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Metals broker S.J. Sherbanuk wanted to live in a shed — “a really nice shed.”

Photo by Lorne Bridgman, Dwell

Determined to reuse and repurpose as much scrap as possible in his home, Sherbanuk and designer James Campbell created this sustainable house outside of Toronto, Ontario. It’s pretty spectacular that a home made of so much metal can appear so warm and colorful.

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The countdown to 2011 has officially begun. So, what are your design resolutions for the new year?

Actress Myrna Loy

I’m five months into my new apartment, and I still feel like there are a few changes that need to be made for it to really feel like home (a chic and stylish home at that). So in 2011, I’m unleashing my inner-DIY skills and creating something amazing. I think this sunburst mirror would look fabulous in my living room. Then maybe a whole new color scheme, inspired by featured Design Happens blogger Jeanine Hays’ posts.

How about you? Do your design resolutions involve a big remodel or simply conquering clutter? Rearranging furniture or going with a whole new style of decor? Here’s 5 suggested resolutions for your home from HGTV. And…

Have a safe and happy New Year!

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In honor of those still snowed in by the blizzard, it could be worse. Or better?

snow hotel

The LumiLinna Snow Hotel in Kemi, Finland, offers 41 rooms made entirely of snow…with the exception of these welcoming red doors. I’m not sure they’re welcoming enough for my taste (imagine a trip to the bathroom during the middle of the night!), but they do set a lovely, wintry scene.

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Want to own a piece of movie history?

Sleeper House

Denver Business Journal

The impossibly modern looking house featured in Woody Allen’s 1973 movie Sleeper was just put up for auction in Golden, Colorado. It was built by architect Charles Deaton in the 1960s and called the Sculptured House. I’d love to see what the surrounding snowy mountains look like from inside.

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Yesterday’s “What the…?” is for sale on Etsy. Seller Metalight upcycled it into a cool lamp. But its original purpose was as an….

…electric toaster. And a rather stylish one at that. If this has perked your interest in historic toaster designs, you’ll love the International Toaster Museum.

And don’t forget to pass along any great design mysteries you find. Just send them to

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With the days getting shorter and shorter, pretty lamps like this one help to brighten our spirits. But this illuminated object’s original function was not as a light source. What was it?

Enlighten us with your answer. And check back tomorrow to see if you hit the mark.

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I distinctly remember one of my favorite attic finds as a child – my mother’s old typewriter in its black leather case. It didn’t work, but that didn’t keep me from slamming down the keys while pretending to talk on our old, beige turn-dial phone. Now, I love coming across vintage electrics displayed as chic and trendy decor. Portable table fans, retro radios, old cameras and rusty clocks have found their way into the mix. Check out a few of my favorite finds. (Typewriters as wedding decor – how cool!)

Marry You Me


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I will gladly say goodbye to unbearable heat and humidity for the soon-to-arrive crisp fall weather I’ve been impatiently awaiting. And this change of season ushers in hues of chocolate brown, pumpkin orange, burgundy red and golden yellow that we embrace year after year. Let’s welcome our new friend and bring in that warm fall glow that may inspire a seasonal change to your decor.

Pretty Handy Girl


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Move over, chocolate. Fall 2010 brings with it a new neutral: gray.

Pantone calls Oyster Gray the “classic neutral that grounds the (fall) palette.” CB2 weighs in with graphite furniture and accessories, while Horchow glams it up with platinum. For a crisp look, pair this season’s darling with yellow or white. For romance, marry it with blush pink. Check out these spaces showcasing fall’s hottest color trend.


From COLOURlovers


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I’ve never really thought about stairs as a thing of beauty or creative expression…until this week. There’s something so mesmerizing about spiral staircases, and I’ve especially fallen in love with stairs wallpapered with funky patterns. So get your stairwells out of the background and into the spotlight with these unique and creative designs complete with numbers, mice decals and even books.


Climb to New Heights of Style

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This week’s Style Jolt is inspired by my current apartment dilemma: the long, narrow living room. My main living area desperately needs privacy from the office space. Any one of these gorgeous room dividers could solve the problem. (I especially love the idea of bookcase dividers to showcase my constantly growing book collection.)

vitalsteel full screen

vitalsteel screen close up

Both images from The Digital Panda

More Dividers

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I get my daily fix of beautiful, whimsical things from Joy Deangdeelert Cho of Oh Joy!. Joy is an accomplished graphic designer and professional blogger with interests in fashion, design, weddings, photography and all things lovely, and often, quirky.


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