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Today marks an important day around the country and in U.S. history as we take part in another presidential election. Like many of you, I’ll be glued to the TV as election coverage comes piling in. Whether you’re celebrating Election Night out or at home, be sure to spend it in style with a politically-inspired cocktail (or mocktail) in hand. Try these recipes created with President Barack Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney in mind.


The Lobbyist Martini:

Election Day Cocktails: The LobbyistPhoto and recipe courtesy of Polar Seltzer


1 1/2 ounce gin
1 1/2 ounce vermouth
1 dash orange bitters
1 dash lemon bitters
Polar Ruby Red Grapefruit Seltzer


Shake with ice, and strain into a martini glass. Top with Polar Seltzer.

Cocktails for the Candidates

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There’s something about hot weather that makes an icy beverage seem not only nice but practically essential, don’t you think? For your next summer party, upgrade from plastic coolers and drink mixes to custom cocktails that are easy to make and even easier to enjoy.  Here are 5 versatile options you’ll sip all summer long.

coastal citrus punch
Coastal Citrus Punch

Essential qualities: This summery take on sangria makes enough for a crowd, so you won’t be running up and down the hill playing bartender all day. Mix up the day before your party, chill and serve on ice. It’s easy to double if you anticipate extreme thirst…or more than 8-10 guests.
Make it your own: The recipe calls for grapes, pineapple and strawberries, but try throwing in blueberries, peaches or  honeydew melon.
Serve it with: Grilled fish, a summer clambake, tea sandwiches — this drink is incredibly versatile.
Get the recipe >> 


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Happy Valentine’s Day! Have you found (or made) that perfect gift?  There’s still time to create a thoughtful, delicious present: a romance-themed cocktail. Here are some of my favorites…

For your uber-romantic dinner for two, try the, ahem, to-die-for Romeo and Juliet cocktail. Top tequila and Grand Marnier with peach juice and ruby-hued Chambord. Garnish with an orange twist and a few maraschino cherries. Just add a not-too-cheesy card.

Romeo and Juliet Valentine's Day Cocktail
In lieu of a bouquet of flowers, why not mix up this fruity cocktail garnished with edible flowers? Swap orange juice for mango puree for a fresh spin on the classic mimosa. Punch it up with vodka, then top with a fresh viola, pansy or nasturtium flower.

Amour a Mosa Cocktail
Sure, you could buy a box of waxy supermarket chocolates or spend the evening baking a chocolate souffle. But this chocolatey dessert drink, made with white chocolate liqueur and dark chocolate shavings and a hint of orange liqueur, is just as satisfying and much more unexpected. Of course, since it’s Valentine’s Day,  I wouldn’t turn down chocolates, a souffle and the cocktail…just sayin’.

Chocolate Mandarin Dream

See (and make!) all 10 romantic cocktails >>

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Tell us in the comments below.

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