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I won’t even try to pretend — I’m not exactly Mr. Sporty. A coworker (thanks, Marianne) had to remind me that the 99th Tour de France began this past Saturday (it runs, or “bikes”, through Sunday, July 22). Now, I am informed about the Lance Armstrong scandal that’s currently making headlines, but other than that — I’m clueless to this sport. So, I’ve done a bit of research. And, um, whoa!

The official Tour de France 2012 website reads that these cyclists will cover 3,497 kilometers in this competition. Since kilometers mean nothing to me, I Googled that into miles — people, that’s over 2,170 miles! These bikers must be unhinged (ahem, dedicated). Forgive me, again, I’m not sporty.

In honor of the cyclists who are out there pedaling their hearts out in the French countryside in this summer heat, we at HGTV raise our glasses to you (and we’ll do it in these amazing bicycle glasses from Glasses

The race itself may be lost on me, but add a stylish spin to any sport, and I’m sold!

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Whether creating hand-crocheted wool hats, intricately detailed scarves or a stunning jewelry collection, designers John Ross and Don Carney of PATCH NYC add their creative twist to everything they touch.


Now, they’ve partnered with West Elm for a new collection that redefines vintage style. We caught up with them to find out about their inspiration, their favorite music and a certain pup named Edith.


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