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Sometimes when I see an A-List celebrity on the cover of a magazine, I think to myself, “I wonder who does their draperies?” Unhealthy? Yes. Justified? Kinda—since I assume glamorous stars who pocket $20M per movie must be living in designer homes. And if they’re not—shame on them. Not to mention, whether it’s decorating or grocery shopping, stars doing stuff in their personal time is, for some odd reason, FASCINATING!

This leads me to another curiosity: What blogs are designers and design bloggers reading and why? This new-found need-to-know started when I noticed that the Editor in Chief of Traditional Home (which I considered to be The Bible) recently became a fan of Decor Demon on Facebook. Some of the most influential people in the design and shelter magazine world are reading our words and loving our images—that’s HUGE!

For real, use this blog post as a forum to tell us all about where you spend the most time on the blogosphere and why.
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Well aren’t I a little rebel. Just because I’m a little preppy doesn’t mean that I’m a prude. And yes, I do have a membership at a country club….a country club for filthy rich, rebellious and extremely fashion-forward intellectuals, not accepting applications right now. Or ever. All full. Sorry.

I drink Old Fashioneds while sitting in my perfectly worn Chesterfield, smoking Virginia Slims, ironically of course. I read Sartre and Nietzsche, and prefer European men and purebred dogs (Weimaraners, yes). I need modern twists on traditional forms — dark and sinewy shapes, and patterns that are unexpected and contrast perfectly against each other. I’m not playful but I am sardonic. I’m not girly, but I am sexy. I’m cosmopolitan, but I wouldn’t be caught drinking one….please, 2002 called and they want their fruity chick drink back.

(Thanks to Christopher Kane’s spring 2011 line for the inspiration.)

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Religion and politics: the worldwide dynamic duo of topics unwelcome at dinner parties. Known amongst my social circle as the designated diplomat, neither subject gets me heated since I see the pros and cons of each. However, bring up beige at my table and you’ll be sent home before supper.

A world without color is like a song without sound; it baffles me that bold, high-energy hues are often perceived as juvenile, garish or over the top. Although I love a muted blue-gray as much as the next guy, I also love me some turquoise.

However, instead of going on and on all about MY particular thoughts on color, I turned to two design bloggers who are just as passionate about haute hues: the UK’s own Will Taylor from Bright.Bazaar and Atlanta’s “oh-no-she-did-not-just-write-that” Jenny Andrews from My Favorite and My Best. Proof that color/colour has no boundaries: both the Atlantan female blogger and European male stylist/blogger have the same favorite room — that’s in New York.

The Great Color Debate

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Oh. Bonjour. Let me tell you a little about myself. I take my modeling very seriously. I like restaurants where dirty martinis are $18. I like movies where the vixen wins the lover. And I like my men to be tall, rich and childless.

When it comes to my fashion and home, I like sexy, soft, yet architectural pieces that are simple and distinctively feminine. I prefer metallic over jewels and satin over linen. I like everything to be streamlined, but not completely stiff; I enjoy a curve here and there. I like things formal and tight. Kill me if I bring home a doily or a ruffle. But I do like a little glam, a little silk and a lot of gold.

And I’m a firm believer that a cocktail table can just be as sexy as the cocktail that is sitting on it, and a perfectly adorned lamp is all the moonlighting you need for my intimate gatherings. Where mainly men are invited.

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We enjoyed spending time with Emily Henderson, host of the show Secrets From a Stylist, at our design bloggers luncheon in Manhattan last week. (You can read about the 40 bloggers, including Design Happens contributors like Emily, who joined us at our New York offices here.) Before winning HGTV Design Star, Emily enjoyed a busy career as a photo-shoot stylist for top lifestyle and design publications. Now she’s even busier.

Read on to learn more about which designer has influenced Emily the most and what she finds impossible to pass up at flea markets.


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Forty design bloggers came to New York this week for a host of events, from the launch of Rue Magazine to the New York Design Center’s What’s New, What’s Next. We invited them over for lunch, where we piled into a conference room at our Manhattan office, noshed on sandwiches and thumb-sized cupcakes, and finally put faces with the names we’ve known and loved online. Talk about palpable energy —  get 40 bloggers into one room and inspiration pops out all over!

Here we are around the table, making our introductions.

I was thrilled to meet HGTV contributors, the Moggit Girls (check them out on our Dos & Don’ts guides). I also made new friends like Diane from In My Own Style, Jean from Swee10 and Tina from Laidback. Yes, Tina, I will be buying some of your pillows.

Emily Henderson, HGTV Design Star and blogger from The Brass Petal.

Emily Henderson, HGTV Design Star 2010, made a surprise appearance. And can I just say? She’s one of my new favorite people. Sweet, funny and oh-so-creative and talented.

Will and his friend from Bright.Bazaar get the prize for traveling the farthest…they came all the way from London.

Our photographer, Melissa Blemur, uploaded a slideshow of the pictures. Go check them out! And if you were there, give a shout-out in the comments so we can say hi.

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