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Dovecote Decor Side TablesIn our July 15th giveaway, we wanted to know if you’re all about refurbishing thrift store scores or more in to instant retail gratification. The votes are in, and the thrifters have it!
Our winner, Amy from the Wonderfully Domestic blog, knows a thing or two about giving new life to another man’s trash – she scoures Craigslist for bargains that need a little TLC and creativity. Amy won’t have to put any elbow grease into her brand new side table from Dovecote Decor though. She thinks the orange version is perfect as is.
Amy was quick to respond to our congratulatory message, but don’t forget that we give our winners two weeks to respond before we select another random winner.
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Bold color is back in a big way. We dubbed lime July’s color of the month, and we’ve seen an influx of brightly colored furniture and paint palettes saturating the market. One of our favorite finds this season is Dovecote Decor’s spunky Wangright Lacquer Cocktail Tables. These little gems are perfect side tables or look ultra-chic grouped together to form a coffee table. And while they are the essence of uptown style, a chance flea market find inspired the designer behind them.

Docecote Decor Side Tables

We want one Design Happens reader to take home a cocktail table in their choice of color (blue, yellow, orange, white or LIME!). To enter for a chance to win, just leave us a comment in the field below before 12/11c Monday, July 18.

This week’s question: Are you into repurposing flea market, yard sale and thrifting finds? Or are you all about the instant satisfaction of store bought beauties?

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Kaufmann Mercantile Store Market Basket“That’s the way I like it best, raw ‘n fresh.” Design Happens fan hhung1 left this hilarious rhyme in response to the question posed in our July 8th giveaway: “How do you enjoy summer’s fruit and veggie harvest?” She wasn’t the only one enjoying Mother Nature’s spoils right off the vine; almost all of you prefer your summertime fruits and veggies uncooked. Our winner Sandra can now forage for produce at the farmer’s market (or in her own garden) in style with Market & Fruit Picking Pack from Kaufmann Mercantile Store. I’m super jealous — I love that basket! Sandra has two weeks to respond to our messages before we pick another random winner.
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After reading your thoughtful gift ideas suggested in our July 1st giveaway, I have several additions to add to my gift closet. I’m also thinking I’d love to invite each and every one of you to my birthday party to ensure I get some stupendous presents. (Who’s free in early November?)

Freebie Fridays Alpaca Throw

Our winner, Mike Fewer, gets to take home this utterly fabulous alpaca throw from the Canvas Home Store. I’m going to be honest, if I was the winner of the giveaway, that throw would not be in the gift closet, it’d be on my bed. I can’t stop day dreaming about the power naps that could take place with that blanket. Don’t forget, Mike has two weeks to reply to our messages before we choose another winner. You may still have a chance at winning!

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Shopping for little kids can be extremely fun. No matter how many toys they already have, they’d still love to have as many as possible. The possibilities are endless! Adults are a different animal. Often, they don’t want anything, and you’re forced to buy something utilitarian that they really need (new make-up mirror, extension chord, oil change). Instead, to keep it fun, I like to dip into my list of “life’s little luxuries” when searching for a thoughtful and appreciative gift the recipient has no idea they want. My no-fail list includes lusciously scented soy candles from local boutiques, chocolate truffles and luxurious throws.

Alpaca Throw

These ultra soft, hand-loomed solid alpaca throws from the Canvas Home Store are exactly what I’m talking about. They’re probably not on someone’s birthday wish list, but they’re so luxurious, they’ll do more than just sit on the receiver’s shelf. Who wouldn’t love one of these? If that’s you, leave us a comment before 12/11c Monday, July 4 to be entered into the random drawing for one of these velvety-soft blankets.

This week’s question: What’s your go-to gift for the person who has everything? Specialty coffee from a local roaster? A comfy, luxurious throw? Rich hand cream from your favorite spa?

Click for official rules.

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After reading the comments left in our June 24th giveaway with Eartheasy, it’s safe to say that most gardeners have the same things on their wish lists: potting benches, tillers, quality lawn mowers and composters. Our winner, Stacey, wanted something a little less flashy — just some good dirt for her second garden. Well, Stacey, you can now supplement your existing soil with nutrient-dense compost made by your Jora Jk 125 composter.


Stacey has a lucky green thumb, assuming she responds to our congratulatory message within two weeks. If she doesn’t get back to us in time, we’ll pick another winner. It may even be you!

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Some people ask for a new car or a trip to Europe upon receiving their college degrees, but I asked for a composter. You think I’m kidding for the sake of editorial humor? Well, this blogger would never tell a lie. I asked my significant other to get me a composter I’d seen at the local hardware store, and he presented me with my very own plant-food-maker at my graduation party. While my friends were backpacking through the Alps, I was making nutrient-rich plant food by composting my kitchen scraps.

