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Yes, I am an adult with no children who still decorates eggs every year. Why? It’s a blank canvas with endless possibilities, and there are always new techniques to try.

So hard-boil up a dozen or use an egg blower and a dremel to drain the eggshells without cracking them, allowing you to keep these decorated eggs for years to come. Then, try one of these fun new ways to dress up your eggs.



These industrial-inspired eggs are perfect for industrial-modern design lovers! Abby Larson, Founder/Editor of Style Me Pretty Living, used grape juice and vinegar to create the cool, concrete-inspired effect. Stop there for a version you can turn into egg salad — or add a gold accent for a decorative-only egg with lots of sparkle.

Gold Dipped Marbled Eggs

Image courtesy Abby Larson/Style Me Pretty Living


  • grape juice
  • white vinegar
  • white eggs
  • glass or metal bowl
  • gold paint


Step 1: Hard boil or blow out your eggs. (If hard boiled, keep in mind these eggs will not be edible later. If blown out, you will need to place something on top of the bowl to keep the eggs covered in the dye).

Step 2: Mix equal parts grape juice & vinegar in a bowl, enough to submerge your eggs. Place eggs in the bowl and leave overnight.

Step 3: The next day, remove eggs from the bowl and rinse off. Use a paper towel to rub away the foamy layer, revealing the marbled surface.

Step 4: Dip egg partially into a cup of gold paint. Place upside-down in egg carton to dry.

Step 5: Place in a bowl on your Easter table to enjoy!

Gold-Dipped Marbled Easter Eggs From

Image courtesy Abby Larson/Style Me Pretty Living


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Easter is this Sunday, and if you celebrate it I would bet you have plans to do some egg decorating this week. Vibrant dyes make quite an impact, but did you know you can get amazing colors with fruit and vegetables? Head to the crisper and put a pot of water on to boil, it’s time to make some natural Easter egg dyes. Watch the video to see our favorite colors:

YouTube Preview Image

I still can’t get over the deep teal color that boiling red cabbage gives you. Who knew that Easter egg dye doesn’t have to come from a bottle or a tablet?

DIY Natural-Dye Easter Eggs

Want even more great egg-decorating ideas? Learn how to make Baker’s Twine-Wrapped Eggs, or check out how your favorite HGTV Stars decorated eggs this year!

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Earlier this year, you know the editorial team was busy crafting away for Easter. I mean, give us a reason to get out the glitter and we’re there. Our favorite crafting session was when we gathered — spring-y snacks by our side — to decorate Easter eggs. Partnered with a host of materials, we were ready to create our masterpieces. These ideas are perfect for crafty little hands, so grab the kids and re-create these traditional and trendy ideas in your own home.

Easy Easter Egg Decorating Ideas at HGTV's Design Blog

Washi Tape: Cut strips of plain or patterned washi tape to create a mod design.

Easy Easter Egg Decorating Ideas at HGTV's Design Blog

Freehand Doodles: Use permanent markers on plain or dyed eggs to draw phrases, graphics and trendy patterns, like this pretty ikat design.

See More Easter Egg Designs

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Easter comes early this year, so here at HGTV we’ve been elbow deep in egg decorating for weeks. You just never know when you’ll find one of our editors marbling, gilding, tattooing, or glittering eggs, we’re that committed. My contribution? These super cute baker’s twine-wrapped paper mache eggs. Check it out:

YouTube Preview Image

Baker’s twine is so on trend right now, and it finds a new purpose when wrapped around paper mache eggs, don’t you think?

Learn how to make these Baker's Twine-Wrapped Easter Eggs on Weekday Crafternoon

Already have your egg-decorating plans in place? Then don’t miss these other Easter decor ideas:

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OK everyone, brace yourselves for a batch of cuteness. Entertaining expert Kim Stoegbauer from The TomKat Studio hosted a kid-friendly Easter shindig exclusively for and as you can tell from the picture below, the kids loved it. We have all the tips, free (yes, free!) printables and projects you need to throw an Easter egg decorating and hunt party of your own.

