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I said “ooh” and “ahh” more times than a crowd at a fireworks show at last week’s High Point Market, but (hard as it was) I’ve managed to narrow the list to my very favorite finds. Here are 7 things to keep an eye out for this season.

Tobi Fairley

Tobi Fairley Home
Interior designer  and blogger Tobi Fairley added job to her business card this week: her own furnishings line, Tobi Fairley Home. The bright colors and preppy patterns so prevalent in her design work are now. We spotted the fabrics, pillows and light fixtures in the Hickory Chair showroom — preview them on her website.


Tempaper‘s removable wallpaper offers all the style of the real thing without the hassle of putting it up and taking it down (and it’s renter-friendly!). Lili wrote about this amazing moveable art back in July, but I fell hard for their perfectly of-the-moment teal-and-gold quatrefoil print.

Oomph Table

Oomph Greenwich Side Table
This occasional table encapsulates several of the season’s hottest trends: it boasts a fun shape, a high-gloss finish, 16 bright color options, and a textured top made of raffia, linen or animal print (your choice). No matter which options you choose, it’s hard not to smile when you see this personality-packed accent.

Regina Andrew Sconce

Golden Driftwood Sconce
This wall lamp from Regina Andrew is the perfect mix of natural and glam.  The gold-hued driftwood would look stunning anywhere from a chic beach house to a contemporary forest-side pad.


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Our decorating team spent last week in High Point, N.C., trekking through miles upon miles of furniture and accessories and surveying the scene in search of the season’s hottest design trends. Here are some of the coolest up-and-coming styles we spotted.


Texture, Texture, Texture
A presenter at one of our design seminars declared that “texture is the new bling,” and after walking through the High Point showrooms, I have to agree. Look for lots of pillows and rugs with 3-D applique, plus loads of richly textured fabric, from natural linen to plush velvet. (On a color note, I am in love with the mustard-slate combo in the top-left rug.)

Nature-Inspired Design
From shell and dandelion-inspired pendants to faux bois prints to decorative vine balls, naturally-inspired pieces are having a moment. Also spotted: tons of botanical prints, framed sea life and insects, plus loads of driftwood and live-edged furniture.


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Every month, I set aside an afternoon to enjoy a cup of tea and leisurely leaf through my favorite shelter magazines. (I can’t wait until HGTV Magazine comes out in a few weeks!) It’s part pleasure and part required reading for my line of work so I keep up on the latest in the design world. The August issue of one of my favorite glossies, Living Etc. from the UK, features a cool design trend — laser-cut home decor. I absolutely had to explore it for myself, and after a little online digging, I found that more and more designers are using this cutting-edge technique to create gorgeous patterned furnishings and lightweight home accessories.

Pieces like these Vale Dining Chairs showcase how beautiful cut metal can be. The chairs have the feel of a Louis Ghost Armchair. The laser-cut metal detailing on the back, which is reflected in the lacquer wood seat, is a showstopper.

Brocade Home’s Laser Cut Rug takes a lovely wool blend felt and elevates it with a striking pattern. This type of decor is designed for a singular purpose … to make a statement.

This bright red Mediterraneo Fruit Bowl by Alessi shows how lasers can transform stainless steel into something light and otherworldly. The metal has been shaped into a bright, colorful and imaginative form.

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When The Official Preppy Handbook came out in 1980, the country became enthralled with the world of “prepdom.” Its tongue-and-cheek look at the life of Biff and Buffy cultivated “The legacy of good taste, proper breeding, and the right nickname.” (And it was a freaking hit!) Well, preppy is in again, from fashion to home decor. Just a few posts of the blogs Unabashedly Prep and May December is proof enough. So, if your favorite color combination is pink and green, you adore sailboats and anchors motifs, or you miss plaids and monograms, here’s a two-room introduction to 21st-century preppy interiors from HGTV’s official preppy design handbook.

For Her

Preppy Pink & Green Living Room

Pink and green meets florid British-Colonial in this space by Riehl Designs Inc.. The raspberry pink in the pillow fringe and draperies provides the perfect accent to the predominance of grass green, while the lacquer cabinet and the zebra-print ottoman add a touch of the exotic (so in now!) without going over the top.

