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Milk the clock. Offside. Scrimmage. Tight end. Hut hut. Wing back. One of these gridiron phrases is a clue to this week’s mystery object.
HGTV Design Blog - design game - What the...?
Be a star player. Leave your guess in the comments below. We’ll let you know tomorrow who scored first with the right answer.

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When I first spotted this object, it’s shape reminded me of a horseshoe crab. And while those ancient sea creatures are the last thing you’d want in your home, this contraption is designed to be used in a room you would want to be clean and free of germs.
HGTV design blog - what the...? guessing game
Here’s another clue. It just might make you healthier. What do you think it is?

Tell us in the comments below. Tomorrow we’ll reveal the answer and who guessed it right first.

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While the scape of this week’s What the…? would likely peak the interest of hardcore rock-climbers, in reality it would be challenging to traverse because it’s so small.

What the...?

Take a hand at guessing what this is, and tell us in the comment area below. Tomorrow we’ll let you know if you were right.

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What do you get when you infuse an average paper lantern with a serious dose of flower power? Anthropologie’s Rhododendron Chandelier is a beautiful answer to that question.

Anthropologie rhododendron lantern

Though the pendant is a big ball of blooms, the organic texture and ivory color remind me more of stony coral than the plant for which it was named. Or a pretty (albeit crinkly) polyhedron, if you want to get all math-y about it. But no matter what you think it resembles, its tranquil glow is sure to make any room blossom.

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This week’s odd looking object kind of resembles a misshapen golf ball, but that’s definitely not what it is. In fact, it’s way too large to fit in a golf bag.

What the...?

If you think you have a clue as to what this strange object is, leave your answer in the comment box below. And be sure to check back tomorrow to see if you were the first to guess correctly.

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Is one of your rooms in desperate need of an accessories makeover? Say goodbye to naked walls, empty shelves and outdated decor by uploading pictures or videos of your accessory-starved space for the chance to win up to $500 in brand new home decor from And this month, designer Claire Watkins is going to make over one lucky person’s room from the entries received. So don’t wait any longer! Show HGTV just how much your space needs a helping hand and you could win.


Now, back to the question. What home accessories would you buy with $500? Personally, my living room is feeling a little tired, so here are my top five accessory picks/needs. Share yours, too!

Kayla’s Living Room Accessory Wish List:

1. A sleek and stylish area rug to make the living room feel more cozy

2. Matching frames and new artwork to give my photo wall a more balanced and cohesive look

3. Brand new accent and throw pillows that haven’t lost their form

4. An eye-catching floor lamp to illuminate the entire room

5. Antique and vintage knickknacks to liven up my bookshelves

Remember, upload pictures or videos of your accessory-starved space for the chance to win up to $500 in home decor from

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One of my perennial favorites, Blu Dot, made a noteworthy showing at ICFF this year. The company designs furniture that is functional while remaining aesthetically pleasing and not so serious.

blu dot coat rack

Blu Dot unveiled a new line products at ICFF, among them this powder-coated steel and walnut coat rack. Representative of their fresh designs, this piece is more even more refined than previous pieces without losing the company’s sense of fun with its bright, shiny colors. No need for a coat rack? Then use it instead as a modern sculpture.

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I’ve had the pleasure of attending the International Contemporary Furniture Fair 2011 (ICFF) here in New York over the past couple of days and man, are my feet tired! The fair, which spotlights modern furniture, lighting and accessories, is held in a 145,000 square foot space in the Javits Center and is full of exciting new designs from around the world.

Here are just a couple of my favorite pieces from ICFF that I want to share. Keep an eye out in future posts for more stand-out design:

flavor paper wallpaper

I loved the wallpaper from Flavor Paper in its rich, modern – and often humorous – designs. Flavor Paper now offers a line of digital prints as well that can transferred onto vinyl, latex, or PVC opening up a world of wall covering possibilities.

