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I’m just a girl who cain’t say no to bold patterns and bright colors, but this West Elm chair by Brooklyn-based designer Paul Loebach is simplicity at its best.

west elm chair

The mod seat suits my taste perfectly, and the country legs are an unexpected twist. Even better, right now these chairs are on sale. Which makes it even more tempting for me to buy one or two in support of my designer “neighbor.” (Brooklyn, represent!)

[Via: Country Living]


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Proteinaceous spider silk or carbon fiber? It would be hard to decide upon first glance. Fact is, if you answered chair or settee to yesterday’s “What the…?”, you guessed right.

Designer Chair

The Random Chair, The Random Stool and The Random Light are all the work of Dutch designer Bertjan Pot. They’re created by soaking the long carbon fibers in epoxy resin and coiling them over a mold by hand. Once dried, the fibers become a self-supporting structure. DIY? Well, maybe we’ll leave this one to Bertjan and the spiders.

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You know if it weren’t so large, I might have been tempted to use this as an umbrella holder like Jessica W suggested. The shape is also reminiscent of a set of Mac speakers I used to own. (Jolene, you must have the same ones.) This week’s What the…? is actually a chair. A sleek and fanciful grown-up take on the Playskool Sit ‘N Spin, if you will, as demonstrated in this video.

Spun Chair

While you probably can’t make music out of this shiny piece of furniture, designer Thomas Heatherwick uses the same metal spinning technique traditionally used to produce the deep copper basins of Timpani drums. Even with its polished, impractical appearance, the Spun chair comfortably rocks from side to side and swivels all the way around like a child’s spinning top. Heatherwick Studios also produces an indoor/outdoor version made of spun plastic.

If you happen to have an eye for strange or unusual design, send your idea to

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tablescape300After a week of clues for HGTV’s angelo:HOME Holiday Gift Giveaway, the last clue is finally here.  By now you definitely know that Angelo is the host of Rate My Space, but did you know that the show was inspired by our user generated gallery of the same name?  And this year we launched a Holiday section to let our fans show off all their exquisite holiday designs and decorations.  One of our top contributors, nyclq, uploaded a gallery jam packed with ways to update your dining room throughout the holiday season.

For the 5th clue, we want to know 2 different ways that nyclq dresses up her dining room table for the holidays.  There are lots of great ideas in there, so send us any two.

Now comes the part that everyone has been asking all week: “What do I do with all these answers?”  It’s as simple as sending an email to by 12 noon Eastern on Monday, December 7, 2009. Use the subject line “HGTV’s angelo:HOME Holiday Gift Giveaway” and provide the answer to each of the five clues in the body of the email.  The winner will be chosen randomly from all of the correct emails and announced here on the blog on Wednesday, December 9, 2009.

Here’s a summary of everything you need to do:

  1. Find the answers to all five clues here on Design Happens that we provided from Monday, November 30 through Friday, December 4.
  2. Send an email to between 9 AM Eastern Friday, December 4 and 12 noon Eastern Monday, December 7, 2009 with all five answers and the subject line “HGTV’s angelo:HOME Holiday Gift Giveaway”.
  3. We’ll sort through all of the correct answers and choose one random email as the winner.
  4. The winner gets their pick of any of the 9 chairs we featured this week from the angelo:HOME furniture line.

Good luck to everyone, and happy hunting!

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Happy Thursday! We’re almost at the big finale. Be sure to come back tomorrow for the final clue and to find out all the details on how to enter HGTV’s angelo:HOME Holiday Gift Giveaway. We hope you’re having as much fun hunting down these clues as we are coming up with all of them. Today’s clue comes from our Holiday Gift Guide.

Which guide includes cheese knives, serving platters, and this modern wine holder?

If you’re still searching for that perfect gift for someone special this year, take a look around at some gift guides inspired by some of HGTV’s talent like David Bromstad, Genevieve Gorder and Antonio Ballatore.

And remember, you’ll need the answer to all 5 clues to enter, so be sure to catch up with Clue #1, Clue #2, and Clue #3.

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Photo by Jonathan Vandiveer.

Photo by Jonathan Vandiveer.

So, you say you’re an Angelo Surmelis fan? How well do you really know the “design geek,” the host of  Rate My Space, the proponent of stylish and affordable furniture, the designer who says his work is first and foremost about changing lives? Angelo shares much of himself, his background, his design secrets, even his favorite foods and photos, through his blog, his website, his fan page on facebook, his tweets and through his personality as it shines on the small screen.

If you really know Mr. Surmelis, then you’ll have no trouble answering Clue #3: a 3-part-question. Angelo likes to travel. What two American cities does he say are his favorite? He also loves to watch movies. What is Angelo’s favorite flick?



Black Grant Chair_Angelo2_271new_smallIf you’re new to the angelo:HOME Holiday Gift Giveaway, here’s a recap. The winner will win an Angelo Surmelis chair of his or her choice. Scroll the blog to see what chairs are on the list so far.  Need to catch up on clues? Don’t miss Monday’s post and yesterday’s post, then check back everyday this week for more clues. Details to enter coming soon

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Now that Thanksgiving is over, are you in the holiday spirit yet?  Is your home decked out for the season?  If you’re still looking for that perfect holiday decoration, check out Deck the Halls.  Coincidentally, that’s also where you’ll find our the answer to our 2nd clue for the angelo:HOME Holiday Gift Giveaway.

Clue #2: Which former Design Star contestant designed this over-the-top white Christmas tree?

In case you missed the start of the clue train, be sure to check out Clue #1 with a special video from Angelo.  Then come back on Friday where we’ll tell you what to do with all the clues you’ve gathered this week.

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With so many people having staycations this year instead of vacations, I have few things you can have to make your house feel more beach-like. This adorable bird house called Island Retreat is available from Krup’s, and is priced around $70.


I also highlighted a great beach umbrella, the face-down beach chair that allows you to read while lying on your stomach, buoy wind chimes and thePawley’s Island Rope Hammock.


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Whether you need an artistic piece of furniture or just a place to sit, the modern lounge chair is the perfect fit for all your seating needs.

The Rocio Lounge Chair is a classic, Italian-inspired design that’ll add a splash of sunny yellow to your favorite room.

Though modern and streamlined, the Royce Lounge Chair is the perfect shape for relaxing.

Talk about a conversation piece. The Gordon Lounge Chair is inspired by Gordon Guillaumier’s classic Minotti design.

Check out the rest of our favorite lounge chairs on Marketplace.

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