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Homemade gingerbread houses can be a bit intimidating, but you don’t have to be a professional baker or create a three-story Victorian house to get in on the fun. I make a gingerbread house almost every year — from scratch — but I don’t aim for perfection. Here’s a mini house I made this year:

Make Your Own Gingerbread House

Sure, the mortar is a little bit oozy and the roofline isn’t quite straight. Do I like it any less? Of course not! It’s about the process more than the result. (And its flaws give it character.) No matter what your baking skill level, all gingerbread houses start with a great gingerbread recipe, lots of royal icing and a pattern. Here are 5 houses to try out this weekend.

Five DIY Gingerbread Houses

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So, back in October I confessed to you that I didn’t carve my first jack-o’-lantern until I was in college. Well, here’s another one for you: I didn’t decorate my first gingerbread house until I was in high school (double gasp!). As a perfectionist, I found the icing terribly difficult to work with, the red hots just wouldn’t stay lined up and don’t even get me started on the Lifesaver candies. I’ll just leave gingerbread house construction to the kiddos while I munch on the supplies. Even though I’ve given up on making these edible homes, I’m still intrigued by all the different ways you can dress up gingerbread. And searches are spiking* for gingerbread house ideas, so we know you all are definitely looking for ways to integrate all those baking supplies somehow. Check out these unique home ideas and see if you can pick out the various candies used in each one. And while you’re at it, why not give one of them a try yourself?

Unique Gingerbread House IdeasHost a Kid-Friendly Gingerbread House Decorating Party

Unique Gingerbread House IdeasPhoto courtesy of Fantasy of Trees

More Gingerbread House Ideas

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It’s time to gather friends and family to celebrate the holiday season! If you are looking for ideas for hosting a fun, easy get together for children or adults, a Gingerbread House Party just may be perfect for you. With our inspiring ideas and downloadable printable party designs, you’ll be all set.

A simple white store-bought cake is easily dressed-up with crushed peppermints and festive lollipops.

Prepare gingerbread houses in advance so your guests can decorate them during the party. Put out icing bags and a variety of candy for the guests to use.

For a perfect centerpiece, prepare a gingerbread house prior to the party to display. You can use paper embellishments in addition to the edible details, like this gingerbread man party circle.

Finish the gingerbread house by adding coconut for the perfect “snow” base.

Offer a variety of desserts for the guests to snack on after they decorate their houses. Mini gingerbread house pops are perfect for this party theme and will be a hit with all the little ones.

Send your guests home with a treat embellished with our printable favor tags or fill our gingerbread house favor boxes (download template) with candy or small toys.

Visit the full Gingerbread House Party feature for many more ideas and printable downloads!

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