Host a Kids' Easter Egg Hunt and Egg Decorating Party

Host a Kids’ Easter Egg Decorating and Hunt Party >>

Get Easter Projects, Printables + More

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Erin’s dip-dyed stool DIY was very much on my brain, and then I started finding dip-dyed eggs for Easter on blogs and Pinterest. Coincidence? I think not. These ladies are bang on-trend. I really like the neon version from Courtney of Merriment on Oh Joy! But my favorite dip-dyed example is this bit of gilded goodness from Fabulous K pictured below.

dip dyed eggs

I know Easter is tomorrow, but luckily these are so simple to do, you can start them today and they’ll be ready in time for the festivities. (Unlike, say, those embroidered eggs I fancied.) Posh Easter eggs you can do easily? Now that’s the (golden) ticket!

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Color tablets and stinky vinegar have stiff competition these days when it comes to decorating Easter eggs. There are a lot of impressive ideas floating around on blogs and Pinterest (and, ahem), but here’s one that was totally new to me: Embroidered Easter eggs.

embroidered eggs

Ukranian artist Forostyuk Inna stitched up these goose eggs, but the funny thing is that no one on the Internet seems to know just how it was done. (The commenters on Sublime Stitching have some great theories, though.) I don’t know that I’ll be attempting this method, but the intricate and colorful work does make me want to step up my Easter egg game a bit.

What’s your favorite egg-decorating technique? Or are there any that you’re thinking of trying for the first time?

[Via: Svpply]

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Briana’s Daily Delight from this morning reminded me how incredibly close Easter is (April 8!). It feels especially early this year, don’t you think? I typically spend Easter afternoon at my mother’s house eating a delicious Southern meal. That being said, I don’t usually decorate my place for the holiday, but I’m always coming across projects I can’t wait to try whenever Easter brunch finally rotates to my place. If you happen to be hosting this year, you should definitely grab the kids and give this festive, hand-painted egg garland a try. With a little paint and glitter, you can bring a sweet, spring-inspired touch to your mantel or banister just in time for Easter.

hand painted easter egg garlandFinished Easter egg banner hanging above a stylish spring vignette.

First, round up 52 large, white chicken eggs (you can use more or less depending on where you plan on hanging your garland), an egg-blowing kit, skewers, acrylic craft paint, craft glitter, glue, white tissue paper, twine and an upholstery needle.

hand painted easter egg garland projectPainting eggs; Glittering eggs

After blowing out the eggs, use bamboo skewers to hold the eggs and start painting. Marian Parsons from Mustard Seed Interiors suggests painting 36 of the eggs with acrylic paint, and then coating the other 16 entirely in glitter. You can add swirls, polka dots and other designs to your painted eggs with glue, glitter and a 1.0 liner paintbrush. The more variation you add to your garland, the more vibrant and exciting it will be!

hand painted easter egg garland projectThreading eggs; Making tissue spacers; Finishing garland

Once the eggs are dry, insert the twine through the top hole of the egg (Image 1). Do this for all the eggs, alternating your various designs and patterns. Using white tissue paper, cut out squares and fold into accordion folds (Image 2). Use the needle to thread tissue onto twine (Image 3), and then pull the layers apart to form a flower (Image 4). Place flared tissue flower at every third egg or so on the garland (Image 5). To finish, cut the twine and create a loop for hanging. Get the Full Step-by-Step Instructions >>

What Easter projects do you have planned? Egg dying? Creative baskets for the kids? Share them with us!

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Easter customs and traditions vary globally, from dyeing eggs and exchanging gifts to feasting with family and friends. Even though I’m in my 20s, I still get a decked-out Easter basket from the Easter Bunny my mom, my grandmother cooks a Thanksgiving-style feast, and I’m not even going to lie, I participate in the occasional egg hunt. (No, I don’t push small children out of the way.)

How do you celebrate Easter? Does the entire family gather for a delicious brunch? Do you exercise your creativity through colorful egg dyeing and handmade decor? Fill us in on your festivities! And if you’re in need of last minute suggestions for decorations and gifts, is here to help.

Easter Day DIY Decor Food Ideas

It’s not too late to create a stunning spring-inspired tablescape. While you’re at it, boil some eggs to make these adorable (and edible) chicks the kids will love. And don’t forget flowers! Give your terra cotta pots some springtime love by painting them with chalkboard paint and adding some bulbs already in bloom. Voila! You’ve got the perfect hostess gift or cheerful welcome on your front porch.

Happy Easter!

