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While I’m obsessed with collage and mixed media art, and I love photography more than a  kid loves cake, I still have a very special place in my heart hole for abstract art.

Putting together an art collection for your home is no easy task. Choosing colors, mediums, and mixing them all together takes some effort, but the payoff is gigantic. Art is truly one of the easiest way to pull together the overall look of your space.

If abstract art is your jam, I have nine amazing abstract artists that you need to check out pronto:

1. Susan Skelley Fine Art

This artist favors bold colors with lots of detail, and works primarily with acrylic paints and pastels on canvas. This piece, “Celebrity Crush” could work really well in an entryway, or on a wall where it could really stand out as the centerpiece. I also think it would make a fun and unexpected piece for a kids room.

2. Jenny Andrews Anderson

Hilarious blogger Jenny Andrews Anderson from the design/TV/lifestyle blog My Favorite and My Best, started showcasing her work a few years ago, and I’ve been hooked on phonics ever since. What I love most about Jenny’s style is that it’s shifted and grown as she grown as an artist. My favorite pieces of hers are the simple, brightly colored paintings that basically say, “KAPOW!”

3. Jaime Derringer

Jaime is the Founder and Executive Editor of two of the most fab design blogs online: Design Milk and Dog Milk, but she’s also a wonderfully talented abstract artist. She does a great mix of black and white line drawings light and airy paintings, and even some chunky black and white abstract paintings. There’s a great variety in her work, so you cold use several pieces in different spots in your home.

4. Claire Desjardins

A former graphic designer, Claire gave up her career in 2011 to pursue her love of art and painting full-time. You can see many of her designs under the Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters banner on various items including sheets, rugs, and shower curtains as well as some of her original works. But you can still purchase her original art or prints online, which are wonderfully whimsical and each seem to contain their own stories.

5. Aleksandra Bouquillon

Aleksandra is a Polish artist who creates what she calls “abstract landscapes.” Her works have a bit of an edge to them and can even feel futuristic. Her work would look amazingly chic in a clean modern space or in an unexpected spot such as a kitchen.

6. Jonni Cheatwood

Jonni’s works are an attention grabbing combination of abstract meets reality, and he achieves this through the mediums of both painting and photography. There’s an element of deconstruction to his work, and somehow–even when someone’s face is melting–they always make me smile.

7. Lisa Kowalski

Broad brushstroke black and white abstracts are a fave sub-genre of mine. These are sometimes paintings that *look* like they would be easy to do yourself, but if you’ve ever tried it, Newsflash: not so easy. Lisa’s works seem to effortlessly embody this look, and it’s hard for me to pick a favorite. These paintings are “quiet” enough to work really well as the centerpiece in a dining room or a living room.

8. Owen Schmit

First of all, Owen Schmit is a woman, not a dude. Second of all, her work feels super modern and almost fashionable–like a beautiful outfit put together from top to bottom. She has a talent for merging colors together in a way that you’re not sure where one begins and the other one stops. I think a few of her pieces right next to one another on a big wall would look kind of amazeballs.

9. Lola Donoghue

Lola is a painter living in Ireland, whose work I’ve been seeing pop-up all over the interwebs. Her pieces have a subtle, soothing quality to them, perhaps because she tends to feature a lot of white and lighter colors. I think these paintings would look super duper charming in a little girl or boy’s room or a bedroom.

So those are my very favorite-est abstract painters, is there anyone I missed? Who are some of your favorite abstract artists?

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A friend of mine was just bemoaning the lack of diversity in Father’s Day cards. If your dad (or the father of your children) doesn’t fall into the barbecuing, golfing, remote-control-loving category, it can be tough to find a card or a gift for him for Father’s Day that seems appropriate. My dad and my husband — and I suspect a lot of other dads out there — are hard to shop for because of their “outlier” status. Something like this wall art from Etsy user RedWallStudio might be just the thing, though. Because no matter his taste, chances are you feel just this way about your dad:

father's day print - etsy

Photo: RedWallStudio

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Cross-stitch Easter eggs are impressive, but have somewhat limited, seasonal appeal. If you want to blow everyone’s minds with the power of cross-stitch year round, look no further than these large artworks by Jessica Decker.

giant cross stitch

They’re sweet and simple designs, and would really fill a wall over a sofa or a bed. They’re almost like pixelated pictures, but cross-stitch has a warmer, homier feel to it. Plus, I like to imagine that a giant with a huge needle and thread did them. (Anyone else? No?)

