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As a child, one of my favorite ways to count down the 25 days leading up to Christmas was to make a construction paper chain-link advent “calendar.” Each day I’d (impatiently) tear off a chain until 24 green-and-red strips of paper lay in the floor, letting me know it was time for Santa’s arrival. If you want to keep it ultra-simple this year with construction paper and glue, then more power to you (I always loved ripping off those paper links). But we have two chic and creative advent calendar ideas — one modern and one traditional — that are sure to make this holiday season memorable for the entire family.


handmade holiday christmas advent calendar hgtv design blog

We often picture an advent calendar strung up the banister or across the mantel. But, what about as a centerpiece? Jessica Wilcox of Modern Moments Designs covered sweetly wrapped gifts, ribbons and ornaments with a vintage chicken-wire cloche dome and attached printable Christmas tags to represent the 25-day countdown. Each day, let the kids remove a tag from the dome and open a gift. With each tag removed, simply replace with the next consecutive number. The interactive display will make dinnertime even more exciting during the holidays.

Download and Print Christmas Countdown Tags in Blue, Green, Pink and Teal >>


marian parsons christmas advent calendar handmade christmas decor hgtv design blog

For those who love traditional charm and vintage style, we have the perfect advent calendar that looks especially lovely wrapped around the Christmas tree or up the banister. To create this holiday countdown keepsake, print 24 different, antique-inspired images onto fused linen and freezer paper and paint a number onto the bottom corner of each to represent the days of Christmas. Sew pockets into each image to hold treats and surprises for each day, and then tie each pocket together to create a long banner. Get the full how-to here >>

Want to see more? Head over to for more easy advent calendar ideas you can make at home before December 1.

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I know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but Christmas is in the air. Am I crazy for saying that? Justin Bieber’s newest album “Under the Mistletoe” has been blaring in my car all week (yes — it’s true), I’ve already seen the classic Hershey Kisses Christmas commercial at least twenty times and my most recent mall adventure included an obstacle course of Christmas trees, garland and artificially wrapped gifts. Ah, I love this time of year. For those of you ready to dive in and get to it, I have five fun and festive handmade Christmas projects you can create this weekend in a snap.

Creative and Easy-to-Create Christmas Decorating Ideas

layla palmer handmade christmas advent calendar how to hgtv design happens

Starting December 1, you can count down the days till Christmas with this festive (and adorable) mitten garland advent calendar. Use twine to string up 24 miniature mittens, and hang below the mantel or wrap around the tree for an instant dash of holiday cheer. Get full step-by-step instructions here >>

handmade christmas gifts handmade bird necklace how to hgtv design happens

Your friends and family won’t believe it when you tell them you handcrafted this eco-chic miniature bird necklace. With just a few tools and materials, you can create a customized gift a nature-lover will truly appreciate. Get full step-by-step instructions here >>

Check out other one-of-a-kind handmade Christmas gift ideas, from sweater scarfs for her to rough-and-tumble bar sets for him.

handmade christmas decorations holiday stocking pails how to marian parsons hgtv design happens

Break away from tradition this year by swapping out Christmas stockings for galvanized metal pails painted with vibrant, festive hues. Marian Parsons of Mustard Seed Interiors personalized these pails with polka dots, monograms and other fun designs. You can even pull the kids in on this project and let them decorate their own. Line them with tissue paper and fill with various treats and gifts for a fun Christmas surprise. Get full step-by-step instructions here >>

handmade christmas cards hgtv design happens

Who doesn’t love a good, from-the-heart handmade card? Break up the stack of store-bought cards your friends and family will receive this Christmas with this modern and sophisticated ornament card you can create for each and every person on your list. Get full step-by-step instructions here >>

handmade christmas wreath handmade holiday hgtv design happens

During the holidays, no front door is complete without a stunning wreath, so dress it up with this natural moss-and-cranberry beauty. If you’re feeling especially creative, you can even bring the wreath inside and make it part of your Christmas centerpiece, too. Get full step-by-step instructions here >>

Head over to for hundreds of other handmade holiday ideas sure to satisfy your need for the season.

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Be honest. You have pumpkins on your porch and candy corn in your hand right this very minute, but you’re already secretly thinking about your Christmas decorations. It’s okay. You’re not alone. For those who enjoy holiday cheer a little early, here are some simple handmade Christmas ornaments and decor to keep you satisfied until Halloween is over.

Creative and Easy-to-Create Christmas Decorating Ideas

handmade christmas crafts handmade christmas ornaments design blog hgtvAcorn Ball Ornament

handmade christmas craft handmade christmas tree topper design blog hgtvSheet Music Christmas Tree Topper

handmade christmas decor handmade christmas craft ideas design blog hgtvFaux Candy Ornaments

handmade christmas ornament christmas craft design blog hgtvSheet Music Ornament

When do you start crafting new decorations for your home for Christmas? Right after Thanksgiving? Or are you a mid-December procrastinator?

Tell us in the comments below.

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