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Dribble glue from a hot-glue gun all over a piece of PVC pipe and a foam cup to make what looks like a long-burning candle. Insert a much-safer battery-operated tealight in the middle to make the candle glow. If the candles are placed under a black light, they will glow in the dark – perfect for any haunted house.


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Snake Eyes
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Life-Size Ghost

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Don’t judge me when I say this: I didn’t carve my first Halloween pumpkin until I was in college. GASP! I know. Growing up, we were less into the pumpkin carving and decorating that goes into Halloween and more into the treats and dressing up. Now, pumpkin carving/decorating is a tradition for me, especially now that you can do more than just carve a silly grin across its face. (Chevrons and silhouettes, anyone?) Here are some cute, quirky and even sophisticated pumpkin-carving ideas to get your porch ready for Halloween.

Parsnip and Carrot Pumpkin Family:

Parsnip and Carrot Pumpkin Characters

Use vegetables, craft foam and accessories to create a loving, or scary, pumpkin family. (Go ahead and grab the kids for this one!)

Monogrammed Pumpkin:

How to Make a Monogrammed Pumpkin

Add a sophisticated and personalized touch to your indoor or outdoor decor with this simple monogrammed pumpkin project.

Cute Owl Pumpkin:

How to Make an Owl Pumpkin

Keep the owl trend going strong with this easy-to-make pumpkin project. Bonus: It requires no patterns or carving skills.


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This past holiday weekend marked the last (unofficial) days of summer. It may not immediately feel like it, but we’re steadily moving into fall. Soon the weather will cool down, leaves will start changing colors and Halloween and Thanksgiving will be right around the corner before you know it. Since I know many of you like to prepare for the seasons and holidays early, I have a project you can dive into right now. Give your front door autumnal charm with a touch of dark, Halloween flair with this felt leaf wreath. Here’s how:

How to Make a Fall Felt Leaf Wreath

How to Make a Fall Wreath

To create this wreath you’ll need: a 24-inch grapevine wreath, wreath hanger, felt in assorted fall colors, double-sided iron-on fusing, craft paper, crow embellishment, fabric glue, fabric pen, scissors and an iron.

After gathering your materials, you’ll start by cutting the leaf templates and fusing the felt with the 10″ x 12″ sheets by ironing the two materials together. Then, you’ll trace each leaf onto the fused felt paper and cut out. To create contrast, fuse one cut-out leaf onto another color and cut out again, leaving approximately 1/8 inch around the back leaf. This will create a stunning two-toned effect once the leaves are on the wreath. Continue this process for 20 to 25 felt leaves.

See Hundreds More Fall and Halloween Ideas

How to Make a Fall Wreath

Using fabric glue, attach leaves to the wreath. Add an eery Halloween touch by attaching a spooky embellishment, like this black crow. Hang on the door to welcome guests throughout the season. Get the Full Step-by-Step Instructions >>

More Seasonal Decorating Ideas From Design Happens:

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There’s only one time of year when I sort of, kind of like spiders, and that’s Halloween. Perhaps accept them would be more accurate, because they’re fun to decorate with. Don’t you think? That and eyeballs. Who knew that body parts and insects would become such enticing household decor one month out of the year? If you love to incorporate creepy-crawlies into your home, then you’ll love to “scare” your Halloween party or dinner guests with them even more.

Pumpkin-Carving Templates, Indoor and Outdoor Halloween Decorations and Party Ideas

Halloween How To Spider Napkin Rings Halloween Entertaining Design Blog HGTV

Give your next gathering a spooky touch with these felt and pom-pom spider napkin rings. This project is perfect for little hands but sophisticated enough for teen and adult gatherings. Plus, who can resist those googly eyes?

Get the Full Spider Napkin Rings How-To Here >>

HGTV Halloween How To Chalkboard Serving Tray Halloween Entertaining Design Blog HGTV

Halloween party hosting will be a breeze with this eerie chalkboard serving tray. To make it, simply apply primer to an old or unfinished wooden serving tray, sand any uneven areas, paint with chalkboard paint and prepare the tray for writing by covering in chalk and then rubbing clean. The scarier the drawings, the more frightened your guests will be.

Get the Full Chalkboard Serving Tray How-To Here >>

Halloween Table Setting and Decoration Ideas

Let us know how your projects turn out (and how your guests respond).

