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Designing for children can be a potential nightmare for an interior designer. How do you tap into the psyche of a toddler, and create a room that will ignite their imaginations, as well as grow with their ever-evolving tastes and interests? New York designer Jennifer Coleman of JKC Designs accomplished exactly that in this magical loft space for an outgoing Tribeca four-year-old.

The room is put together but not themed. It’s age-appropriate and transitional. Enjoy Jennifer Coleman’s whimsical work on the fairy-tale loft, along with the rest of this hip family’s fun, NYC space.
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Back in the early 1990s, I sat front and center for the best fight in suburban South Florida history. There were no ropes and no screaming fans; nor were there disgruntled, black-and-white striped dudes with whistles. Featured opponents? My mom and dad. Location: formal living room, 8300 NW 54th St., my tropical childhood home.

Just to fill you in, my parents rarely fought. Even if they did, it would involve (a) coupon-expiration-date-induced bickering over where to eat dinner (b) Thursday Night Remote Control Tug-of-War (Chicago Hope versus NYPD Blue). When they did unabashedly lose their cool like housemates circa episode six of The Real World, I was unapologetically pleased, because it was mostly decorating-based.

The catalyst for that night’s explosion? Straight from the taxidermist, Dad snuck 12 feet of stuffed elk and sailfish in the front door as Mom pulled up from a PTA meeting, dinner in one hand and a 3-year-old in the other. What followed can best be described as the sound of all hell breaking loose.

Meg Ryan Marathon Meets Monday Night Football

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This week I took a last-minute trip to Washington DC to participate in a forum organized by the Department of Labor and booked a room at the W Hotel located hardly a block from the White House. Having traveled extensively in the last five years since I became a professional blogger, I’ve seen every sort of hotel room that exists, and once came face to face with a discarded condom wrapper underneath my pillow. Didn’t know it was physically possible, but I jumped like a cat and ended up hanging from the ceiling by my fingernails.

Last year when I was thirty-weeks pregnant I embarked on a three-week book tour visiting nine different cities and sleeping in nine different hotel rooms. And those rooms were all perfectly fine, some very nice and at times lovely. But you know when you’re watching a makeover show and a client sees her redecorated bedroom for the first time? And without fail she will say, “I feel like I’m in a boutique hotel room!”

She did not stay in the hotel rooms I stayed in.

Of course, she’s probably not thirty-weeks pregnant, either. That can affect your mood.

Until this week. Until I walked into this room, saw the decor and fell madly, deeply in love. It was everything I imagined my dream home would look like. From the eclectic mix of furniture in the sitting area (I love how they covered such a traditional, hard-edged chair in white leather and paired it with a soft suede, semi-circle couch):


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The quintessential expression of your personal style in your most personal space is your bed. If you long for a dramatic statement, then consider the simplicity of a platform bed with an attention-grabbing headboard. Starting at less than $1000 and reaching over $2400, high style doesn’t have to mean high price.

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I’m a big fan of color blocking and have imagined ways to create my own color blocked wall. But I’ve never considered anything like this!

Rainbow wall treatment. No painting required.

Custom DIY rainbow wall treatment; no painting required.
Image from Design*Sponge.

A designer in our New York offices found this cool and colorful wall treatment listed under What’s Hot in Google Reader. No wonder; what a great idea! Writer/filmmaker Scott Prendergast gathered about 500 paint samples to create the massive collage. After determining a pattern, he used Mod Podge to affix the samples to the wall. “The walls of my (1930s) apartment are wallpapered,” Scott says. “And they have been painted over many, many times. When I move out, I can simply strip the wall of the wallpaper and repaint. Easy as pie.”

<em>Image from Design*Sponge.</em>

Image from Design*Sponge.

You can learn more about Scott’s project from the artist’s perspective on Design*Sponge. (Check out the comments.) I love this particularly colorful quote: “Maybe we could all use a creative project to relieve some tension?”

If you could use a creative project but you’re not ready to take on an entire wall of mixing and matching paint swatches, focus on a smaller section of the wall or create a framed masterpiece. No matter the size, your paint swatch artwork is sure to turn heads.

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