More ICFF Faves

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I’m kind of obsessed with vintage vignettes. (Okay, majorly obsessed.) Apparently, so is Jeska, the creator, writer and editor of Lobster and Swan, a blog dedicated to sharing decorating ideas, daily discoveries, inspiring photos and recipes too amazing to look at when hungry.

Blog of the Month Lobster and Swan
Jeska says, “I live to make my (and hopefully your) surroundings a happier, more beautiful place by taking pleasure in the simple joys of everyday life and the theatre and wonder of some things that may be out of our reach but are delightful nevertheless.” Her blog does exactly that.


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When architectural and design journalist William Bostwick teamed up with designer and editor Jessi Rymill, they produced something unexpected: a book about making brews at home called Beer Craft.

beer craft book designs
The book is filled with step-by-steps tips and instructions for crafting your own beer, but my favorite part was the chapter on design. With simple templates for everything from the bottle cap to the labels and inspiration from vintage brands, even the least artistic one of us can design a DIY brew. Beer Craft – which goes on sale today – is the best kind of handmade tome: one with loads of help for the beginner.

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The National Kitchen & Bath Association announced the winners of their 2011 Design Competition. According to David Alderman, 2011 NKBA President and Certified Master Kitchen & Bath Designer, “they represent the finest in function, personalization, innovative-thinking and beauty.” Check out the jaw-dropping designs that took home awards for Best Kitchen, Best Bathroom, Best Small Kitchen and Best Small Bathroom. And be sure to let us know what you think of them.

NKBA 2011 Design Competition Winner Best Kitchen

This refined kitchen includes wide pine wood flooring paired with natural limestone flooring and walls, mahogany cabinetry with mesquite cabinet center panel accents and typhoon green honed granite countertops.

NKBA 2011 Design Competition Winner Best Bathroom
The magnificent tub sits in a river-rock-filled, drained fiberglass pan. A wood-textured porcelain tile floor follows the gentle curve of the tub and rock path.

As if those designs weren’t impressive enough, see how the winners of Best Small Kitchen and Best Small Bath packed constrained spaces with effortless style.

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Let these images serve as inspiration to ditch those giant, plastic storage bins and mismatched food jars your craft supplies are probably kept in once and for all.

craft room design

Canadian crafter extraordinaire Megan of Crafty Intentions, used budget-friendly pieces from Ikea and flea market finds to produce a work space that is truly covet-worthy . The red and aqua together is sublime, especially with all the pops of color the craft supplies themselves create. Bravo!

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If you’re planning on remodeling your kitchen or bathroom in a couple years, you might want to keep an eye out for the winners of the 2010/2011 National Kitchen & Bath Association Student Design Competition. More than 300 students from design programs across North America submitted floor plans and renderings for a high-rise condominium unit in downtown Chicago. Here’s a look at the winning designs that took first place.

  • 1st Place – Kitchens: Mary Anne Jarrell, Seminole State College

NKBA 1st Place Kitchens: Mary Anne Jarrell, Seminole State College

  • 1st Place – Bathrooms: Alexis Cannariato, Brigham Young University

NKBA 1st Place Bathrooms: Alexis Cannariato, Brigham Young University
By the way, the NKBA is now accepting entries for the 2011/2012 NKBA Student Design Competition. The new round calls for kitchen and bath designs for a 19th century Federal Style Row House.

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What room in a home do we spend the majority of our waking hours in? I think we can agree it’s the living room. And because it’s the first room you see when you enter my humble abode, I’ve spent the majority of my spare time decorating it, from the bookshelf display to the cat-friendly sage slipcover that hides hideous floral upholstery. (The sofa was free, thanks to Mom, so I can’t really complain.) But my living room still lacks that “wow” factor.

My official decorating savior is the simple step-by-step instructions and DIY projects that make up’s Fast Fix Living Rooms. The first project on my to-do list? Get rid of the beige walls and give them some ultra-chic revamping. This sophisticated stenciling is the “wow” I want:

Janell Beals Stenciled Focal Wall

Or maybe this chic contemporary fabric wallcovering, below? (Your suggestions, please!)

