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Thousands of die-hard comic book fans will spend the next four days flooding the San Diego Convention Center for the 43rd annual Comic-Con International. They’ll do everything from attending movie screenings to waiting in long lines to snag autographs from their favorite artists, authors and actors.

I was inspired by Comic-Con and put together a shopping list of sorts that will help add a little comic book flair to your home. These pieces will give your space that perfect pow! bam! wham!

Oscar Nunez Comic Shelf

Comic Shelf by Oscar Nunez

Even if comic books aren’t your thing, you can’t resist this sleek but playful shelf by Oscar Nunez. The shelves are available in two sizes and come in either a beautiful walnut or clean white.

Urbankind Comic Pop Art Table Ben Allen

Lady Table by Ben Allen from Urbankind

Roy Lichtenstein would be proud of this colorful Pop Art coffee table by Ben Allen. What started as a simple Danish coffee table was brought to life with a vibrant comic book design.

Comic strip decoupage chair Bombus

Comic decoupage chair by Bombus

We haven’t forgotten you, superhero fans! This decoupage chair has been adorned with classic comic strips. Amelia over at Bombus will create a custom chair with your favorite characters.

Which comic-book inspired piece has you ready to leap a tall building in a single bound?

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Donald Duck has been an American icon for generations, and today is his official birthday. He is one of my favorite Disney characters because of his mischievous ways, and I even adopted his phrase, “What’s the Big Idea?!,” as a kid. I thought I’d pay tribute to his 78th birthday with this cabinet by Judson Beaumont.

Donald Duck Cabinet

The cabinet captures his personality perfectly, with its signature Donald Duck outfit and whimsical shape. This would work well in a kid’s playroom (or in my cubicle at the office).

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The main attraction of the Kartell Masters Chair is its curvaceous, sexy figure. Designers Philippe Starck and Eugeni Quitllet fused three contemporary designs — the series 7 Chair by Arne Jacobsen, the Tulip Armchair by Eero Saarinen and the Eiffel Chair by Charles Eames to create an eye-catching chair. The best part? The comfy chair is lightweight and can be used indoors or out. Time to throw an outdoor soiree!

 Kartell Masters Chair

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Everyone has been asking, “What did you like best from High Point Market?” I’ve been fumbling for an answer to that question since Wednesday. But as of today, I fumble no more! I have spent this Saturday afternoon going through our pictures from last week and have taken stock of what really inspired me. I’m excited to share my top 8 finds, so let’s just jump right in!

1. Look at this sofa!

Worn Leather Sofa

Deep Leather Sofa

Yes, it’s as comfortable as it looks (I tried it out for all of you). This deep leather sofa from Regina Andrew makes you want to see how many people can comfortably sit on it. I would guess at least 10. It is massive, and I want it!

2. Neon Caesar

Caesar Bust

Caesar Bust

Come on! You know you want a bright yellow bust of Caesar in your living room! No? Well, it may not be for everyone, but I adore this thing from Phillips Collection. I think Augustus would approve, too.


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Nice gams! That’s what I’d say if I ever came across a bed or sofa with colorful, customized legs. Like, say, the legs offered by prettypegs or the DIY version from French blogger Morning By Foley below.

colorful customized furniture legs

If you speak French, once again, you’re in luck. If not, use a free web translator (your browser may have one) to see the DIY instructions in English. J’adore the combo of bright color and natural wood, and because these legs screw into the frame, you could even swap them out whenever your little heart desires. Despite the language barrier, I bet Amelie (aka Foley) and I have a lot in common. I think it’s all about the details in life, and unexpected accents like these furniture legs are what make design spotting so much fun for me.

[Via: Pinterest]

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Speaking of trompe l’oeil, here’s another delightful find I remembered from the AD show as I combed through the business cards I gathered there. Zachary A. Design‘s outdoor furniture looks like it was chiseled out of stone or formed from solid concrete, but is light enough to be moved by a toddler. (See the incredible pic below!)
faux cement furniture

They furniture is actually made from a combo of fiberglass and coarse sand, so it’s light enough to move around your yard at will, but sturdy enough that it won’t blow away in a breeze (unlike the plastic monoblocs of yore). And it’s all-weather with a very convincing finish — I touched it at the show, and it really does feel like it would age and wear in an attractive, organic way. I’d love to put these modern beauties near a swimming pool this summer. (So who has a pool and wants to invite me over, eh?)

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Andrea Mihalik’s chairs caught my eye as I was wandering around the Architectural Digest Home Design Show the other day — I mean, of course they did, look at them! — but once I saw that her company’s name was Wild Chairy, I was in love. (Good design and a good pun? That’s an unbeatable combo in my book.)

wild chairy chairs

The punchy colors and arresting upholstery live up to the “wild” moniker, but the vintage pieces Mihalik salvages are great canvases because they keep it all grounded. The dynamic between elegance and edginess, and traditional and contemporary is what makes the chairs so interesting. Do yourself a favor and check out the impressive Before and After shots on the Wild Chairy site. Just be forewarned that it may inspire you to rescue cast-off chairs from the curb once you start seeing their potential.