Compost Tumbler

While I do love my composter, I’m wishing I had shopped around a little because the Jora Jk125 Composter available at Eartheasy is the Cadillac of compost tumblers. It’s two chambers keep fresh scraps separated from finished compost. No more waiting for your huge pile of compost to cook when you have plants that need some fertilizer this week. Our green thumb Design Happens readers know exactly what I’m talking about.

To be entered into the random drawing for this state-of-the-art compost tumbler, leave us a comment before 12/11c Monday, June 27.

This week’s question: What home and garden product is on your wish list right now? I’m always hinting that someone should buy me a cedar potting bench.

Tell us in the comments below.

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Candice Olson‘s ears must be burning — she was one hot topic in the comments for our June 17th giveaway. We wanted you to reveal to us your design crush — the style-maven you’d let redesign your entire home while you sit blindfolded with no say whatsoever. Well, Ms. Olson reigned supreme. Other HGTV stars like David Bromstad, Antonio Ballatore and Genevieve Gorder were mentioned, as well as some new designers we’re going to have to check out! Our winner, Noel, wants to combine the talents of HGTV design divas Candice Olson and Emily Henderson with the star power of superdecorator Kelly Wearstler for her dream home. That sounds like a stylish concoction we can get on board with, Noel!

thomas paul pillows

Noel wins two of our favorite Thomas Paul pillows to spice up her living room. I’m sure Candice, Emily and Kelly would approve of these chic linen lovelies. Noel was super excited to win the pillows and promptly responded to my congratulatory email, but note, we always give our Freebie Friday winners two weeks to respond before we have to choose another random winner.

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I’m so excited for this week’s Freebie Friday because I’m absolutely obsessed with designer Thomas Paul’s self-titled line of home accessories, which includes pillows, rugs, shower curtains, pendant lamps, linens and more. His work is unexpected yet timeless. And every time he comes out with something new, it’s automatically added to my wish list. Thomas Paul is one of those designers who’s so good, you’ve just got to see it to believe it. Trust me. Check out my latest Thomas Paul obsessions on Design Public to see for yourself.

Thomas Paul Pillows

After several excited, school-girl-esque emails from yours truly, Thomas, himself, decided to give a Design Happens fan two of his fantastic hand-screened printed linen pillows. They are super-luxurious, filled with down and the perfect solution for that much-needed color pop your living room may be needing. Plus, they’d be right at home in an uber-contemporary loft or traditionally styled cottage. So versatile!

Just leave us a comment before 12/11c Monday, June 20, to be entered into the random drawing for two Thomas Paul pillows.

This week’s question: Thomas Paul is my design crush. Whose designs do you go ga-ga over? An HGTV star like David Bromstad or Sarah Richardson? What about a mega-watt talent like Kelly Wearstler? Maybe it’s your mom?

Tell us in the comments below.

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I should’ve known that my most-shocking bridal registry items wouldn’t take the (wedding) cake. You all must have much wackier friends. Everything from a puppy to Goldfish crackers to $700 blenders was mentioned in the more than 70 absolutely hilarious responses to our June 10th giveaway. Jessie, our winner, shared the offbeat things her own sister registered for when she walked down the aisle — beer and tee shirts. I’m just going to assume this couple already had a home full of fabulous housewares and wanted something they could truly use.

Freebie Fridays Vietri Italin Tableware

For sharing her sister’s unusual registry list, Jessie takes home the lovely handmade Vietri pitcher. Maybe she can serve her sister’s favorite beer in there? As always, Jessie has two weeks to respond to our messages before we pick another random winner.

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As a new bride, I know a thing or two about bridal registries. I spent many nights putting my husbands and mine together, figuring out exactly what to request to complete our home. In addition to making sure I included items of various price ranges, I was also very particular about including pieces typically used during special occasions. That’s what I look for on other people’s registries. Something like this beautifully designed Round Avocado Pitcher by Vietri. What’s better to give a new couple than something that looks stunning displayed on a shelf, is equally appealing when filled with flowers and used as a centerpiece and is also a piece that will be admired when passed from hand to hand around a table as people refresh their water glasses. So, when I come across a 52-inch LCD flat screen, a giant movie theater popcorn machine or a bottle of wood polish on a registry, I’m completely befuddled, and, frankly, a bit irritated.

Vietra Italian Tableware

If only these clueless brides and grooms had visited Italian tableware company Vietri before they got trigger happy with the registry gun. There is absolutely nothing on their site a critical former bride like myself can talk smack about. Everything from the dinnerware to the table linens is handcrafted by master artisans in Italy and absolutely gorgeous.

