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When it comes to Halloween pumpkins, I think many of you out there will agree with me when I say that faux can be fabulous. Oh, I know, there are always pumpkin purists who like the squishy sensation of pumpkin innards oozing through their fingertips (You know who you are!) or prefer the look of a real pumpkin or choose real so they can roast the seeds — tasty recipe here, btw — but my personal choice is faux.

Why, you ask? Because, quite honestly, I am a project-aholic. At any given time, I have too many projects started and not enough time to finish them all, so when I buckle down and take the time to bling out a pumpkin, I want my hard work to be displayable for many years to come.

If you’re like me, our Halloween feature  is hooking you up with lots of creative ideas for faux pumpkins. Here are 5 of my faves:

For a sophisticated look, add a trendy silhouette:  Trendy Silhouette Pumpkin

Coordinate your Halloween decorations to your decor by using scraps of leftover fabric for these decoupage pumpkins:Fabric-Covered Pumpkins


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My colleague Kayla requested hanger crafts in the comment section of last week’s wood pallet post, and since I’m a people pleaser, I did not want to disappoint. Lucky for me, wooden hangers and coat hangers in particular are a crafting goldmine. Joan Crawford was famously down on wire hangers, but they too can be put to good use as I found out from my Pinterest perusing. (Maybe she would have liked them more if she knew how to repurpose them?) Take a peek at my finds and tell me which you’d like hanging around in your home!

coat hanger rack READ MORE

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Been hosting some late summer picnics and backyard barbecues? I’m sure I don’t need to tell you what to do with the leftover food (potato salad, mmm!), but you might not be making the most of your other leftovers. Namely, the paper plates. Take a look at these paper plate crafts I found through Pinterest and you’ll see they aren’t just for kids anymore. In fact, some of them could make charming additions to your next outdoor party. Get ready to MacGyver in 3…2…1…

paper plate magnolia napkin ring holder

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If you’re anything like me, your “junk drawer” is filled with condiment packets, plastic utensils and chopsticks. Sometimes they come in handy — like the one time in college when my roommates and I had an epic dish-washing standoff and we all resorted to eating everything with chopsticks rather than clean our utensils. (Yes, everything. Even cereal. I’m not proud.) Lately they’ve just been taking up space, but no more, thanks to these inventive chopstick arts and crafts. Who knew a free side of cool DIY decor comes with that Kung Pao chicken?

chopstick placemat


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Charcoal is on sale and the smell of barbeque and bottle rocket smoke is in the air. This can only mean one thing: it’s almost the 4th of July! For those of you entertaining hordes of friends and family this 4th, you may need some Independence Day crafts to keep everyone occupied.

Fourth of July sparkler and American flag crafts
Check out the projects pictured above and other fun 4th of July crafts and ideas below.

Make an American Flag Tote Bag
Fourth of July Table Setting Ideas
Chic Fourth of July Entertaining Ideas
All-In-One 4th of July Envelope Card
Shoebox: Patriotic Crafts
Sew Patriotic Red, White and Blue Bunting
Create a Shimmery 4th of July Candle Votive
Patriotic Desserts + Printable Cupcake Wrappers

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Hello, readers. It’s a stormy Monday, or at least it is here in New York, and my outlook has taken a nosedive as a result. It’s the kind of day that’s really only good for a few things, but since an afternoon nap isn’t in the cards for me, crafts it is! I just came upon a stash of assorted ribbon that I’ve socked away from hair accessories, gift wrapping, clothing and other crafty endeavors. So, my mission is clear: To find ribbon crafts that anyone can make to brighten up a rainy day. Start with this accented shower curtain, check out Farima’s delightful find, and then move on to the stunners I spotted on Pinterest

ribbon centerpiece


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Whenever I buy new clothing, I save the tiny bag of spare buttons attached to the tag. Over the years, I’ve amassed quite a collection, but the buttons have outlived most of the garments themselves. If I don’t do some MacGyvering soon, I’m going to have a serious button surplus on my hands. If you’re in the same jam that I am, don’t worry — help is on the way. Get some inspiration from our own projects, or spring into action with these ingenious button crafts I found via Pinterest.

button bouquet craft


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Hope you’re enjoying the Memorial Day weekend, fellow MacGyvers. As the holiday draws to a close and the charcoal briquettes from your barbecue turn into smoldering embers, you’ll probably be left with some plastic soda bottles. Do not throw them away! I repeat, do not throw them away. At least not without seeing what crafty things you can do with the humble vessels first…

soda bottle

Via: The Daily Green/iStock


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If Pinterest has taught me anything, it’s that crafts aren’t just for kids.

