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If your recycling bin is so full of aluminum cans you find yourself crushing them to save space, here are some ways to make that chronic soda habit work for you! Lightweight aluminum is easy to work with for a variety of cute, kitschy projects.


Have any ceramic tile squares lying around from a recent home improvement project? Turn them into eye-catching coasters with soda can prints — perfect for entertaining.

Soda Can Barcode Earrings

These earrings, while stylish, aren’t shy about their soda can origins. This pair came straight from soda can bar codes. The Crafty Soccer Mom’s ideas call for minimum crafting skills, allowing the can designs to shine through. Check out her other ideas and safety tips.


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Did anyone else collect pop tabs when they were younger? Lately it seems like all the little ones in my life have been filling sandwich bags with the things for some elementary school projects. They could be making chainmail, jewelry, or bags like the ones you’ll find quickly if you’re at all familiar with Pinterest. Those tabs are lightweight yet durable, giving them all sorts of upcycling potential.

Here are 5 innovative pop tab crafts, listed in order from least to most tabs needed.

Pop tab recycled as photo hanger

For this picture-hanging hack, there’s no need to dig deep into your pop tab stash. Follow this guide to turning a single tab into a sturdy hook for your wall art.

Pop tab crochet flowers

Combine your crochet skills with a handful of recycled pop tabs to create these flowers from Escama Studio. They’re like daintier versions of those camp-time popsicle stick yarn crafts, and would make great gifts on their own to use as coasters, brooches, or strung together quilt-style.


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Halloween is only three days away, and you know what that means. Soon, your little trick-or-treaters will scatter dozens of candy wrappers around your once-beautiful home. But this Halloween, you’ll know that those wrappers are more than just colorful candy clothes, because I’ve got some sweet craft ideas that will have you wishing your kids would hurry up and finish all those holiday goodies.

candy wrapper buckets

Do you decoupage? These colorful buckets would be great to store kids’ art supplies or other knickknacks. And if you act now, they could even make great last-minute candy buckets for Halloween!

candy wrapper vase

Remember Allie’s inspiring ideas for crafting with old magazines? Well, I hope you haven’t thrown your extras away (and if you’re anything like me, I’m sure you haven’t). This time, let’s add a few candy wrappers into the mix for an unexpected design. Visit Saved by Love Creations to learn how to make this impressive vase.

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Are all you MacGyvers as excited as I am about fall decorating? I’ve already decked out my porch with hay bales, pumpkins and mums. Now I’m ready to finish my indoor decorating. Since last week’s post, I definitely have all my pumpkin crafts down. So, what’s next? Acorns! They’re free, easy to collect and oh-so cute in their little acorn caps. Now start your gathering, and let’s get to crafting!

framed acorns

Think frames are only for pictures? Think again! This 3D acorn display looks amazing and only costs a couple of bucks to make – that’s my kind of art project! Visit Delia at Delia Creates for the full tutorial.

acorn centerpiece

This gorgeous display from BHG takes us back to nature with a fresh autumn feel. It’s true that sometimes the simplest decor has the biggest impact. Add citrus to your vase to hold the branches in place and add a bright punch of color to the look.

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Last week’s Mason jar lid pumpkin was so cute that I was inspired to find even more fun pumpkin crafts for fall. Every year in October, my friends and I get together for a fall craft night. Everyone brings their own materials and ideas, and this year I am beyond prepared. In fact, I have so many craft ideas, I’ll probably need your help narrowing it down! So take a look over my selection, and let me know which pumpkin craft is your favorite pick.

book pumpkin

It always hurts to destroy an old book, but if the end result will be as fantastic as this book page pumpkin, I think I might be able to do it…maybe. Head on over to Creations by Kara for her full tutorial.

paper pumpkins

Leave it to Martha Stewart to come up with a paper pumpkin idea that looks like a million bucks. I mean, seriously, how does she do it? I love the mix of green and orange, and a family of paper pumpkins would look downright adorable at the foot of my mantel.

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We’ve covered Mason jars. Really. We’ve got chandeliers, vases, planters and more. What we have not covered is the covers themselves. These poor neglected Mason jar lids have a lot to give, too. I was blown away by the craft ideas people have come up with, so I picked my top five faves to share with you. Happy reading, MacGyvers!

canning lid pumpkin

Maybe it’s because I’m so excited that fall is finally here, but this Mason jar lid pumpkin is the most delightful craft I’ve seen in a while. Just look at that cute cinnamon stick stem! And Kristin at Yellow Bliss Road says it took less than two minutes to complete, so I envision covering the whole house with these cuties.

canning jar lid garland

Though this sweet “Be Mine” Mason jar lid garland was created for Valentine’s Day, the look would be great year round. Maybe a “Trick or Treat” garland for Halloween? I think yes. Visit Ginger at Ginger Snap Crafts for her simple instructions.

