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The official first day of summer is mere weeks away. Temperatures are heating up across the country. And the sun doesn’t set now until after dinner. It’s time to celebrate life outdoors. To get our Design Happens readers ready for the season of barbecue get-togethers, graduation parties and three-day holiday weekends, we’re giving away awesome outdoor furniture and decor from Frontgate every Friday in May.

Frontgate Copper Fire Pit

Since many parts of the nation are still experiencing chilly evening temps, this week’s giveaway is a copper fire pit. Copper is one of the absolute best conductors of heat, making this one of the best fire pits on the market. We want you to take one home! Just leave us a comment before 12/11c on Monday, May 9th to be entered into the random drawing.

This week’s question: What stylish additions help make your outdoor space party ready? Tiki torches, colorful outdoor pillows, hurricane lamps, fun outdoor dinnerware?

Click for official rules.

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Looks like mom knows gardening best. In our April 29th giveaway, we asked you to share with us the best housekeeping, gardening or design tip your mother shared with you. From not overcrowding your tomato plants to creating rock gardens for maintenance-free visual impact, green thumb moms had some great takeaways that I’m going to have to try myself. Marcus, our first winner, learned to take care of the yard from his mother, because it “shows pride in your home.” Our second winner, ally8879, shared an unconventional tip from her mom: “Talk and sing to plants. They grow healthier and produce more fruits and flowers when you do.”

Send Mothers Day Flowers Online

Marcus and ally8879 get to thank their moms for those nuggets of wisdom with a gift code for gorgeous flower arrangements from

Still need to get mom a gift? Check out’s Mother’s Day gift guide for presents to pamper, delight and spoil her. Or make her something handmade with our easy craft projects.

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Mom’s really are the best. If you’re lucky enough to have an awesome one like I do, you’ll really appreciate this week’s giveaway. We want to help you make Mother’s Day special with a gorgeous gift of fresh flowers delivered right to her door. Whether you call her mama, mommy or mum, it’s easy to send flowers online with They’ve got arrangements and potted plants bursting with the vibrant colors of spring: yellow sunflowers, violet irises, coral azaleas, orange tulips and much more.

Mother's Day Flowers

Make Mother’s Day 2011 the biggest and most gracious yet by simply leaving us a comment before 12/11c Monday, May 1. This enters you into the drawing for a chance at two $50 gift codes from

This week’s question: What’s the best housekeeping, gardening or interior design tip your mom taught you?

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Add to mom’s floral surprise with fantastic gifts to pamper, delight and treat — all handpicked by HGTV shopping experts.

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We asked Design Happens readers to tell us their plans for celebrating Earth Day in our April 22nd giveaway. Y’all are a busy group! Lots of folks are starting or expanding veggie gardens at home while others are launching and coordinating recycling programs at the office. Our winner, Noeleen, is “working with a local master gardener on a design to remove the front lawn and put in natives to save water and give me plenty of color. I cannot wait to see it completed.” Neither can we! Please send us pictures.

Farmer D Organics Urban Planter

Noeleen wins a red cedar Urban Planter Box from Farmer D Organics, who are green superstars themselves. Noeleen has two weeks to reply to our messages before we randomly select a new winner.

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Dust and pet dander. Those are the most-hated irritants in the battle for a spotless, healthy home according to your answers to our April 15th giveaway question. Ten of you will receive a CamelBak Groove water bottle for sharing your two cents. It’s got a built-in filter to keep dirt, chlorine, dust and well, pet dander (yuck!) out of your drinking water when you’re on the go. Or to stay hydrated during a vigorous spring cleaning. CamelBak Groove

We’ve heard from winners Heather Wright, Suzanne Branch, Heidi Kratzke, Joni DeProspero and Brie Danielle Williams, but we are still waiting to her from our remaining five winners: Nancy Reid, Samantha, AnneSophie, Amy Patten and Colleen Johnson. These ladies have two weeks to respond to our messages before we randomly select new winners.

Whether you suffer from allergies or just want housekeeping tips, check out’s guide to a healthy home and garden. From controlling dust mites to preventing mold, (that one’s for you, Brie Danielle) we’ll help you end all those achoos!

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Keeping a healthy home has been on my mind as I move into a new house. Could we be allergic to something in the ducts? Will that cleaner be safe to use around our new kitten and puppy? How clean is the water or the pipes? I’ve got a filter for my faucet, so my home is covered, but what about when I’m on the go?  That’s why I love the CamelBak Groove, a colorful and sleek water bottle with a built-in filter. So the water is cleaned as you sip. Compared to plastic bottles, it’s high on the reuse factor of the three R’s. And I love the color choices available for these BPA-free bottles. I have one in pink. My fiance has one in the more masculine black.

CamellBak Groove

We’re giving away ten of these ingenious CamelBak bottles just in time for warm weather outdoor activities. For a chance to win, just leave us a comment before 12/11c Monday, April 18th.

This week’s question: When it comes to keeping a healthy home, what has been your biggest obstacle? Fighting off pet dander and dust? A mold infestation? Poisonous plants that keep coming back?

