she’s getting older and her room needs to reflect that. Mom was thinking a new comforter and perhaps organizing Emmaline’s bookshelves. But as you can tell, Emmaline has other ideas.

All of us in the office are backing Emmaline 100%. Her requests seem very reasonable to this design-oriented crew. Cara, this is what you get for taking your work home!

Kids have great style, too (especially the kids of employees).

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What do you get when you mix Q*bert with a real-life bedroom? Something like this multilevel pyramid, complete with pillows and a built-in bed.

The beauty of this setup is that each new platform surface can be something different: a nightstand, a decorative shelf, or seating. And I’m assuming there’s storage inside the blocks, which is a clever use of vertical space as well. I am slightly concerned about the toddler in this shot, though. As one of the commenters on Desire to Inspire‘s post joked: “The room [...] would ensure only the survival of the fittest! Most kids would be eight feet up the minute your back was turned!” So perhaps this kind of room is best left to those without a stealthy little Danger Baby at home.

[Via: Pinterest]

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Going to Ikea when you live in the city and don’t own a car can sometimes be harrowing. But, despite any challenges, we all press on because a) Swedish meatballs and lingonberries mmmmm, and b) they have truly great, affordable designs. I’m excited because I saw a little preview of upcoming spring products via Jan of Poppytalk on Babble, and this creative Duken bed was included. The Duken actually comes with padded textile covers for the headboard that you can swap out at will. Ikea, you’ve done it again!

ikea bed headboard

You could change the headboard whenever you get bored, or seasonally, or if it’s the guest bed and you want to impress company. It also greatly expands your bedding options, because you can justify buying more sheets to match or complement the different covers. (Or at least I could. I’ll take any excuse!) The Duken doesn’t come out until April, so in the meantime, I’ll just be sitting here trying to mathematically calculate how many different, awesome bed looks I could make by swapping everything out repeatedly.

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Oh my stars! Is this curtain precious, or what? The Twinkle Curtain by GRAstudio is designed to create a peaceful environment for your baby or toddler’s nap time, thanks to its linen-colored blackout fabric that keeps things cool and dim.

twinkle curtain

I’m not a parent yet, but that dancing light streaming through the die-cut celestial cluster is heavenly. I’ll think I’ll buy a few curtains now, you know, for a future nursery. And uhh, I shouldn’t let them go to waste, so in the meantime, maybe I’ll just hang them on my windows. (Hey, can you blame me?)

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Finding a pattern that you adore can be a blessing and a curse. Of course you’re thrilled that you’ve got a gem on your hands, but the life-cycle in the interiors market is nearly the same as in the fashion world: one season. After that, you’re out of luck.

dwell studios trellis bedding

Dwell Studios has listened to their customers who’ve pleaded to have retired patterns back again, and responded with three favorites from their archives. The Trellis pattern above is one of those three that’s on the shelves again with a few tweaks. I quite like the muted color and am gaga over the accent pillow.

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