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Remember last year when I returned home from San Francisco to a newly unearthed fireplace? It’s been nearly twelve months, but we finally finished the room! I’ve got a feeling you’re going to love our new Swedish dining space:

A few notes about the space:
1. You may or may not recall our former faux grandfather clock decal. After we lived with the clock for a few months, we realized that although we love our sweet decal, it was far too Victorian for the rest of our home. You win some, you lose some. In this case, we had to lose the decal to win our new DIY plywood clock. I’d say we came out on top!
2. We chose a FLOR rug design* (this one!) because we installed FLOR carpet tiles in the rest of our home and they’re the easiest things to clean in the entire world. Perfect for a dining / entertaining area and an accident prone female (read: me).
3. That super modern pendant you probably fell in love with in the video? You can score your own at Iacoli & McAllister. I highly, highly recommend.

As always, I’ll be hanging out in the comment section if you’re wondering where we purchased anything else! See you next week!

DISCLAIMER: The custom rug shown in the above video was provided to me by FLOR for review purposes only. I was not paid to promote or endorse this product and all thoughts and ideas are truthful and reflect my opinion alone.

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Growing up, the only time my parents’ mantel received any love or attention was during the holidays when we would cover it in garland and glittery decor. From January to November, however, it displayed the same pictures and the same candles. Has your mantel been feeling neglected lately? We’re here to tell you that you can (and should) update your mantel decor all year long. Dress it up for summer with these warm-weather ideas:


Even if you can’t have your toes in the sand or hear the ocean waves crashing, you can still bring a summer-inspired, coastal feel into your home and onto your mantel. This beachy display features all the elements of a mantelpiece reminiscent of the sea: driftwood, seashells, starfish, a nautical knot ball and a neutral, monochromatic palette ideal for summer.


Don’t limit your holiday mantel decor to just Christmas and Thanksgiving. Create a stunning display for Easter, Valentine’s Day and Independence Day, too. I absolutely love this stars-and-stripes-themed mantelpiece by Layla Palmer. It pulls in all the sea-inspired elements of summer with subdued and accented pops of red and blue. And the wooden, weathered flag is A-MAZ-ING.

Check out other ways to keep your mantel and fireplace the focal point of the room during the hot seasons with top tips, ideas and inspiration from

Is your mantel a key feature of your living room all year long or does it often get lost in the background?

Tell us in the comments below!

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We rarely talk about what to do with your mantel after the holidays. Yet, even when the fireplace is no longer in use, the mantel still remains a focal point in your interior. Here are some beautiful mantel displays that will remain glamorous even in the off-season.

mantel display

Apartment Therapy

Fire Up the Mantel

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When Ken and I first decided to embark on a renovation, we drafted this thing called a renovation budget. And although we were careful to remember hidden costs, do our research and enlist (free!) help when needed, we still managed to come out of this renovation wayyyyy over budget.

Luckily, we had built in a pocket of money dedicated to decorating the space, so we simply borrowed a bit of cash from our decorating funds. Until our decorating funds ran out and it was time to decorate.
So Friends, It’s Time to Get Crafty

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Remember a few months ago when Husband surprised me with a Scandinavian-inspired fireplace? Well, it’s time to revisit the project and turn our non-working focal point into a full-blown fireplace! First step? Crafting a concrete mantel, which surprisingly, isn’t nearly as hard as it sounds. Watch how we tackled the project:

Since filming, the concrete has cured to a cool, light gray and we couldn’t love the look more. For our next trick, we’ll be installing our fireplace insert and watching our heating bill magically disappear! While you wait, check out these fireplace mantel designs.

Stay tuned; see you next Wednesday!

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In my tree trimming post a few weeks ago, I mentioned I was breaking with tradition this year and going with a purple tree covered in cupcake ornaments. (My pics are after the jump.) Well, after a number of coworkers asked me to bring in pictures of said tree, we decided to share with all of you personal photos of our holiday decor. (After all, it’s impossible not to get caught up in the Christmas spirit at HGTV.) So from the Design Happens staff and our featured bloggers — Merry Christmas — from our homes…literally…to yours!

Erinn Valencich – READ MORE

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Your Christmas tree is decorated with fabulous trimmings, right? So, it’s time to add holiday cheer to the rest of your home. Have you made that annual trek to the attic or basement, yet? All of my year-round decorations are on a month-long vacation in the storage closet, while glittery (and messy) decor has taken their place in preparation for Santa’s big arrival. Whether you enjoy subtle hints of the holidays or create a replica of the North Pole in your living room, here’s just the inspiration you need to add that festive feeling to your home both inside and out.


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Designing and decorating one’s own home is a daunting task for a professional interior designer. Your personal living quarters don’t just serve as a place for you to crash after a busy day designing someone else’s digs. They must also be a prime showpiece for your professional services. It would be like settling into a chair at a new hair salon and noticing that the stylist approaching you with scissors has a freakishly awful coiffure.

San Francisco designer Kriste Michelini was faced with the all-important challenge of designing a home for her family that not only provided a comfortable and efficient place to cultivate life, but also spoke to her own personal style and design capabilities. (Her home, and hair, are simply beautiful.)
See How Kristi Came Out

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