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We enjoyed spending time with Emily Henderson, host of the show Secrets From a Stylist, at our design bloggers luncheon in Manhattan last week. (You can read about the 40 bloggers, including Design Happens contributors like Emily, who joined us at our New York offices here.) Before winning HGTV Design Star, Emily enjoyed a busy career as a photo-shoot stylist for top lifestyle and design publications. Now she’s even busier.

Read on to learn more about which designer has influenced Emily the most and what she finds impossible to pass up at flea markets.


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Tonight the Saints head to the Super Bowl for the first time in franchise history, where they face the Colts, who took home the coveted rings not too long ago and are ready to do it again. Both teams have great stories, incredible quarterbacks (the spirited Drew Brees and the unflappable Peyton Manning) and of course, both wear distinctive team colors every week.

In honor of these two incredible teams, check out these stunning rooms that feature the teams’ palettes (without a piece of sports memorabilia in sight).


Via Living, etc.


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More often than not, my favorite blogs suck me in with seemingly endless scrolls of beautiful pictures. This blog is one of those. And it all began with one girl’s obsession with a certain shade of blue.

From Home Sweet Home
From Home Sweet Home

Erin Olson created The House of Turquoise  as a way to compile photos featuring shades of her favorite color. Next, she developed Everything Turquoise, a product blog, so that her readers could buy her fabulous finds. (These sassy, suede shoes and this $249 accent chair are my fave recent entries.) Erin expanded into more color shopping blogs and now manages 11 websites. Find them all at Décor By What started as a hobby became an obsession which turned into a full-time job.

Read More of Erin’s Story

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There are plenty of festive things to look forward to on July 4th, but one of the best is the colors. Red, white and blue what a great palette to be immersed in this weekend! I’ve spent some time this week revisiting the goodies Chelsey and I captured on film during High Point Furniture Market in the spring. Here, in honor of Independence Day, are some highlights in red, white and blue.

The Natural Curiosities showroom was a feast for the eyes. Owner/antiquarian Christopher Wilcox stands beyond the archway.

The Natural Curiosities showroom was a feast for the eyes. Owner Christopher Wilcox, who stands beyond the archway, is also an antiquarian and is preserving art and history at the benefit of interior design and much more.

See more red, white and blue pics from High Point

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