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Most of my preferences in furniture could be boiled down to one concept: “More places to put more things.” Again, it could be my specific circumstance of city-dwelling, but many times I think if a bed = good, a bed with a storage platform base = better. If you’re of the same mind, I think you’ll like this MASH Studios LAX Coffee Table.

lax coffee table

This smart piece is no ordinary coffee table. No, it’s a divided walnut coffee table with an aluminum sliding top. That means you can tuck things inside of it and store things on top of it. And because the top cover slides, you can conceal or reveal whatever you have tucked inside the table with ease. I would love the ability to throw the things I have on my coffee table out of necessity (coasters, remotes) inside, slide the cover over and let my pretty art books steal the show.

[Via: Svpply]

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I’m back in NYC and trying to process all the great takeaways from the Design Bloggers Conference. (Read: I learned a lot and am very jet-lagged.) I enjoyed meeting so many talented bloggers and designers, and listening to distinguished speakers like Bunny Williams. Her keynote was a highlight for me, and I know I’m not alone because it got a standing ovation. One thing she said that stuck with me was to “buy things that you love and grow with them,” and I think several pieces from Bunny’s own BeeLine Home could grow with me for a long time.

beeline home furniture

Top row, left to right: Olympia Étagère, Work Horse Desk. Middle: Tray Chic Ottoman. Bottom row, left to right: Ohm Mirror, Starlight Mirror.

There’s a lot to love in the whole collection, but these pieces are my favorites because together they cover all my design bases: Rich color, an unusual shape, a twist on tradition, great craftsmanship and clever invention. (The Tray Chic Ottoman with the built-in tray? You know I am all about it.) I am saving up my money, and the next time I’m in the market for some furniture, I’m making a beeline for BeeLine.

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Greetings from Los Angeles. I’m here with my colleague, Liz, attending the Design Bloggers Conference, so if any of you readers are also here, please do say hi! I’ll make it easy for you. Tomorrow, I’ll probably be wearing a fun, fuchsia blazer that looks a lot like this. There’s no way you can miss me, just like there was no way I was missing this bright Cocoon Sofa from Richard Shemtov on Dering Hall.

hot pink sofa

I have a very safe, neutral couch, so it’s fun to daydream about something more DayGlo. I obviously love the color, but the wooden base, sleek curves and luxe tufting add to the appeal. As the Cocoon is made-to-order, it isn’t exactly a discount delight, but I still love looking at it. Or looking like it, I guess, when I put on my pink blazer. (Just hopefully not quite as stuffed!)

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For some reason, it never occurs to me to buy multiples of home decor items. Jeans that fit well, I almost automatically buy two pairs, but I hadn’t considered doing the same thing in the home until I saw this clever DIY about buying multiple inexpensive rugs and fitting them together so it looks like one custom area rug. When there’s a pattern repeat, if you match it up well, the effect is almost flawless. That’s one thing for rugs, but this Haviland Table by DwellStudio proves the concept works with furniture, too.

haviland table

One of these French-Deco-inspired beauties would make quite the end table, but putting three together for a coffee table effect heightens the drama and really calls attention to those gorgeous curved legs. The lesson is: Less isn’t always more. Sometimes more is more!

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I have positive associations with lily pads for some reason. (I looked at a lot of Monet paintings as a kid?) All I know is that when I saw Blu Dot’s Lily Pad Coffee Table, it seemed right somehow.
lily pad table

The three surfaces at different heights would be ideal for entertaining, I’d think — just imagine that artful spread of napkins and nibbles! And it may even keep clutter at bay in everyday use. If one “pad” is for magazines or glossy hardcover books, one is for remotes and coasters, and one is for flowers or other decorative items, you’d certainly have an easier time editing and arranging. As it is now, my long Danish modern model is less a “coffee table” and more an “old New York Magazine graveyard.” Maybe three really is a magic number.

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Let’s do a little furniture math, shall we? (Relax, there won’t be a test.) Marimekko + the lines of this Dering Hall find ÷ time = ??? Give up? The answer is this quirky vintage settee from Coco House & Company I peeped on 1stdibs.

vintage settee

Its almost regal, throne-like shape made me recall the Muirfield bench, and who can resist such a playful fabric pattern? Plus, it has a vintage pedigree, which makes it doubly cool. I have to say, I think this settee is greater than the sum of its parts.

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I know most people use their coffee table to display great art books or obelisks or whatever, but if I had a coffee table like the Capri from Coleen & Company (as seen on Dering Hall), I don’t think I’d put anything on it. It’s a statement in and of itself!

capri coffee table

The turquoise color and hand-painted faux tortoise pattern may not be for everyone, but fortunately these tables are made to order and available in any custom color, size, or finish, so you can be as bold or traditional as you like. Me? I’ll stick with the turquoise tortise, thankyouverymuch.

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Check out one of my favorite design trends: felt. Affordable, natural and recyclable, felt is an eco-friendly alternative to synthetic fabrics. It can be dyed any color and molded into any shape, making it a favorite for everything from lights to pillows to furniture.