Vietri’s Round Avocado Pitcher is up for grabs this Friday. Just leave us a comment before 12/11c Monday, June 13 for a chance to win.

This week, answer either of these two questions: When picking out a wedding gift, what are you always hoping will be on the registry? [OR] What have you been most shocked to see included on a bridal registry?

Click for official rules.

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If Jason Cameron or Tony Siragusa, hosts of DIY Network’s hit show Man Caves, ever need a day off from designing dude-tastic spaces, there are a ton of Design Happens readers I could recommend for the job. In our June 3rd giveaway, we wanted you to describe your dad’s perfect space for a little Father’s Day me time. We were blown away by some of your over-the-top ideas! A mini Tour de France course, a physics lab and a European coffee bar were some of the most original designs.

Red Envelope Gifts for Father's Day

Our first winner, Carolyn, said her father was too selfless to ever let someone build him a man cave — he’d probably want a room for his precious dogs and cats. Nicole, our second winner, would build her dad a big-rig themed cave. Both of our winners will receive a $50 gift code to Red Envelope to grab dad a fantastic gift he never saw coming. They both have two weeks to respond to our message before we pick new winners.

If you’re stumped on what to get Dad this Father’s Day, check out HGTV’s Father’s Day gift guide for presents that celebrate his hobbies, interests and style. And here’s three easy craft projects the kids can make for Dad: Hand-Painted Grill Platter, Rustic Picture Frame, Custom Valet Tray.

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Time flies when you’re … frantically entering the 2011 HGTV Green Home sweepstakes like a mad woman every day! I know it can’t possibly feel like it, but it’s June 2nd already. Which means it’s the last day to enter for a chance to win this stunning Denver home, a 2011 GMC Terrain and $100,000 cash! (I also want to know why it’s like August hot the first week of June. Back to the sweeps.) This is one of those bittersweet, day-after-Christmas type days for us at HGTV. Do we really want to give away this luxurious prairie-style home with a deck and patio. (It’s really grown on us!). But, yes, we are thrilled to see it go to a deserving HGTV fan.

2011 HGTV Green Home

You’ve got until 5PM EST to get your two daily entries in (once on and another on Who knows, the winner of the sweepstakes could come from today’s last-minute entries!

For totally-so-not-fair reasons, I’m not eligible to win the home. Despite this sad, sad fact, I’ve compiled a list of my top three ”2011 HGTV Green Home To-Dos” just in case there is some fluke in the system and they don’t realize I work here. (Just kidding, I haven’t entered – sigh.)
Time’s Running Out!

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In our May 27th giveaway, we wanted you to sound off on your summer party plans. Sounds like the Design Happens community is in for some rockin’ summer get-togethers. My favorite party idea came from Tabitha Meyers, who’s hosting a “Dog Days of Summer” gathering for all of her pooch-loving pals (and their doggies)!  Our winner,Tracey, has a pretty fantastic party plan in the works too. She’s throwing an outdoor dance party for her birthday.

Frontgate Wicker Waste Can

Tracey wins this outdoor-party-ready wicker waste can from Frontgate. (Try saying that three times fast.) It’s time to ditch the plastic bags and oversized black bins for something sleeker, sturdier and, dare I say, sexier? Sexy trash cans? You saw them first on Design Happens. As always, Tracey has two weeks to respond before we select another random winner.

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I don’t know how many times I’ve been to a fab outdoor party and had the vibe totally crushed when I had to toss my dirty napkin into a bulky, black plastic trash can. What an eyesore. So UN-chic. There has to be something better! The stylish solution is found in our fourth and final installment of our month-long Frontgate outdoor furniture giveaway spectacular. All of our May garden decor giveaways were chosen to get your deck or patio party-perfect. So send out party invites, hide the gangly garden hose from your guests, light the lanterns and gather around the firepit for a super summer kickoff. Then when the party’s over, cleanup begins. Ahhh, it will be a breeze with this lovely home accessory.

Frontgate Wicker Waste Can

What do you think of this beauty from Frontgate? Summer-perfect wicker? A classic neutral? Large enough for a serious shindig? I’ll take it! Actually, I want you to take it. (I’m generous like that.) Leave us a comment before 12/11c Monday, May 30 to be entered into the sweepstakes.

This week’s question: What summer party are you looking forward to hosting this season and why? Memorial Day potluck? Father’s Day grill-out? Fourth of July block party?

Click for official rules.

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Have you ever wished that HGTV would show up on your doorstep to give your home a makeover? Who hasn’t, right? We here at Design Happens are happy to say — that opportunity is knocking! Our new show HGTV’d was created to give you the opportunity to upload photos and videos of your space for a chance at a dream makeover from your favorite HGTV stars. The show premieres June 6th, but while you wait for the HGTV’d truck to roll down your street, we’re going to hook you up with a bedroom decked out in all things HGTV.