[Via: Pinterest, Design*Sponge]

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Time flies when you’re raising kids. One minute they’re barely registering on the oversized ruler growth chart, and the next, they’re losing their teeth. At least that’s what happened to my boss’ adorable almost 5-year-old daughter yesterday. I guess you never really know what milestone is going to hit you hardest as a parent, but the tooth fairy’s first appearance seems like a doozy. And I don’t think I’ve seen a sweeter way to honor that folklore than with these tiny fairy doors from TaDaaStudio on Etsy.

fairy doors

Seriously, how cute are these things? (Answer: So. Stinking. Cute.) Just choose the door color and style to best match your kid’s room. The placement of the doors in the photos here are clever — I particularly like the one tucked away in a bookshelf — but if you’re going for the full tooth fairy experience, I suggest putting it on the wall near the bed, perhaps over the nightstand like this. You can even make a fairy garden as a family to entice the tooth fairy to pay a visit (or leave more money, wink). I figure that fairy doors are more than just adorable accents for children. They’re for parents, too. After all, if your child still believes in fairies, they’re not growing up too fast, no matter how many baby teeth they lose and when, right?

[Via: Pinterest]

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All the single ladies, all the single ladies! Today is your day to stop waiting for that doofus special man in your life to finally put a ring on it, for it is February 29, and apparently, it’s leap year tradition for women to propose to men on this day.

I’ve hinted at marriage talk betwixt my boyfriend and myself in a few of these posts, and as much as it would make an awesome, historical blog post on D Haps for me to propose to him right here and now….I’m not gonna do it. What can I say? For all my wild-tile-and-wallpaper-loving ways, I’m a deeply traditional girl at heart. (Also, I feel like my thunder would have been stolen by the adorable Say Yes Katie meme campaign.) But please, don’t let that stop you, chickiebabies! As these vintage postcards on Etsy reveal, the tradition has a long and rich history.

leap year proposal postcard

Photos, from left to right: HeartvilleRoad, imagesofthepast, cheekyprincess007

So, if you’re feeling the love and are a modern kind of gal, I say go for it. The worst thing that can happen is he refuses, but then he’s got to give you gloves, roses, money and/or fabric for skirts. Worth it!

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Care for a spot of tea? And by spot of tea, I mean a book? Books and tea have always gone together for me, but I mean that in a “I’m going to make a nice pot of genmaicha and cozy up with a Margaret Atwood novel” kind of way. I hadn’t imagined there would be any other way until I saw this fantastic stacked teacups bookcase from WoodCurve on Etsy.

teacup bookcase

This design is cute, colorful and practically crying out to be in a kids’ room. And if you’ve got a little Alice in Wonderland fan on your hands, I can’t think of anything more appropriate for creating a zany Mad Hatter’s Tea Party atmosphere. Pinkies up!

[Via: Pinterest]

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I kinda punted on Valentine’s Day this year. Sure, I got my boyfriend a heartfelt card and stuff, but it’s not quite the expensive restaurant reservation or romantic bed & breakfast extravaganza that it used to be. Time is an issue (we’re both busy!), as is money (hey, taxes are coming up!), but the sentiment is still there, which reminds me of this Love Print by Katie Daisy on Etsy.

love print

I like the energy and whimsy the print has, and the feeling it gives me when I look at it — it just makes me feel happy. Not unlike the feeling I get when I look at the man I love. So, Happy Valentine’s Day, Buzz. Here, I got you a blog post! ;)

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I feel like conversation hearts are the candy corn of Valentine’s Day, if you will. They’re this confection that’s become emblematic for a holiday through longevity, even though they’re actually kinda divisive. People seem to either love them or hate them. That said, I think candy corn and conversation hearts do have at least one thing going for them that we can all agree on, and that is style. Like these charming conversation heart soaps from SoStinkingSweet on Etsy.

conversation heart soap

These would make cute gifts — you know everyone else is just going the chocolate or flowers route — or a fun little holiday accent in a powder room. And they’re emblazoned with some classic romantic phrases. None of this newfangled “Tweet Me” business, thankyouverymuch!

BONUS: Feeling crafty? Try your hand at this conversation heart banner. It’d be a fab way to show your mantel a little love.

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I used to be a little dismissive of abstract art. Not in the “my kid could have done that” way (I don’t have kids yet, so that wouldn’t even make sense), but more in the way that it just didn’t “speak” to me. Maybe my tastes have changed with age, because now abstract art is my JAM. I love the colors, I love the energy. And I love both of those qualities in Melanie Mikecz’s abstract prints.

melanie mikecz prints

The palette here is unexpected and fresh, and the lines have an edgy appeal. Best of all, Ms. Mikecz’s prints are surprisingly affordable! I could see this being the cover of a Neon Indian album. Or being in my apartment, over my bed.

What’s your favorite kind of art to display in your home?

