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Often focusing on projects of ordinary objects involved in everyday life, NL Architects designed Strap as an innovative way to store miscellaneous items.  NL’s Strap suspends anything from books to shoes and toys to utensils.


Caitlin was the first to guess that this playful storage set is made with a stretchy material – a silicone rubber material resembling the classic rubber band.  Do you have an interesting idea for an alternative use to the classic rubber band?

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Are these devices aimed to improve your strength through resistance training? 

Or maybe they are intended as one-stop sling shots?


Give us your best guess to this horizontal question and we’ll give you the answer tomorrow!

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As the stratification process shows the earth’s timeline, Stool Jan’s felt stool shows the design process through its physical presentation.


The material, a wool felt, is created by matting, condensing and pressing wool fibers together. This stool’s design uses the same process as felt creation, pressing layers together to form a functional item. Can you think of other ways to show a material’s formulation process through its design?

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In geology, stratigraphy is the study of rock layers within the earth. Coined by the 17th century Danish scientist Nicolas Steno, a pioneer in the fields of anatomical and geological science, The Law of Superposition states, “Sedimentary layers are deposited in a time sequence, with the oldest on the bottom and the youngest on the top.”


Is this design a reflection of Steno’s geological revelation? Give us your formulations and we’ll reveal the answer tomorrow!

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Right now, I’m in San Francisco, a city which I’ve never been to before but have been dreaming of visiting. After a few hours here, my best friend texted me two images she found of our apartment back in the day. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect; it was she and I who’d planned to save up all of our money from waiting tables to come here and check out all the city has to offer. Well, there is something else I would like to offer: advice to my current self to the me that existed in 1997. My design skills back then S-U-C-K-E-D.

First Designs

Even when I was in college with absolutely zero design experience, I was the go-to person in my social world for all things interior design and or do-it-yourself. Sure, things are different now, especially with 14 years of trial and error under my belt; however, I truly had one of those, “What the hell was I thinking?” moments when I got these two images.

First Designs

One thing I like: The color blocking and simple dressing up of found-on-the-side-of-the-road-furnishings. A few things I am horrified by: Everything else. Above all, the one thing I took away from this trip down Bad Design Memory Lane is that being a designer or decorator is kinda like having vocal or acting talent; it’s always there, you just need experience and a little bit of training to fine tune it.

Anyone else have any old pictures of their first attempt at decorating and design that, although hysterical now, was something for which to be proud back then?

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From a designer ahead of his time, this piece was released seven years before George Lucas’s American epic space opera series, Star Wars.

designer baby

Could both creatives have been influenced by NASA’s 1970′s emerging Viking spacecraft excursions to Mars?  Guess the designer, guess the object.  We’ll reveal the answer to this UFO tomorrow!

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The belated answer to last week’s “What the…Not an Egg Cosy or a Paperweight” is revealed! Sorry to keep you waiting!

Our obsession with office supplies continues. As many of you guessed, this pencil sharpener works on a teacher’s desk or in a designer’s studio.
office supplies

Which style do you like better? The futuristic Flobus by Solovyov Design that comes in an array of neon colors or this old-school teal beauty Kayla found for the October Color of the Month Vintage Roundup?

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Not to bash a fine paperweight or a cute egg cosy, but this object is much more technical in its design. A tool, a skill, a profession: Is this object about the use or about the design? Get creative…


…and tell us what you think this design is in the comments below. Tomorrow we’ll reveal the answer.

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Poltergeists and phantoms, ghost stories and goblins, Halloween finds us yet again. It’s up to you to find flight, fright or comfort in this holiday and the design below.

Designer Chair

Trick or Treat: Have a guess at what this is? Leave your response in the comments below, and check back tomorrow to see if you’re right.

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My internship at is wrapping up, and in mere days, I will be graduating college. While I’m thrilled to be done with school, (term papers, final exams, etc.) I’m also nervous/excited about what lays ahead. As I’m determined to make my parents proud, (and start paying off my student loans) it’s time to launch my career. I couldn’t have asked for better job hunting advice than I received from Erinn Valencich, Brian Patrick Flynn and Michelle Wiebe.

Head Shots

Erinn Valencich :: Brian Patrick Flynn :: Michelle Wiebe

These talented and busy interior designers took time out of their schedules so I could interview them about becoming an interior designer. Huge thank you to them! And I’m sure, like me, you’ll find their advice to be incredibly valuable, whether you’re a recent grad or making a career change to pursue the job of your dreams in this awesome industry.

Portfolios, Resumes + More

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Susan Fredman is one of Chicago’s premiere interior designers. For the past 30 years, she and her team have designed grand homes and estates in the Windy City, around the Great Lakes and on both coasts. The Susan Fredman Design Group delivers luxurious designs that also embrace a client’s passions. This month’s tour takes us to Wisconsin where we step inside the home of a client who loves traditional style but wanted to avoid anything stuffy and uninviting. It was important for them that the house worked perfectly for entertaining and day-to-day living, as well as lending itself to curated collections. The result is a brilliant manor with plenty of personality and surprises, like hidden passages and secret rooms. All design work was done by Susan Fredman, Aimee Nemeckay and Barbara Theile.


Susan says: The appeal of this residence begins as soon as you pull into the driveway. This classic manor looks like it’s set in the English countryside. Who would guess that it’s actually located in the middle of Wisconsin’s agriculture center.

Next, the Dining Room

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Interior design darling Kelly Wearstler has launched a new blog, My Vibe My Life.

kelly wearstler blog

The west coast interiors pro favors “maximalism” born out of a reaction to the minimalism of the 1990s. So far on her blog she’s shared pictures of her “vibe trays” used as inspiration for various projects, as well as a couple of shots of her design studio. Kelly says she will share her personal collection of photos which feed her creativity and give her happiness during her busy days.

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What do Barbra Streisand and Jonathan Adler have in common? Well…

  • Streisand is star of stage and movie screen. Adler, star of the TV screen and design scene.
  • Streisand and Adler both have adorable dogs in neutral hues (Samantha and Liberace).
  • And they both love interior design and color.

Except orange. Barbra…not so keen on orange. Her favorite color? Burgundy. Adler…he LOVES orange, along side pink, turquoise, brown and navy. Something else they have in common? New books, available in stores now.

Read On

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In 2003, Andrew Baseman began his interior design company, Andrew Baseman Design, Inc., in New York. Throughout his 20 plus years of design work, he has accumulated many experiences outside of interior design including designing sets for the films Eat Pray Love and The Nanny Diaries, and for the television series Spin City. Here’s a sneak peek into one of his projects, a Lincoln Square duplex in Manhattan.



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Designer Vincente Wolf

It’s one thing to see a top designer’s work, quite another to read what he or she has to say about it. Here are some of our favorite blogs by interior designers.

Vincente Wolf offers a behind-the-scenes look at his fabulous work and life.

I can get my NY fix reading Habitually Chic by Manhattan designer Heather Clawson.

Arkansas-based designer Tobi Fairley posts a delicious amount of eye candy. I love that she was inspired by a new line of electric fingernail polish.

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