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The serenity captured in the design of this bedroom in a villa in Phuket, Thailand featured in The New York Times this week is blissful.

bedroom in phuket thailand

Basil Childers for The New York Times

Using this much wood in a bedroom — the floors, the ceiling and the molding — could make for a gloomy space. However, having it all balanced by the white, white walls and open, uncluttered space removes any potential imposing darkness. The pop of pink on the bedside tables add just the right amount of color.

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Last fall, major designers debuted a range of purples for both tabletop and home. Any of my favorites below would make a gorgeous statement on your holiday table, sofa or bed. Pair purple with silver or gold, and say a chic farewell to 2010. Happy New Year everyone!

Bedroom needing a winter’s lift that will carry you right into spring? Check out Vera Wang’s new line of bedding, available at Bloomingdales. Super chic, and with a great mix of patterns and prints, so it looks like you culled many stores, instead of buying a set. Perfect!

Purple for 2011

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Ever considered putting a chandelier in your bedroom?

bedroom chandelier

Janie Osborne for The New York Times

The former attic of this 1900s home in Bozeman, Mont., has been transformed into a guest room that I’d be happy to stay in…for a long time. The use of the chandelier adds unexpected elegance and charm. I’m also crazy about the mixed patterns of the rugs and chair.

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A few of you have asked what we plan to do with our spare bedrooms, and since I shared a master bedroom sneak peek last week, I thought it time to do the same with our guest bedroom, too.

Truth be told, the bedrooms needed little work, other than ripping out a few walls and transforming a closet into a guest bath. Yet in one particular bedroom, a botched wallpaper removal job meant we had to work on some serious wall treatments. Rather than installing drywall over our mistakes, we decided to cover the patches with wood paneling — perfect for our Scandinavian aesthetic.

Want to see the look and a quickie how-to? This couldn’t have been easier:

There you have it! Of course, we will be painting everything white, as we so often do, and I’m envisioning transforming this space into a sweet nursery when the time comes (that’s not an invitation, storks!).

See you next week with a sneak peek on our dining room table plans, just in time for a hearty Thanksgiving meal!

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While tons of people obsess over certain Hollywood A-Listers, I find myself weak in the knees for the unsung heroes of glamour — shelter magazine photographers. My obsession is somewhat justified, because, unless you’re going to barge into the home of my latest client, you’re most likely going to see my work (and hire me) through the work of these photographers. And interiors shoots are kinda fascinating. Not in an OMG-look-what-Suri-Cruise-is-wearing-on-the-playground type way. More like in a WOW-that’s-how-the-Egyptians-made-the-Pyramids kinda way. So prepare to be amazed, like one of those TV specials, as I reveal…secrets of shelter magazine photographers.

After this post, when looking at interior photos, you’ll not only appreciate the work it took to create them, you’ll — like I do — notice the curious absence of everyday things like corners. And toilets. And if you do see them, you’ll know that someone either made a major faux pas or deliberately embraced the photographer’s “kiss of death.”

I could keep typing, but, instead, I’m going to let the professionals do the talking since (a) I find myself irritating after two paragraphs (b) this is all about photographers anyway (c) I have a photo shoot in an hour, and if I don’t leave now, someone else will snatch the peonies, and I’ll be left with Alstroemeria.


Foyer: Neely Design Associates, Brian Watford ID | Living Room: Liza Bryan Interiors

Clicky-Click for the Q&As

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Maybe it’s because my own handwriting resembles that of my internist. Or maybe it’s because it’s been years since I’ve received a handwritten letter. Whatever the reason, I’m enchanted over and over again by decor that incorporates scripted text. The loops and curlicues speak of romance and lost traditions. The vintage sources suggest lengthy journeys by train and by boat. And perhaps most appealing, the collages of prose and poetry, postmarks and Lepidoptera look perfect whether in a study, bedroom, sitting room or porch.

DBL Collection by Vicente Wolf


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We enjoyed spending time with Emily Henderson, host of the show Secrets From a Stylist, at our design bloggers luncheon in Manhattan last week. (You can read about the 40 bloggers, including Design Happens contributors like Emily, who joined us at our New York offices here.) Before winning HGTV Design Star, Emily enjoyed a busy career as a photo-shoot stylist for top lifestyle and design publications. Now she’s even busier.

Read on to learn more about which designer has influenced Emily the most and what she finds impossible to pass up at flea markets.


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No more pencils, no more books, summer is a great time to give kids’ bedrooms a new look. Enlist your children in the design, and find projects they can do themselves.’s Kids’ Rooms Design Guide has ideas, tips and simple decorating projects to get you started. Here are some of my favorites:


This contemporary bedroom by Rate My user ECinNC is designed for the ultimate girly girl.

More Kids’ Room Ideas

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When we bought our house three years ago we hired a skilled painter to go in and change the color in every single room. It was a huge job, something we didn’t have the desire or skill to handle, and I wanted the end product to be something much brighter and more neutral than the dark colors the previous owners had used. Not that the dark colors were bad, necessarily. I mean, I bought the house from a friend who might be reading this. And in that case, the dark colors were lovely!

I chose a warm beige color called Architectural Cream from the Ralph Lauren collection, and had almost every room in the house painted in this shade. It catches light in different, beautiful ways depending on the time of day, and it’s the perfect backdrop for furniture and accessories in brighter, flashier colors. For instance, my six-year-old Leta loves pink princesses like so many other girls her age, so I gave her the pink and dialed back on the princess.