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Well, we’ve survived the first week of 2012! While I haven’t made any specific resolutions this year (I’m tired of breaking my “weight loss” goal by February and if I see the phrase “New Year, New You” one more time, I will lose it), I DO resolve to try new things, expand my horizons and step out of my comfort zone a little bit. That’s why I like the go-get-’em sentiment on this coniLab screenprint so much.

this is my year screenprint

It’s inspirational without being specifically thinspirational. Because while I’d love to improve my health and hit the gym more, I have other aspirations, too. (Like dying my hair red, and writing a novel.)

What are you planning to accomplish in 2012?

[Via: Heart Home Magazine blog]

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Hey, Etsy fans!

Remember earlier this week, when we asked you to create an Etsy Treasury List with us? Holy cow, y’all delivered! We’re at 844 and counting…but don’t stop now!  To keep you inspired, we picked a few favorites to feature here.

Browse our best-loved collections, then tune in to Design on a Dime tonight at 8p/7c for an Etsy/HGTV makeover collaboration that’s sure to inspire.

As huge fans of Pantone’s 2012 Color of the Year, Tangerine Tango, we were stoked to see auntsuesoldnewlovely’s ode to this gorgeous citrus hue.

Tangerine Tango

Dining room design by Marie Burgos

We especially love these vintage Christmas ornaments from bythewayside, showcasing the spirit of the color for the holidays.

Speaking of the holidays…we couldn’t resist this adorable collection put together by Rue78Vintage called HGTV + Etsy: Deck the Halls with Vintage Flair.

Vintage Christmas Etsy

Christmas tree design by Mrs. Lillen

Rue78Vintage, this little guy would look amazing atop our vintage-inspired mantel:

Vintage Christmas elf sitting on a pinecone

Photo courtesy of GizmoandHooHa


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We’re so excited to announce that we’ve partnered up for the holidays again this year with our friends at Etsy. (Remember last year’s amazing Christmas crafts?) This year, we’re featuring Etsy on an upcoming episode of Design on a Dime, airing Saturday, Dec. 10 at 8p/7c.

We’re all big fans of their Treasury. The Treasury allows you to create a collection of your favorite Etsy items and share it with your friends.

Making one is super-simple: learn how here. You can even browse our gorgeous Christmas decorating tips for inspiration.

Create your own HGTV-inspired Treasury with Etsy products, and we just might feature your creation on our blog!

HGTV <i>Color Splash</i> Treasury

How cool is this Color Splash collection?

Make sure to tag yours with “HGTV Treasury Challenge 2011″ and leave a link to your inspiration in the description.

Mad About Marigold Etsy Treasury

Liz Gray's "Mad About Marigold" Treasury

Want to explore the HGTV Treasury Challenge 2011 collections? It’s a great way to see what other people have done and get excited about creating your own.

We’ll be browsing all the collections tagged with “HGTV Treasury Challenge 2011″ between now and when the show airs, and we’ll pick a couple of our favorites to post here on the blog next week!

As promised, here are some of our collections. We can’t wait to see yours!

Briana Mowrey, Decorating Editor and Daily Delight writer – Daily Delights

Liz Gray, Decorating Editor – HGTV’s November Color of the Month, marigold (PS Have you seen which color we picked for December?)

Leanne Potts, VP, Editorial – 2012 Dream Home location, Park City, Utah. BTW, the HGTV Dream Home tour just launched. Feel free to drool; we are!

Lili Zarghami, Senior Editor (and mom of twins) – Twin-inspired treasury

Tune in on Dec. 10 for Design on a Dime, Etsy style.

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The countdown to Thanksgiving has officially begun! I’m still doing some last-minute menu planning (brussels sprouts with bacon or green beans with lemon and garlic?), but I think everything’s settled on the table and decor front. Or, I thought it was until I came across this French Paper Wreath featuring a Thanksgiving turkey.

thanksgiving wreath

Drat! This would have been perfect to hang in the dining room where we’ll be feasting. Seasonal, but not too predictable. Traditional, but not too stuffy. And book lovers need not worry. The seller says the pages only come from old books with broken spines. Oh well. I’ll have to order it for next year, and give thanks for Pinterest and Etsy in the meantime.

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I don’t know what it is about that one extra day, but I just can’t sit still on a long weekend, especially Labor Day weekend. A road trip or a home improvement task or craft project that I would never consider squeezing into a normal two-day weekend now seems totally doable. This weekend my boyfriend and I are packing up the car and taking one last summer-style road trip to D.C. to visit some friends. With that being said, I’m dubbing myself an official Holiday Road Trip Warrior. (I’m really liking that road map pendant light. A lot. Perhaps I could multitask, boyfriend drives while I craft…)

Labor-Day-Weekend-Travel-Road-Trip-Design-Blog-HGTV-DesignHappensAll from Etsy: 1. Vintage Motel Print :: RetroRoadsidePhoto 2. Letterpress Poster :: happydeliveries 3. Retro Car Print :: elgarboart 4. Heart Strings Mobile :: MaisyandAlice 5. Vintage Felt Tourist Pendants :: ScoutsHandmade 6. Artichoke Road Map Pendant Light :: Zipper8Lighting 7. Suitcases Print :: chelebert12 8. Viewfinder Print :: loftgirl 9. Camper Van Pillow :: helenacarrington

Are you hitting the dusty trail, too? Or will you be a Holiday Weekend Warrior this Labor Day? What’s on your handmade craft, repurposing or home improvement to-do list?