HGTV HOME bedding

Design Happens is proud to present the new HGTV HOME bedding line. We’re giving away three complete bedroom sets for an HGTV-approved bedroom mini-makeover. Each winner will get to pick any size bedding from the cool, blue Lucas set or the warm Lagare set. Each set includes a comforter, bed skirt, two shams, two decorative pillows, two window panels and one window valance.

For a chance to win, leave us a comment before 9am/8c Friday, May 27, telling us the next product HGTV HOME should come out with. HGTV furniture? HGTV art work? HGTV bathroom towel sets? What about life-size Jamie Durie cutouts?

Click for official rules.

Don’t forget to check out the premiere of HGTV’d Monday, June 6, 9pm/8c.

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Who knew cobwebs severely plague the front porches of America? In our May 20th giveaway, we wanted to know what you rush to clean-up or cover-up when you have unexpected summer guests. Tons of you said you grab the broom and knock down the cobwebs taking up residence on your porches and decks. If I was your guest, I’d probably never notice them, unless I walked into it. That’s the worst.

Frontgate Copper Hose Pot

Our winner, Erin Elizabeth, has a front yard cleaning conundrum I can certainly identify with. She said, “My black lab has toys and bits of rawhide bones all over the lawn. I try to keep those picked up, but end up scurrying around when guests arrive. Flower beds look better without a faceless, half chewed stuffed dog toy in them.” Your pup goes for the face first, too? Erin gets to take home Frontgate’s Copper Hose Pot. As always, Erin has two weeks to respond or a new winner will be randomly selected.

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It’s week three of our fabulous month of outdoor decor giveaways from Frontgate. This week it’s all about keeping your outdoor space looking stylishly neat and trim. We’ve got this gorgeous copper hose pot — perfect for tucking away that gangly gardening essential when guests come by for a mid-summer soiree. I love the rustic elegance of the pot’s patina. I can totally picture it at a vineyard in Napa Valley nestled beside a showy bougainvillea dripping with blooms.

Copper Hose Pot

Just leave us a comment before 12/11c Monday, May 23 for your chance at this useful — and gorgeous — piece of garden art.

This week’s question: When guests make an unexpected visit, what outdoor unsightliness do you find yourself rapidly cleaning or scurrying to tuck away from view? (A collection of newspapers that haven’t made it inside or recycling that hasn’t made it to the street? Repositioning a welcome mat that the cat has dragged across the front porch?)

Click for official rules.

You can create the perfect spot for outdoor entertaining this summer with’s outdoor spaces design guide.

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All month long we’re celebrating outdoor entertaining and living with four giveaways from Frontgate. Last week, we looked to help you to heat up the night with a copper fire pit. Now we’re lighting up the night with this week’s giveaway — the Lucina Lantern — a sophisticated take on outdoor lighting. One large pillar candle will fit into this solid bronze lantern, but I think a bunch of mismatched candles would lend a stunning bohemian vibe to your next outdoor party.

Outdoor Lanterns

You’ve got until 12/11c Monday, May 16th to leave us a comment. That’s all you have to do for a chance to win one of these gorgeous outdoor lanterns.

This week’s question: What’s special about the place you spend most of your time outdoors at your home? Is it your favorite fragrant potted plants that surround you on a sunny patio? The vintage glider you refinished that’s perfect for cool evenings spent chatting with neighbors on your front porch? Or the perfect napping hammock you and a loved one strategically placed between two shady trees?

Click for official rules.

Perfect your outdoor room with’s outdoor entertaining guide — filled with inspiration for preparing your patio, deck and porch for fun times spent with family and friends.

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Design Happens readers are more than just lovers of fabulous design — they’re true outdoor weekend warriors. Deck stain! Water features! Trellises! Oh my! In our May 6th giveaway, we wanted you to tell us how you get your outdoor space party ready. From the responses we got, it’s clear that a few of you have a ways to go before your deck or patio is ready for a big shin-dig, while most of you were glad to be done with the tough stuff and in the midst of putting the finishing touches on your outdoor party pads. Our winner, stylebyladyg,  moved to Georgia from the UK last year and has “ been renovating my home every since. The deck definitely needs some TLC — seating, dining table, accessories and plants. We’re almost there!”

Frongate Fire Pit

Stylebyladyg, we hope you enjoy sitting back and admiring your work around your new Frontgate fire pit. Can we come over for s’mores? We’re only a state away.

What about you? If you’re working toward your dream deck or patio, can lend a hand with inspiring photos, simple how-tos and guidance for your next home improvement project.

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