Philadelphia-based company Iannone Design has taken the felt design trend to a new level, placing color blocks of wool felt onto their Chroma Armoire.

At FilzFelt, you can customize felt floor coverings, panels and tabletop accessories in your favorite Pantone colors. Their Wool Felt Circle Mat comes in more than 30 vibrant shades, making it an ideal way to add a pop of color to your floors.

The Wool Felt Placemat is durable and moisture-resistant, making it the perfect fabric for kids.

Rebecca Barton of Cushlab crafts felt into distinct shapes — origami, florals and loops — to create her unique line of cushions.

The colors in Rebecca’s collection of cushions are brilliant. Hot pink and red blend in this fun and eye-catching pink-and-red loop cushion.

Gray felt and polished nickel come together to create a Short Drum Pendant from West Elm.

And with felt’s ability to mold to different forms, Buzzilight created this striking pendant.

Got a favorite design in felt? Tell me in the comments below.

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Yes, we’re all past the “put a bird on it” phase of home decor, but what if the bird in question is a cockatoo? And what if there are two of them? And what if the piece of furniture looks as awesome as this settee I spotted on Anthropologie?

cockatoo settee

This settee is both totally classic and totally kooky. Check out that intricate embroidery! It’s a lot of look, but I can see this fitting into an Anna Spiro-designed home — and I think she’d know just how to balance it out and make it work.

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I look at a lot of magazines and websites for these delights, and sometimes that leads to the most wonderful design déjà vu! Take this moon-shaped cradle from Creme Anglaise for example.

moon cradle

When I saw it, it immediately reminded me of a rustic take on this Limited Edition Piero Fornasetti Cradle I spied a few months ago. It’s made from recycled pallet wood, and is 100% handmade. Wouldn’t this be dreamy in a celestial-themed nursery? In fact, I think I know just the curtains that would go with it

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There is a four-letter word that takes all of the fun out of being a professional decorator: prep. It can literally take two days to find the right drawer pull for a teensy-weensy kitchen. But, then again, that’s why the pros are paid; they get it done, and they get it done right.

Lately, I have been mesmerized by the idea of what it was like to work as a designer or decorator decades ago, mostly because those poor people never got to shop online, which significantly reduces prep time. Particularly, they never got to experience Wisteria. Wisteria is a dream shopping destination for lovers of everything from European antiques to furnishings with industrial flair.


Many of their headboards, for example, rival those in high-end showrooms yet come in at a medium price point. Picking up the Louis XVI upholstered style here allows a homeowner to splurge on other key bedroom elements, such as linens or nightstands.

High Back Chair

Although many of the pieces available on the site fall more into the traditional style of European furnishings, there are constantly surprising new finds with updated takes on traditional classics, such as these extra tall Windsor chairs. I may or may not like these even more because of my 6’5″ stature.

Industrial Chair

This industrial steel chair jumped out at me months ago, mostly for its lines and aged finish; however, one look at the price tag had me ordering it for a boy’s room I designed in Florida. NOTE TO PARENTS: Industrial chairs like this can really take a beating from your little guys. Plus, when he outgrows it and wants to change to something else, it can be used successfully anywhere else in the home. Investment piece!

Console Table

Wisteria often uses unexpected materials in unique ways. This console table has an iron base and a top covered in black-and-white bone tiles. It packs graphic punch but with traditional materials, which also warm up a space.

Anyone else have any great Wisteria finds?

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If you love the versatility of a drop-leaf table, the Lin Dining Table by Hellman-Chang will make your jaw drop. This ingenious piece is perfect if you’re the hostess for the holidays or entertain lots of guests.

lin dining table

Originally commissioned by a Hellman-Chang customer who wanted a table that could grow from 10 feet to 18 feet, the table slides out gracefully. As a bonus, the interwoven base system’s lines create unique looks when expanded to different lengths (although I think it looks just as stylish at its smallest size). Can’t you just imagine a Thanksgiving buffet spread out on the Lin? The only downside is that it’s so eye-catching, it could upstage the bird entirely.

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Every month, I set aside an afternoon to enjoy a cup of tea and leisurely leaf through my favorite shelter magazines. (I can’t wait until HGTV Magazine comes out in a few weeks!) It’s part pleasure and part required reading for my line of work so I keep up on the latest in the design world. The August issue of one of my favorite glossies, Living Etc. from the UK, features a cool design trend — laser-cut home decor. I absolutely had to explore it for myself, and after a little online digging, I found that more and more designers are using this cutting-edge technique to create gorgeous patterned furnishings and lightweight home accessories.

Pieces like these Vale Dining Chairs showcase how beautiful cut metal can be. The chairs have the feel of a Louis Ghost Armchair. The laser-cut metal detailing on the back, which is reflected in the lacquer wood seat, is a showstopper.

Brocade Home’s Laser Cut Rug takes a lovely wool blend felt and elevates it with a striking pattern. This type of decor is designed for a singular purpose … to make a statement.

This bright red Mediterraneo Fruit Bowl by Alessi shows how lasers can transform stainless steel into something light and otherworldly. The metal has been shaped into a bright, colorful and imaginative form.

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