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Most of us probably still have a lot of holiday shopping left to do. I always leave the men for last because they’re the hardest to buy gifts for, and I tend to procrastinate. Does he really need another sweater? Do I really want to spend a lot of money on the newest gadget? I’ve learned over the years that making something is the best route to go. Bonus: You can skip the crowds!

However, handmade gifts for guys can be a bit tricky — you want to make something useful but also something he can brag about to his friends. While we’re at it, let’s make it really easy to make (Nobody has time to spend hours crafting!).

Here are our top 5 DIY holiday gifts for the men in your life:

 Felt Gadget Case

How to Make a Felt Gadget Case

He may already have the latest gadget, so get him a felt cover to help protect it. If you don’t have basic sewing skills, try this project with fabric glue!

Get the Full Instructions Here>>

4 More Gifts For Guys

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Tomorrow marks the first night of Hanukkah (Did you see Kayla’s table setting and recipe ideas?). Before the latkes and sufganiyot hit the table, jazz up each guest’s seat with these sparkling Star of David place cards.

Sparkling Hanukkah Place Cards
To make, combine two Star of David cutouts to form a three-dimensional place card.  Fold the bottom of each side out to make the card stand up. Outline the star with glue and glitter and write each guest’s name in the center using a metallic gold paint pen. Happy Hanukkah, everyone!

Get even more handmade ideas from our 12 Days of Handmade series and our Handmade Holidays feature. Check back tomorrow for another great DIY project!

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Mmm…s’mores. Gooey marshmallow and melted chocolate nestled between two crisp cookies, eaten by the glow of the campfire. (Craving one yet?) Introduce summer’s favorite sweet to the holiday season with our DIY s’more kit.

Homemade s'more gift set

The perfect gift for coworkers, neighbors, kids or kids at heart, this delicious gift screams fun. Combine chocolate chunks, homemade marshmallows and crisp icebox cookies in a (reusable!) chalkboard-painted tin.

Packing chocolate for s'more kit
And don’t forget the roasting sticks! Just add a campfire for an instant good time. See how our handmade gift expert packages it up:

Get even more handmade ideas from our 12 Days of Handmade series and our Handmade Holidays feature. Check back tomorrow for another great DIY project!

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Wine is the ultimate hostess gift: You can get it months ahead of time or on the way to the party, plus most folks can always use another one more bottle. Make the gift just a little more personal with this easy handmade addition: A wine stopper topped off with a found object.

Found Object Wine Stoppers

Turn quirky finds into functional wine stoppers.

To make, you’ll need wine corks and automotive expansion plugs to keep the air out, along with a dowel to affix the topper. What to put on top? The sky’s the limit! Try old game pieces, vintage door knobs or monogrammed stamps, but any smallish object will do.  Watch how easy it is to make this gift:

Get even more handmade ideas from our 12 Days of Handmade series and our Handmade Holidays feature. Check back tomorrow for another great DIY project!

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While I tell my Mom how much I love her every day, I’m happy to spend an entire day letting her know how much I truly appreciate her. Mother’s Day gifts I made years ago include macaroni necklaces, tie-dye sand art sculptures, gorgeous artwork (from cartoon coloring books) and plastic bead bracelets. (Those necklaces and bracelets are still in her jewelry box!) Dad was always there to help position the sand art funnel or to hold up the other end of the necklace string, because he knew how important it was for these gifts to be perfect for Mom. So attention Dads, if you’re looking for kid-friendly handmade gifts to craft with your little ones, here are five of my favorites you’ll have fun making together.

Handmade Mother's Day Banner

This handmade “mom” banner is a pretty way to show mom much she’s loved on her special day. It’s easy to make, and with sweet, personalized messages handwritten on the back, she’ll treasure this keepsake for years to come.

More DIY Ideas Mom Will Love

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As the sun sets, so begins the eight-night celebration of Hanukkah. Around the world, families and friends will spin the dreidel, light the menorah and exchange presents.

The Little Round Table

D’oh! Did you forget someone on your gift list? Clearly “Comet the Hanukkat” looks miffed! This handmade felt dreidel stuffed with organic catnip is sure to put a smile on his face.

OhBoyCatToy: Organic Catnip Dreidel

Whether you’re punting for a last minute hostess gift or looking to shop ahead for next year for your bubbeh, zeyde or mameleh, here are some of our favorite, beautifully designed and cool crafted Hanukkah and Judaica gifts from Etsy.


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To celebrate tonight’s premiere of the show 15 Fresh Handmade Gift Ideas, we’re giving away a little piece of HGTV. Watch the special this evening at 7/6 for a look at hundreds of our favorite Etsy gifts, as well as excellent how-tos for 15 fabulous crafts you can make and give as presents.

I snagged this on-trend and utterly cute birdhouse terrarium by Etsy seller No Place Like Gnome while visiting the set of the 15 Fresh Handmade Gift Ideas shoot.

Take a few seconds to answer this week’s question before 12/11c Monday, Nov. 29 for your chance to win the kit to recreate this whimsical terrarium.

This week’s question: What is the most cherished handmade gift you’ve given or received?

And don’t forget to watch the show!

Click for official rules.

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In early October, I visited the set of HGTV’s new craft special, 15 Fresh Handmade Gift Ideas. I don’t believe I’m going overboard or being utterly biased when I say that this first-ever HGTV/Etsy/Michele Beschen/Taniya Nayak collaboration is the best handmade TV show of the year. And if you think I’m reaching, tune in and judge for yourself this Friday at 7/6.

Hosts Taniya Nayak and Michele Beschen share more than 100 handmade creative gift ideas in 15 of the most-popular gift categories. We’re talking one-of-a-kind presents by Etsy crafters perfect for men, women, kids, pets, trendsetters, techies and everyone else on your holiday gift list. Plus, there’s easy-to-follow instructions for 15 fresh handmade gifts you can create that are demonstrated in the show and outlined on

Michele Beschen explains the project.


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