Brian Patrick Flynn Fabric Wallpaper

Here’s a peak at just a few of the other stylish projects that make up’s Fast Fix Living Rooms. Be sure to check them out, and give your living room the va-va-voom you’ve always wanted.

Fast Fix Living Room DIY Projects

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Today we’re celebrating the 107th birthday anniversary of American writer and cartoonist Theodor Seuss Geisel, best known to children and adults around the world as Dr. Seuss. I’m sure everyone has read at least one Dr. Seuss masterpiece. My personal favorite is Green Eggs and Ham. Not only is making green eggs and ham (with an overabundance of green food coloring) one of my fondest memories from kindergarten, but it’s also the first book I ever read on my own as a child. Now all grown up and working in the world of design, I find that I’ll come across a space and do a double take…thinking, am I the only one who sees a touch of Dr. Seuss in that room? Is it some kind of childhood reading flashback based on the mesmerizing images in his work? Look back and forth really fast between these book covers and room pics, and tell me if you see it, too!

Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Andreas Charalambous

The crisp, white countertops and cabinetry set against a bold red backdrop hint to that infamous cat and his iconic hat. Although straight-lined and modern, this kitchen’s use of color is definitely vibrant and playful. HGTV Designers’ Portfolio, by Andreas Charalambous

Here, There & Everywhere!

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I’ve got spring fever – bad. Ever since Groundhog Day. Now that the sun is making a comeback and it’s not dark when I leave work, I’m ready to live on my patio. Unfortunately, my outdoor space currently consists of … well, nothing. And a naked patio is a boring patio. Do you have the same problem? Fortunately, with’s Fast Fix: Outdoors, I can give my patio some love, and so should you. This DIY outdoors design guide is packed with projects to match your skill level, schedule and style.

Brian Patrick Flynn Mobile Container Garden

Lacking a green thumb? Well, in just a few hours you can turn into a natural-born gardener by creating your own mobile container garden out of galvanized metal trash cans and casters. Design Happens featured blogger Brian Patrick Flynn provides easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions that will give your outdoor space some green bling in no time.


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I’ve come to the conclusion that absolutely no bedroom is complete without a headboard. It’s true! Imagine your dream bedroom. I’m certain a gorgeous headboard makes a bold and eye-catching appearance in it. With Valentine’s Day a mere three days away, I’ve been doing some heavy daydreaming about my perfect headboard and bedroom. Tufted? Velvet (oh la la)? Sweet rustic shutters like the one from my DIY headboards post? The possibilities are endless. Here are my top six (yes, six – I couldn’t just stop at five) contenders from’s new guide to all things headboards. What’s your favorite?

DIY Headboard Ideas Sarah Richardson

5 More After The Jump!

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I was just talking to another design lover the other day about how hard it can be to find nicely designed items for children that aren’t outrageously expensive.

sea creatures poster

However, I just ran across this graphic poster on Banquet Atelier & Workshop and thought it would work perfectly for a kid’s room. The monochrome blue is simple enough to grow with a child and it is chock full of interesting facts about sea creatures. Just right for curious minds (and their parents).

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I’ve been living in denial that I have an ugly bathroom. Sadly, the prettiest thing in there is the retro-print Kleenex box. As a renter, I’m stuck with the unfortunate-looking countertop, linoleum flooring and cabinetry. Instead, I’ve focused my decorating energy on every other room in my apartment. But someday soon, I hope to own a home, and I’m already scooping out cool vanity ideas on HGTV’s Fast Fix Bathrooms.

Whether you want to dedicate an entire weekend or just an afternoon, there’s plenty of stylish updates to fit your look and schedule. Each project features an handy materials list and step-by-step instructions with photos to help you complete it with ease.


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