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Remember Briana’s whimsical empty frame ideas? Well, last month, my roommate brought home three pretty frames, and I was inspired to share a few new ways to update old frames. Now, the pictures in the frames I mentioned are not so pretty: three images of single roses, all with some sort of French-looking scribble around them. I couldn’t imagine they were to my roommate’s taste, but last night my fears were officially subsided. She mentioned she had no idea what to do with them and was thinking of giving them away. At those words, my inner MacGyver came out, and we came up with some pretty fun ideas. Thanks, roomie!

chicken wire frame

Got chicken wire? If not, it’s super easy to find and makes creating this adorable project a cinch. And if you liked Briana’s jewelry holder, you’ll love this colorful message board. Christy from Confessions of a Serial Do-It-Yourselfer even made cute clothespins to match. Check out her blog for the full tutorial.

frame serving tray

Chalkboard paint is still all the rage, but instead of just painting the glass and hanging your board on the wall, why not get a little more creative? Head on over to DIY network to see how you can make this handy serving tray.

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I am a major clothes hoarder. When confronted about this illness, I tend to blame the fact that everything still fits. Plus, you never know what might come back in style. While both of these excuses may be true, neither covers the fact that some of my MANY pairs of jeans have irreparable damage. Deep down I know it doesn’t make sense to keep them, and I decided I would feel a lot better about permanently retiring them if I could make something crafty out of them. So, I found six projects that might just inspire me (and hopefully you, too!) to get those old jeans out of the closet and into the craft room.

denim wreath

Thanks to Designer MacGyver, I’ve found several cool homemade wreath options (remember the cute men’s tie wreath?), but I think this denim wreath may be my favorite. The end result looks a little intimidating, but the project instructions could not be easier.

denim headband

According to Kara at Creations by Kara, this headband only costs $1 to make. Count me in! I just love the look, especially because it’s so customizable. Not a fan of the denim rosettes? Leave it plain or put your own funky spin on it. The options are endless. Even Blair Waldorf herself would be proud of this headband masterpiece!

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My dog Boone is a very playful guy. He loves chasing squirrels, jumping all over his humans and most of all, playing never-ending games of fetch. His medium of choice is a yellow Penn tennis ball. At any given time, after hearing the phrase, “Where’s your ball?” he will set off at a run until he pulls one of the many tennis balls lying around out of its mysterious hiding place (too often it can be found in my basket of once-clean laundry…thanks, Boone). But when the ball goes flat, it seems a waste to just throw it away. That’s when these tennis ball crafts (and a lot of soap and hot water) really come in handy.

wall hooks

These multipurpose wall helpers are so cute! They can hold anything from jackets to mail, and they are incredibly easy to make. Just cut a line across one half of the tennis ball. Next, add two thumb tacks for eyes. Now all you have to do is attach it to the wall. I told you it was easy!

tennis ball swing

My favorite of all the tennis ball ideas has to be this clever swing from Apartment Therapy. It’ll take about 50 balls to complete the look, so start collecting now – and maybe ask your tennis-playing friends to donate to the cause (just promise them a turn!).

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If there is one thing I hate, it’s wasting valuable crafting resources. And now, thanks to another brilliant reader suggestion, I’ve realized that for years now, I’ve been tossing some pretty valuable supplies aside. But in my defense, who knew that used dryer sheets could make so many useful things? Although, I guess I should have suspected it. I mean, after you’ve seen mind-blowing art made from prescription bottles, you start to get the feeling that anything can be repurposed into something amazing (this is how I will become a hoarder!).

dryer sheet sachet

I have on occasion saved a fresh-scented dryer sheet and stuffed it in with my folded clothes, but this adorable dryer sheet sachet puts my crumbled up dryer sheet idea to shame. It’s filled with lavender and shaped like an oversized tea bag. Could it get any cuter? Head on over to Sew Many Ways for the full tutorial.

dryer sheet roses

Don’t you just love it when people take something mundane and turn it into something beautiful? I do. That’s why I’m so crazy about these tea-stained dryer sheet roses. The light stain gives them a cool antique look, and I would never have guessed they were made from used dryer sheets (or that they were even homemade). They’re simply beautiful! Visit Katies Rose Cottage Designs, and learn how to make your own dryer sheet roses.

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