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This morning I woke up to eight inches of snow on the ground, a horrible reality I discovered seconds after stumbling out of my warm bed and into the cold glare of the window. Normally I like to smash things when the weather in Utah shows such disrespect for the calendar, but the first thing I did after dropping my oldest off at school was drive to the nearest florist, grab the most colorful flower I could find, and shove it into my face to muffle the crying.

Then I brought it home and placed it in a vase on the nightstand next to my bed. So that if I woke up the following morning to more snow I could close my eyes, press my nose to its petals, and pretend that Mother Nature really was a corporation I could sue.



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Picture your dream bedroom. Do you hear the gentle lapping of waves in the background? Is the color palette a combination of serene blue and green mixed with lush cream bedding? Oh, and does it happen to sit in the middle of a pool?


Thanks to the Facebook page, join if you want this as your bedroom, we can’t stop thinking about the many ways we would fall in wearing pajamas.

What do you think? Fabulous or just plain crazy?

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Red fabricsValentine’s Day is almost here, and it’s one of my favorite holidays. An entire day devoted to love — and the color red. Now that’s inspiring!

I found instructions for cute handmade cards on The Purl Bee. Made from small pieces of fabric, they are a good way to use up the scraps from your decorating projects. Out of scraps? Head to the remnant section of the fabric store and pick up some heart-worthy cloth.

Don’t stop with handmade cards for your sweetie. Get ideas for adding red to your home decor at Pop of Red. Check out the red coat rack and the needlepoint L-O-V-E pillow! I’m also crazy about this cabernet-colored wallpaper by Ballard Designs. Liven up a room by using it on one wall as an accent.

If you’re inspired to add Valentine’s-Day-style year round, try red and gray in the master bedroom. Sink by VitruvitAnd of course, shades of red in the master bedroom call for some crimson in the master bath or powder room. Check out this hot sink by Vitruvit.

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I’m a big fan of color blocking and have imagined ways to create my own color blocked wall. But I’ve never considered anything like this!

Rainbow wall treatment. No painting required.

Custom DIY rainbow wall treatment; no painting required.
Image from Design*Sponge.

A designer in our New York offices found this cool and colorful wall treatment listed under What’s Hot in Google Reader. No wonder; what a great idea! Writer/filmmaker Scott Prendergast gathered about 500 paint samples to create the massive collage. After determining a pattern, he used Mod Podge to affix the samples to the wall. “The walls of my (1930s) apartment are wallpapered,” Scott says. “And they have been painted over many, many times. When I move out, I can simply strip the wall of the wallpaper and repaint. Easy as pie.”

<em>Image from Design*Sponge.</em>

Image from Design*Sponge.

You can learn more about Scott’s project from the artist’s perspective on Design*Sponge. (Check out the comments.) I love this particularly colorful quote: “Maybe we could all use a creative project to relieve some tension?”

If you could use a creative project but you’re not ready to take on an entire wall of mixing and matching paint swatches, focus on a smaller section of the wall or create a framed masterpiece. No matter the size, your paint swatch artwork is sure to turn heads.

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We have some amazingly talented fans of HGTV out there, who are constantly showing their incredible design skills on Rate My Space.

We decided to pull together 10 of our favorite bedrooms to ever grace the Rate My Space pages, and of course, had to share! Not only to these talented individual show off their spaces, but most even tell you the secrets for achieving the same room.

This bedroom from lisayoung is one of my favorites. It’s a glamorous space with cozy fabrics and elegant furnishings. Best of all, it was done on a budget!

Don’t miss any of the other dreamy bedrooms, and visit Rate My Space to upload your own.

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Are you a decorating junkie? Do you scour design magazines, books and websites, and watch endless hours of HGTV? Do you look for inspiration online, print how-to instructions and bookmark your favorite rooms and designers? Have you uploaded pictures of your home’s interior to Rate My Space and gotten design advice from all over the world? These are all great ways to gather ideas and learn about the art of decorating, from the basics to the trends.
But, how would you like to get free, hands-on advice at one of your favorite stores without the sales pressure? You can. Pottery Barn is offering a series of free decorating classes at its stores nationwide. The next class, Decorating Your Bedroom, is scheduled for Sunday, Feb. 8. Space is limited, so make sure to call your local store, reserve a spot and get the details for your area. Topics for this class include choosing and arrranging furniture, accessorizing and window treatments. If you love setting a beautiful table, check out Hosting a Beautiful Brunch in March. I hope more retail stores will take a cue from Pottery Barn, offer expert advice in a fun class setting and hand out discounts at the end. That’s right; if you attend a class, receive 10 percent off items featured in the class. I hope these newest bedding items are included in this month’s class. They are bold – both in pattern and color.
The Pottery Barn Tea Garden Toile bedding collection is based on a vintage Chinoiserie fabric from the 1920s.

The Garden Toile bedding collection is based on a vintage Chinoiserie fabric from the 1920s. Pottery Barn's version is orange and organic.

Butterflies aren't just for little girls' rooms anymore. This fabulous pillow cover was commissioned by a London fashion house.

Butterflies aren't just for little girls' rooms anymore. This fabulous pillow cover was commissioned by a London fashion house.

If you're looking to add some color to your bedroom, the Ginger Organic duvet cover is a great choice.

If your bedroom could use some color, the Ginger duvet cover is a chic, environmentally-friendly choice.

If you could attend any decorating class of your choice this weekend, what would it be? In other words, what decorating topic do you most want or need to learn about? And finally, if you could choose any HGTV designer to teach the class, who would it be and why?

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