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If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then  these brassy, gorgeous knobs from Nest Studio are your buffet’s BFF. All kidding aside, I love the facets and brushed exterior on these fancy drawer pulls. I’m picturing them as a modern update to a vintage bedside table.

nest studio faceted brass knob

What do you think? Would you update a dresser drawer with these gemstone wannabes?

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I love to knit, but I’ve never gotten the hang of crocheting. So I’m extra impressed by this swoon-worthy pendant light hand-crocheted by Naomi Paul Textiles.

naomi paul textiles crochet pendant light

I can just picture how gorgeous it is when lit from within, and I love that it comes in a dozen color options. Would you hang a crocheted light, or do you prefer to keep knitted goods around your neck?

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I have to warn you, this brilliant product is only a prototype, but I can’t help but admire the idea behind the Rambler Socket from Yanko Design.

yanko design rambler wall socket

As someone who is always hunting down an extension cord, the idea of having one built right into the wall is so intriguing. I would start by putting one in the corner where our Christmas tree goes up every year. Where would you install an outlet like this?

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This unique set of spoons is a project from design student Niels Datema. They aren’t currently in production, but I think they are kind of amazing. Why? Because each spoon is the exact measurement for an ingredient to make a classic loaf of bread.

Fill the water spoon up to the top with water, the flour with flour, and so on…mix together and knead, and presto! Perfect bread dough.

Think of the possibilities! Cookie spoons, cake spoons, brownie spoons…my stomach is growling but my mind is inspired.

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You know the drill, you buy a kid a toy and they just want to play with the box. So why not skip a step with Box Play for Kids stickers?

box play sticker kid toy recycling

These ingenious (and frankly adorable) stickers allow you to turn your recycling into dozens of new toys, sparking your child’s creativity and lightening your trash load as well. What’s not to love about that?

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Try this. In a second, I want you to close your eyes and think about a color that is at the same time both searing hot and exhilaratingly cool. Sounds like an oxymoron, I know, but try it. Close your eyes…

…so what color did you see? Let us know at the end of this post if what you pictured in your mind’s eye matches our pick for HGTV’s June Color of the Month…a hue that both sizzles and chills.
Here It Is…

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Gray is hot.  At home. In fashion. And now on the floor. The trend in gray woods is something that I’ve been spearheading from my own soapbox for a few years. I have memories (some slightly traumatic) of endlessly searching for the perfect gray wood floor, telling every vendor I could: “Gray, gray, make it gray!”

I have finally been vindicated. Quick•Step answered my prayers with their stunning Country Rustic Cottage Oak. Its wire-brushed finish with slight metallic hints was the perfect choice for my new home studio. And the fact that I can lay it down over the existing floor means no mess. Easy and affordable–with great style? Yes, please!


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