For Him

Preppy Plaid Guest Room

While this bedroom is conservative, it’s anything but stuffy or boring. Designer Tobi Fairley makes preppy mainstays – plaids, stripes and monograms – au courant with the introduction of the Greek key geometric. (Houndstooth and herringbone are other manly options for preppy patterns.) The oversized upholstered headboard and drapery accent wall are also of the now.

Click here to see bedrooms perfect for prepsters in training: mini her + mini him. But first…

What’s your favorite preppy look for home decor or fashion? Is it Lilly Pulitzer, Coco + Kelley or Izod and Top-Siders?

Tell us in the comments below.

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Does the thought of sticking to one and only one design style leave you feeling constrained? Are you drawn to rooms featuring an effortlessly layered look that by the nature of  its diversity feels well lived in and full of personality? For me, I’ve always been jealous of my sister and brother-in-law’s home. Somehow they’ve turned what in my hands would be cluttered chaos into an eclectic collage of vintage-modern masterpieces. I’ve come to the conclusion that some people are born with this innate gift (or is it a super power?) for mixing and matching disparate pieces of decor. Design Star winner Emily Henderson and HGTV favorite Erinn Valencich are masters of mix and match. Others of us can learn. If you, like me, adore but are slightly intimidated by this approach to design, then you’re in luck. Mix-and-match is hot right now. And by breaking down an eclectic space design layer by design layer, it’s possible for us mere mortals to pull of this cool trend. Here are four mini-lessons.

1. Farmer Chic, Living Area Designed by Gregory Augustine

Design Happens - Mix and Match - Maculine with Feminine Living Room


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Fashion designer Trina Turk is collaborating for a second time with luxurious fabric maker Schumacher.

Trina Turk Schumacher

Schumacher has a long history of partnering with designers like Frank Lloyd Wright, Paul Poiret and Dorothy Draper to create beautiful fabrics for the home. Turk says the vivid collection reflects her love of vintage clothes. It immediately reminded me of Pucci from the 60s. I especially like the Santorini print. So great for accent pillows or outdoor furniture.

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Design HappensGuest Blogger: Stephanie Alexander, Newsletter Editor

When it comes to most decorating motifs or themes, I tend to cast a wary eye. Most folks go completely overboard, and if they don’t, a thoughtful relative or friend will surely buy a new item for their collection for every major holiday or life event.

Take for instance, my friend Tess, who decided at one point she needed to add gilded Renaissance cherubs to her bathroom. Soon, she found herself awash in angelic tackiness, with every type of plastic seraph heralding its faux-gilded glory from every surface in her home. And poor Tess? She just couldn’t bring herself to say “enough, already!”

I tell you that story to tell you this one: Somewhat ironically, I am totally in love with this year’s bird motif. Our finely feathered friends seem to adorn everything from carpets to handbags, and frankly, I’m having a hard time choosing not only the perfect avian accessory, but also the appropriate room in which it will perch! Here are some of my faves:

Baby books with birds

As the working mom of a rambunctious toddler, I’ve never quite managed to sit down and scrapbook my son’s milestones — maybe I’ll be inspired by these two offerings. I love this twist on a traditional baby book — Baby’s First Keepsake Box ($19.95) — complete with retro drawings on the keepsake envelopes, reminding me of my own baby record book. For a more modern take, I like the simple freshness of Baby’s First Book ($65).

Ferm Living sparrow wall stickers and Anthropologie's bird armoire

If your personal design style includes plenty of flourishes and delicate detailing, check out Ferm Living’s Sparrow Wall Stickers ($120) or Anthropologie’s Bird-Cut Armoire ($1,898).

Bird tealight from Wisteria

Not quite ready to commit to a large piece of themed furniture? A smaller songbird accessory might be the perfect accent to a bare shelf or cocktail table. Wisteria’s Balancing Bird Tealight Holder ($19) will allow you to quietly display a sense of whimsy, without motif overload.

Enjoy! And if anyone questions your latest motif-of-the-moment obsession, just say a little birdie made you do it.

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