We can’t wait to hear about your Labor Day plans.

Tell us all about them in the comments below.

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I love it when I spot objects that seem to embody two or more trends at once to make something that feels entirely fresh. Like this illustrated paper feather garland from kayeblegvad for one.

feather garland

Garland’s been making a comeback in decorating and entertaining spaces, plus it has that trendy avian influence without going into full-on “put a bird on it” mode. It’s a natural to hang outside for a boho balcony or deck, but I also think this would fly over a mantel.

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Hot enough for ya? We’re being smothered by a heat wave here in New York, and since I can’t take the heat, I’ve gotten out of the kitchen, literally. (There’s no way I’m slaving over a hot stove today!) Something light and juicy like fruit salad sounds perfect, and I’ve found just the bowl for it.

cantaloupe bowls

Vegatabowls are slip-cast earthenware bowls molded from real fruit. The Cantaloupe Bowl looks so lifelike, guests may think you scooped out the melon yourself. And if it’s still scorching at lunchtime, Vegatabowls also has the perfect vessel for some refreshing gazpacho. Too cool.

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I’ve always considered myself a good gift-giver, but I’ve been going to a lot of baby showers lately, and I’m forced to contend with the reality that I have no idea what to get for new parents. I’m all, Do I go practical? These strollers cost as much as my rent! Maybe a toy. That’s not a choking hazard, is it? I could get them a cute onesie…but they don’t know the sex yet. These are all pink or blue. WHY CAN’T I JUST FIND A CUTE UNISEX ONESIE?! until my brain essplodes. That’s what makes this Floating in the Clouds 3D Wall Art by Gosh & Golly so attractive. (Well, that, and the fact that it’s adorable.)

3d wall art

It’s cheery, totally gender-neutral, would look precious over a crib, and since it’s made to order, the hot air balloons can be customized with different colors and patterns. Gosh & Golly also makes whimsical mobiles, just in case you sense that the parents-to-be wouldn’t go for sticking things on the wall. (But here’s hoping they’ll set up a registry and let you know what they want in the first place!)

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As we gather with family and friends to celebrate our nation’s independence, let three of our favorite red, white and blue Etsy “treasury” finds inspire your 4th of July patriotism.

Stars and Stripes Cookies

Etsy Seller sugarandflour :: Star Bangled Sugar Cookies

Red, White and Blue Candle Jars

Etsy Seller usedandabused :: Red, White and Blue Mason Jars

Lady Liberty Rubber Stamp

Etsy Seller SweetSpotStampShop :: Statue of Liberty Hand Carved Rubber Stamp

What makes the 4th of July special for you? Homemade apple pie? A plethora of American flags? Or simply watching fireworks with your family? We’d love to know!

Tell us in the comment area below. And have a happy and safe holiday!

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Desserts come in all sorts of fancy shapes and sizes, but are any as belly-pleasing or as smile-inducing as the simple ice cream cone?

ice cream cone sleeves

At your next backyard bash, why not dress up this all-time favorite with fancy cone sleeves like these from Etsy seller RefreshMyHeart. Even plain vanilla (a favorite in our household) is turned into a visual delight with these graphic designs wrapped around the cone.

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Is one of your rooms in desperate need of an accessories makeover? Say goodbye to naked walls, empty shelves and outdated decor by uploading pictures or videos of your accessory-starved space for the chance to win up to $500 in brand new home decor from And this month, designer Claire Watkins is going to make over one lucky person’s room from the entries received. So don’t wait any longer! Show HGTV just how much your space needs a helping hand and you could win.


Now, back to the question. What home accessories would you buy with $500? Personally, my living room is feeling a little tired, so here are my top five accessory picks/needs. Share yours, too!

Kayla’s Living Room Accessory Wish List:

1. A sleek and stylish area rug to make the living room feel more cozy

2. Matching frames and new artwork to give my photo wall a more balanced and cohesive look

3. Brand new accent and throw pillows that haven’t lost their form

4. An eye-catching floor lamp to illuminate the entire room

5. Antique and vintage knickknacks to liven up my bookshelves

Remember, upload pictures or videos of your accessory-starved space for the chance to win up to $500 in home decor from

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