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Finally, the time has come. HGTV Green Home 2011 is now open for entries. This Denver, Colorado eco-beauty is setting a new standard in green living.

HGTV Green Home 2011 - Enter the Sweeps

You can enter twice per day — once on and once on — for your chance to win the eco-fabulous HGTV Green Home 2011, located in the Stapleton community in Denver, Colo., plus a new 2011 GMC Terrain and $100,000!

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We asked you to share with us which country most embodies your personal design style in our April 8th giveaway. Some of you had to do some soul-searching to really pin it down. Our winner, Amber, chose Italy. Specifically Venice because of  ”…its marriage of design influences from east and west. You have traditional European, mixed with treasures and flavors from the Middle East and southern Asia. Throw in a bit of Japanese minimalism and thoughtful Zen, and you have my design inspiration!”

HGTV Freebie Fridays Winner

Amber wins two Mexican embroidered pillows from The Loaded Trunk to adorn her multi-cultural home. Amber has two weeks to reply to our messages before we randomly select a new winner.

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Have you ever visited a town or small city and stumbled upon this one shop brimming with the coolest, most unusual items ever. You know, the store with decadent handmade soaps wrapped in gorgeous papers, one-of-a-kind jewelry impossible to duplicate and goodies you’ve never seen before from far-away lands. (And you want to cry, because it’s all so beautiful but your suitcase is only so big!) Well, we’ve found that shop’s online doppleganger.

The Loaded Trunk

The Loaded Trunk is a collection of handmade goods hand-picked by owner Roni Jaco during her travels around the globe. Roni spends several weeks each year scouring stores in Vietnam, markets in Mexico and artisan workshops in Uzbekistan. So every visit to The Loaded Trunk’s website promises a new treasures unlike anything you’ve seen in other stores. To my delight, Roni pulled two of her latest finds — Mexican embroidered pillows from the Otomi Indians — just for us. BONUS: They are in honeysuckle, Pantone’s Color of the Year.

For a chance to win a pair of these striking pillows just leave us a comment before 12/11c Monday, April 11, to be entered for a chance to win.

This week’s question: What country epitomizes your personal design style and why? France? Japan? Kenya? The good ol’ US of A?

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In our April 1st giveaway, we pitted chicks and bunnies against each other to decide which cuddly creature should be crowned Animal Emperor of Easter. Chicks had a strong showing up front, but in the end the rabbits reigned supreme. Our first winner in the random drawing, Tamoraj, was part of the winning cottontail team saying, “Fluffy bunnies for sure. It’s always been about the Easter bunny — chicks are just sidekicks!”  Winner number two, Shawna Payter, fought hard for all things avian and yellow with this pro-chicks declaration, “For me, Easter is all about the cute yellow chicks. The bright yellow color of the chicks reminds me of the cheerful time Easter brings.”

Happy Easter Store

We’ve sent Tamoraj and Shauna their gift codes to the Happy Easter Store – tell us what you use it on, ladies!  We give our winners two weeks to reply to our notifications before we do another random drawing and pick new winners.

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Easter doesn’t get the decorating TLC it deserves. I blame this on its  totally confusing scheduling system. First Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox? How am I supposed to keep track of that?! By the time I check my calendar, I’ve got maybe 10 days to spread Easter cheer all over my house.

Happy Easter Store

This year, there’s no excuse. We’re letting everybody know that the holiday falls on April 24th. How about cutting out some of the decorating work with a gift code from the Happy Easter Store? We’ve got two gift codes you can spend on fun Easter baskets, fresh flowers and tasty goodies for your Easter Sunday celebration. You can send Easter baskets and Easter gifts to loved ones near and far — or just spend it all on yourself.

Answer this week’s question by simply leaving us a comment before 12/11c Monday, April 4, to be entered for a chance to win.

This week’s question: What’s your cuddly Easter ambassador of choice? Yellow chicks or fluffy bunnies? It’s a battle for the ages. 

Click for official rules.

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Can cookware and utensils serve as the center of style in your kitchen? Yes, with help from celebrity-chef Rachel Ray. Rachael’s line of cooking tools pulls double duty — as sanity-saving gadgets and as gorgeous pieces you’d won’t need to shove in the cabinet as soon as the doorbell rings. (We’re looking at you rusty, dented cookie sheet.)

Rachael Ray Products

We’ve partnered with the Food Network Store to bring Rachael’s super-smart (and super-stylish) kitchenware to Freebie Fridays. We’re giving away two of the most-wanted Rachael Ray products. First, there’s her Chocolate Casseroval (4.25 qt.), perfect for serving yummy goodness right out of the dish. (Breakfast casserole, tater tot casserole, chicken casserole, tuna casserole — well, maybe not tuna casserole.) It’s accompanied by one of Rachel’s Blue Stripe Moppine Oven Mitts, an uber-absorbent mitt/kitchen towel combo. Cool, yes? Answer this week’s question before 12/11c Monday, February 28, for a chance to win this stylish duo.

This week’s question: What’s the handiest, good-looking kitchen gadget you’ve ever owned?

Click for official rules.

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