I don’t even own a glue gun so perusing the lovely photos of handmade items gives me an inadequacy complex. Even so, I love buying these treasures. As a mom, I gravitate toward mom-made items since their inspiration is in large part because they couldn’t find exactly what they wanted in stores. My first experience was at a church bazaar where I ended a two-year quest for the perfect diaper bag.

Recently at Duck Duck Goose, a nation-wide children’s consignment event, I was surprised to find a few noteworthy handmade items. Typically consignment sales are a place for moms to buy and sell gently-used children’s clothing, toys, furniture and the like. Along with recycled items, Duck Duck Goose offered a vendor section for crafty moms to sell and promote their goods.

Graphic artist and at-home mom, Tonya Green, uses her talents to create customized tote bags, screen printed to look like the child.
Crafty Mom Tonya Green's Cali&TonTon personalized tote

Mom entrepreneur Melissa Yates designs not only hair accessories, but also display-worthy organizers that make finding a hairbow to match an outfit easier than digging through a box.
By Melissa's Bows N Things

Her Melissa’s Bows-N-Things store can be found on Etsy.

One of my favorite booths at the event was In Flight Celebrations, founded by party-mama Mayra Rivera. I wish I had known her a few years ago when I was in my throwing-everyone-a-baby-shower phase.

Party Planning by Inflight Ideas

Mayra’s blog is a great source for event décor inspiration.

Mom bloggers, like Gabrielle Blair’s popular Design Mom website, are great resources for craft ideas. Also, check out the HGTV Pinterest board for Handmade projects.

If you’re a craft-proficient glue gun owner, give us a shout. I’ll have my credit card ready.

Photos by: Danielle Evans Photography

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In our last harrowing adventure, we escaped the clutches of boredom and clutter using what many of us already have on hand: wine corks. On today’s episode of Designer MacGyver, I’ve assembled some cool DIY teacher gift ideas using a most humble item. Yes, binder clips! Don’t have any kids in school that need to give teachers gifts? Well, maybe you are a teacher. If so, you can use some of these ideas in your classroom. Or maybe you’ve just got a ton of binder clips on your hands and want to decorate your home. (Raided the supply closet at work again, did you? Naughty, naughty.) First, start with these darling hanging notepads. Then take a look at what else you can do with ‘em!

binder clip


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I hate to date myself, but do you remember the TV show MacGyver? For all you youngsters out there, MacGyver was a secret agent who refused to carry a gun, instead solving problems and escaping trouble by employing whatever materials were handy at the time, along with his trusty roll of duct tape and a Swiss Army knife. (You may also be familiar with the SNL spoof, MacGruber.)

ANYWAY, I fully believe that MacGyver was on to something by making the most of whatever he had on hand. To that end, allow me to present some crafts you can make with all of those leftover wine corks you have kicking around, like this bath mat spotted by our own Lili Zarghami. (If you do not have wine corks handy, refer to the someecard below. But please, drink and craft responsibly.)

cork craft joke


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Living in New York has made me obsessed with space-savers. If every piece of furniture I owned was like a mini-Transformer and turned into something else useful, or disappeared into the floor at the push of a button, I would be a happy girl. This is probably why I am so jazzed over the concept of Murphy beds and Murphy tables/desks. (FYI, Resource Furniture is a great place to start if you’re in the market for this kind of thing.)

On one hand, they’ve still got a cool wow-factor, like you’re living in the apartment of a super-swinging bachelor, and on the other hand, they’re just extremely practical. Apparently they’re having a moment right now, because I saw a great Murphy dining table in this month’s issue of Dwell, and then I spotted this clever fold-away craft table from Bubblewrapp’d.

murphy craft table

Not only is this cute little table not taking up any extra space, but when it’s folded into the wall, it’s got an inspirational saying on it with vinyl lettering! So, literally, it’s a piece of art that you can use to help you create more art. Genius!