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A couple weeks ago, Karli pitted chicks and bunnies in a quest to find out which cute, cuddly mascot of Easter should reign supreme. You, our Design Happens followers, overwhelmingly championed for bunnies. But if you are the proud owner of a small flock of backyard hens like me, (yes, I live in the big city of Atlanta and have six pet chickens) then you know in your heart of hearts…chicks rule! (After all, bunnies don’t lay eggs.)

HGTV Backyard Chickens as Pets - Your Own Fresh Easter Eggs

Hypatia enjoys some watermelon :: fresh eggs :: Zuzu & Lulu like collards

2011 marks the first year I will dye and decorate eggs for Easter fresh from the coop. Even better, we have a chicken known as an Easter Egger that lays pastel blue eggs. What more can you ask for?

HGTV Design Happens - Dyeing and Decorating Easter Eggs

I’m tempted to go with this DIY shabby chic spoon and candle display designed by Just Something I Made, so I can show off a half dozen naturally blue eggs. Since our hens lay about five eggs a day total, we’ve started collecting porcelain eggs crates. Maybe I could do something modern with this one from West Elm? Then again, I am enchanted by the doily stencil approach I found on the blog Urban Comfort. Delicate and subtle. (And no dyeing involved if we use our blue and brown eggs.)

If you love dyeing and decorating with Easter eggs as much as me, then you’ll love seven more stunning, yes, stunning designs I found on Etsy and crafting blogs. Plenty of inspiration and tutorials if you’re a DIYer like me. Or you’ve still got time to order from the Etsy sellers if you love handmade but don’t have time for crafts. Enjoy!

7 Incredible Eggs

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Easter Sunday brings back so many … itchy memories for me. I never threw a tantrum while getting dressed. I kept it together because I knew if I cooperated and wore the fluffy floral dress, uncomfortable patent leather shoes, white gloves, straw hat and smiled through the family photo shoot that I’d be rewarded with all the Marshmallow Peeps and Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs I could eat. While I still love eating Easter Sunday brunch at my grandmother’s, I’m so happy that I get to pick out a soft sundress of my choosing. And decorate my home to my heart’s delight. I’m getting an early start on Easter decorating this year (a good 3 weeks early!) How about you? Here are my four favorite handmade projects you can complete in a snap and enjoy the entire month.

DIY Easter Egg Garland Decor

This delicate egg garland is the perfect Easter decor piece in all its glittery, pastel goodness. It’s ideal for hanging above a spring-style vignette or wrapping around the stair banister. Yes, glitter can be messy, but that makes it all the more fun, right?

Hippity Hop, 3 More DIYs After the Jump

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In our April 1st giveaway, we pitted chicks and bunnies against each other to decide which cuddly creature should be crowned Animal Emperor of Easter. Chicks had a strong showing up front, but in the end the rabbits reigned supreme. Our first winner in the random drawing, Tamoraj, was part of the winning cottontail team saying, “Fluffy bunnies for sure. It’s always been about the Easter bunny — chicks are just sidekicks!”  Winner number two, Shawna Payter, fought hard for all things avian and yellow with this pro-chicks declaration, “For me, Easter is all about the cute yellow chicks. The bright yellow color of the chicks reminds me of the cheerful time Easter brings.”

Happy Easter Store

We’ve sent Tamoraj and Shauna their gift codes to the Happy Easter Store – tell us what you use it on, ladies!  We give our winners two weeks to reply to our notifications before we do another random drawing and pick new winners.

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Easter doesn’t get the decorating TLC it deserves. I blame this on its  totally confusing scheduling system. First Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox? How am I supposed to keep track of that?! By the time I check my calendar, I’ve got maybe 10 days to spread Easter cheer all over my house.

Happy Easter Store

This year, there’s no excuse. We’re letting everybody know that the holiday falls on April 24th. How about cutting out some of the decorating work with a gift code from the Happy Easter Store? We’ve got two gift codes you can spend on fun Easter baskets, fresh flowers and tasty goodies for your Easter Sunday celebration. You can send Easter baskets and Easter gifts to loved ones near and far — or just spend it all on yourself.

Answer this week’s question by simply leaving us a comment before 12/11c Monday, April 4, to be entered for a chance to win.

This week’s question: What’s your cuddly Easter ambassador of choice? Yellow chicks or fluffy bunnies? It’s a battle for the ages. 

Click for official rules.

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