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Have you ever been stranded at the airport for hours on end wishing you had a little privacy? And wouldn’t it be great to actually be able to catch up on the sleep you have no doubt missed during your travels? The inventors of Sleepbox really knew what they were doing. These amazing mini rooms can be placed in airports, offices and anywhere a guest or customer might need to rest. Genius.


Make your vacation stress-free with a little help from our bloggers:

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The bold color palette of Saguaro Palm Springs is the work of renowned architects Peter Stamberg and Paul Aferiat, of New York-based Stamberg Aferiat Architecture. The property has been infused with hues that reflect the indigenous flowers of the Southwestern desert.

This photo is pretty Pin-worthy, don’t you think?


Colorful Saguaro Hotel of Palm Springs

The Saguaro Hotel on E. Palm Canyon Dr.

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Winters in NYC usually make me want to get away, and though my mind wanders to warmer climes, maybe the best plan is to embrace the season for its own particular magic and virtues. A trip to the Hôtel de Glace in Québec — the only hotel in America made entirely of ice and snow — seems like just the thing to change my tune.

ice hotel

Photo: Luc Rousseau

This Narnia-esque creation is 500 tons of ice and 1,500 tons of snow to be precise, yet it still has all the amenities you’d expect from a high-class hotel, and then some: theme suites, hot tubs and saunas, an ice bar, a café that can be turned into a chapel for weddings and even a “Grand Ice Slide” for kids and adults alike.

ice hotel

Photo: Luc Rousseau

Part of what makes the Hôtel de Glace so special and wintery (aside from the gorgeous, glacial decor, of course) is that it only runs until March 25. Now, if I could only get a guarantee that it would feel like spring by then…

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Happy Halloween, design lovers! I couldn’t get my act together this year, so no costume for me, but perhaps an evening of spooky TV shows and movies is in order. Top of the list? My ’90s favorite, The X-Files, as inspired by the out-of-this-world UFO room of Sweden’s Treehotel in Harads, near the Lule River.

ufo room

Each treehouse room of Treehotel has a unique look and theme, but I especially appreciate the eerie shape and spotlight of The UFO against the tall forest trees. (Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but it looks oddly familiar. Exhibit A: Fox Mulder’s iconic poster.) Gorgeous other-worldly design and man-made creature comforts in the middle of nature? Is Treehotel too good to be true? As the X-Files’ title sequence famously stated, “The truth is out there.”

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Half of the fun of travel is staying in a haute hotel, and while the resorts I’ve seen during my stay in Las Vegas are pretty spectacular, I’m still marveling over this picture of the Efteling Hotel in the Netherlands, designed by the team at Creneau International.

Image: Philippe van Gelooven

A hotel room with a canopy bunk bed is basically a childhood fantasy come to life, but the real kicker is the Alice in Wonderland-esque floating nightstand next to the top bunk. Dreamy touches like that are what make a suite really sweet, no?

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The owners of this Turkish hotel, Yunak Evleri, can’t claim all the credit for its design. That goes to a much more ancient people. Carved into the the mountainside in the Cappadocian village of Urgup centuries ago, this surreal retreat has 30 rooms that date back to the 5th and 6th century.

It has been updated with whitewashed earthen walls, hardwood floors and kilim carpets, while preserving its ancient features. The hotel manages to achieve a timelessness that is warm and welcoming while remaining respectful of its past.

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This week I took a last-minute trip to Washington DC to participate in a forum organized by the Department of Labor and booked a room at the W Hotel located hardly a block from the White House. Having traveled extensively in the last five years since I became a professional blogger, I’ve seen every sort of hotel room that exists, and once came face to face with a discarded condom wrapper underneath my pillow. Didn’t know it was physically possible, but I jumped like a cat and ended up hanging from the ceiling by my fingernails.

Last year when I was thirty-weeks pregnant I embarked on a three-week book tour visiting nine different cities and sleeping in nine different hotel rooms. And those rooms were all perfectly fine, some very nice and at times lovely. But you know when you’re watching a makeover show and a client sees her redecorated bedroom for the first time? And without fail she will say, “I feel like I’m in a boutique hotel room!”

She did not stay in the hotel rooms I stayed in.

Of course, she’s probably not thirty-weeks pregnant, either. That can affect your mood.

Until this week. Until I walked into this room, saw the decor and fell madly, deeply in love. It was everything I imagined my dream home would look like. From the eclectic mix of furniture in the sitting area (I love how they covered such a traditional, hard-edged chair in white leather and paired it with a soft suede, semi-circle couch):


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