[Via: Pinterest]

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I’m really bad about jotting down lists on gum wrappers, junk mail and just about any other scrap of paper that crosses my path when I need it. I tried my phone’s notepad app, but there’s just such an incredible satisfaction from scratching things off a long (or not-so-long) list. Marking off that last item on a to-do list is pure accomplishment – don’t you agree? When I came across this hanging notepad project, my heart skipped a beat, I swear it did. If you’re constantly writing things down, then you’ll adore this handy and adorable little notepad that’s all DIY. And now, I can say goodbye to all those pathetic scraps of paper!

etsy recycled hanging notepad how to

Recycle a wooden floor sample by turning it into the base of the notepad. Use reclaimed paper, like gift wrap, old road maps or past calendars, to cover the board as much or as little as you like. Attach ribbon through the middle of your receipt paper roll and tie the ends together in a bow. Be sure to leave some extra space so you can clip the loop onto the top of your board. Pull the end of the paper roll down to the end of the board and secure it in place with a rubber band. That’s all there is to it! Get the Full Step-by-Step Instructions Here >>

etsy recycled hanging notepad how to

Feel free to experiment with different materials, or use the idea for an entirely different function. Here, you can see a miniature message board with a wooden spool. (Think creative save the dates.)

What other fun and creative uses can you come up with for these notepads? Tell us in the comments below.

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Here at HGTV, we get to know each other’s design taste and sensibilities pretty well, which explains why every so often I will get an email like the one I got from my co-worker Marianne yesterday, which said: “My fellow wallpaper loving friend, have you seen this?” The link she included sent me to Minneapolis-based screen printer Kick.Stand.Press’ website, or more specifically, to this gorgeous Organic Compounds wallpaper.

organic compounds wallpaper

As a wallpaper hound, I tend to gravitate toward really graphic prints or cheeky twists on classic patterns, but I love the simplicity of this paper’s basic shapes and color palette. (And wouldn’t it look whimsical behind the bench of my dreams in my fantasy vestibule?) I know there are some wallpaper haters out there, but also consider that there are tons more uses for wallpaper than simply jazzing up a wall. For instance, you can cover an old vanity, or fake a tile backsplash with it. You can frame it, make gift tags and bookmarks out of it, or cover tin canisters with it. (There’s a great book, Wallpaper Projects, that has tons more crafty ideas like this, too! Check it out.) While there isn’t a good wall for Organic Compounds in my apartment at the moment, I do have tons of old books and journals that I’d love to cover with this stunner.

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For those of you who struggle until the last minute with what to get Dad for Father’s Day, I’ve finally figured out that it’s all in the card and a handmade present. Craft him something he’ll love and use for years; then pour your heart out in the card. So, for all you procrastinators, HGTV’s here to help!


If your dad appreciates handmade gifts (and wine or billiards,) here’s an easy craft project for turning everyday objects into bottle stoppers that can be finished in less than an hour. (My father’s hobbies are fly fishing, camping and hiking, so I’m not sure what I should attach to the cork? Let me know if you have any suggestions.) Now don’t forget the card! A few weeks ago, Kim Stoegbauer of The TomKat Studio shared one-of-a-kind printable Father’s Day cards. Download and print out your favorite design for free to include with your present.

From everyone here at HGTV’s Design Happens, Happy Father’s Day to all the daddies out there!

And let us know, sons, daughters and proud papas, did the gift and card go over well?

Tell us in the comments below.

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Did you know, World Wide Knit In Public Day and International Yarn Bombing Day are less than a month away? I received my first notice, so I wanted to give y’all the heads up, too. Mark your calendars for Saturday, June 11th. I’ll be joining the Southeast Fiber Arts Alliance at Freedom Park in Atlanta. If you live near Adel, Iowa, head over to the Dallas County Fairgrounds. The Iowa Sheep Industry is hosting a KIP event (knit in public) at the Iowa Sheep & Wool Festival. Safe to say, no matter where you live, there’s an event you can join or host yourself. Let us know what you have planned. Organizers say, all ages, all abilities and all fiber techniques are welcome.

Here’s some background and helpful links:

Saturday, June 11, 2011

  • International Yarn Bombing Day: Started by Joann Matvichuk in Alberta, Canada, yarn bombers around the world unite to bring beauty and humor in the form of graffiti knitting and crochet to urban landscapes.
  • World Wide Knitting in Public Day: Grab your needles and hooks. While knitting and crochet are typically solitary pursuits, gather with other crafters and fiber artists to create better living by stitching together. And make friends.

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