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It’s finally October! Just like a light switch, the weather has turned cooler, crisper and spookier. During my trick-or-treating days, my friends and I would always choose to visit the homes that looked the scariest for a Halloween thrill. Plus, we figured the homes that went all-out on Halloween decor would have the best candy, too. (They did.) We’d come upon a terrifying and unexpected motion-activated cackling witch, classic decapitated human body parts or the occasional homeowner dressed as Freddy Krueger. We would always run home (myself typically in angel wings, go-go boots and a blonde wig) with our candy-filled pillowcases, hearts pounding yet dying to run back and be scared all over again. In honor of those memorable childhood days, here are two spook-tastic Halloween decorations perfect for your front yard. I’m confident your trick-or-treaters will love and be terrified of them.

Easy Halloween Decorations, Pumpkin-Carving Templates and Entertaining Ideas

Handmade Halloween Project Halloween Decorating Ideas Design Blog HGTV

These hand carved and painted tombstones are a creative way to add an eerie touch to your landscape for Halloween. You can personalize the front of the foam tombstones as much as you want or simply use ever-effective RIP acronym. After carving your drawing and adding a thin layer of spray paint and acrylic paint, they’re ready to be set up among dry leaves, pumpkins and other “unsettling” decor.

Get the Full Foam Halloween Tombstones How-To Here >>

Handmade Halloween Project Halloween Decorating Ideas Design Blog HGTV

Scare guests as soon as they pull in the driveway with this flowing life-size ghost. Using inexpensive craft and hardware items, this ghost can be easily constructed and hung from a front or backyard tree or placed on the front porch for even more creepy appeal. Use a paint roller extension pole and yardsticks as the ghost’s “skeleton” and foam balls as the head and hands. Gauzy cheesecloth serves as the ghost’s ethereal body and will especially pick up flight on windy nights.

Get the Full Life-Size Halloween Ghost How-To Here >>

What ultra-scary Halloween creature do you like to decorate with? Ghosts? Witches? Zombies?

Tell us in the comments below.

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I LOVE Halloween. Sure, it’s hard not to feel good about a holiday devoted to costumes, pumpkins and excessive amounts of candy, but I’ve been plotting my oh-so-sinister Halloween party over on Pinterest for weeks now. I can already taste the candy corn and roasted pumpkin seeds!

Get Hundreds More Halloween Ideas

But as much as I’m gaga over the spooky season, I like to keep my decorations less Nightmare on Elm Street and more harvest-inspired, for two reasons: I can put fun fall decor up as soon as the first chilly nights hit and leave it up through Thanksgiving.  I’m starting this autumn’s display with this uber-chic silhouette pumpkin.

Silhouette Pumpkin

Silhouette Pumpkin

Not only is this guy easy to make, its white-and-black color scheme will add interest to my typical fall vignette of yellow-orange pumpkins, speckled squash and mini hay bales. Here’s how to make your own.


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I’ve seriously been jonesing for fall and its most-spectacular holiday, Halloween. Not because of this brutally hot summer weather. I’ve had Halloween pumpkin carving on the brain since May when I planted jack-o’-lantern pumpkins in my summer vegetable garden. I’m itching to cut the perfect orange spheres off their stalks and fill my house with carved pumpkin designs until my little Halloween heart is content. Luckily, I found this fabulous pumpkin project that will work perfectly as I transition my decor from a late summer to full-on fall feel.

Halloween Decorating Ideas

This pumpkin silhouette project is so easy — it only has four steps! You simply print out a picture of a silhouette (this particular silhouette came from Susie Harrington of Petite Prints), trace the outline onto the flattest side of your pumpkin, paint inside the lines and glue trim around it. Simple! The pumpkin used in the project was already white, but I can easily spray paint my orange ones. (Spray-painting pumpkins couldn’t be easier. I’ve done it for countless Halloween parties in the past. Guests are totally impressed!)

You can find the complete materials list, step-by-step photos and tips on Plus, you’ll find lots of other Halloween decorating ideas and pumpkin carving templates to give you a headstart on fall. Admit it. You can’t wait for Halloween either.

When you’ve finished your silhouette pumpkin, take a picture and share a link with us on the blog.

Tell us all about it in the comments below.

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