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Well, it’s true: Summer is officially here and that means vacation season is upon us. Hopefully, you have a relaxing getaway planned but if you’re staycationing because money is tight or just need a quick mental break, I’ve gathered together some of the country’s most luxurious hotels for your virtual vacationing pleasure. We’re talking lifestyles of the rich and famous, people! So, grab an icy summer beverage, kick back and take a photo tour of high-end hotels where high-end design reigns supreme plus get tips for bringing the boutique-chic look home.

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The other day, I was shopping for fabric and came across something hideously wonderful. Almost a week later, I still cannot decide whether I hate it or kinda-sorta love it. Imagine a creamy, nubby, organic fabric. Got it? Okay, now imagine it printed with creepy drawings of nudists, muppets and pimps. Yep, that would be what I am talking about.

Some design-related inventions have so much wow factor that they force you to think outside the box. For example: anything Kelly Wearstler. Other times, conceptual designs are best categorized as crazypants suckmasters.


Here’s that fabric I was talking about, by the way. Wow? Or suckmaster?


When my graphic designer, Ashley Bothwell, created this Up Dog pattern as wallpaper for a yoga studio, I instantly fell in love with it.

At first, it reads as a simple, graphic pattern. But look a little bit closer and see that the shapes are made up by several figures of women in yoga poses. Perhaps what makes it so successful is its less-is-more approach.

Anyone else see anything that’s totally “out there” yet awesome? Or something that’s equally conceptual but terriby awful? Do tell.

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Designer Kelly Wearstler spends time each day searching for exceptionally beautiful and one-of-a-kind objects that she can integrate into her residential and commercial designs, from hunky human forms and spherical structures to unique decorative embellishments and geometric beauties. Whether she’s sharing her finds straight from auction houses, warehouses or around town, Kelly uses her creative photo-based blog My Vibe My Life to share some of her favorite finds. In each post you can expect a unique grouping:  heads, busts, floral designs, cats, copper, chunky chain links. I, personally, can’t get enough. Every post leaves me wondering why I don’t have that funky spiked ball hanging from my ceiling or handcrafted brass legs relaxing on my living room side table.

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Find out why we’re gaga for Kelly.


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Last week I received a text from my LA-tastic friend Casey while on a business trip to South Beach which read “Have you ever seen Viceroy Miami? This place has your name written all over it.” I flat out lied to Casey in my response by saying, “Yeah, it’s my fave.” No, truth is I had not been to Viceroy Miami; however, I’d gone to Kelly Wearstler’s site to many times that it felt as though I’d been there in person. Come to think of it, I spend way too much time on her site, so much that I may eventually be considered a stalkerator (get it? decorator + stalker = stalkerator?). Casey was totally right though; from its unexpected use of materials, play on scale and proportion, and love-it-or-hate-it-I-don’t-care use of color, everything about Viceroy Miami is just my style.

But I will tell you where I have been: The Tides South Beach, another uber-amazing hotel that design superstar Wearstler created that manages to actually make beige look interesting, edgy and totally fresh. While both of these hotels are groundbreaking on so many levels, there ain’t a snowball’s chance in hell I’m ever gonna have a budget that large to reinvent beige or hang a school-bus-sized crystal chandelier over an indoor pool. But I will tell you what I do have a chance at: taking some of Kelly the Great’s ideas and adapting them for mere mortal decorators working with budgets more fit for the Motel 6. Take a look at some Wearstler-tastic eye candy and some realistic ways to take that same concept home. PS – Ms. Wearstler, I love you. - Stalkerator

Tortoise Shell Wall

One look into the restaurant at The Tides South Beach and you’ll instantly be drawn to the graphic, textural collection of tortoise shells adorning the wall above the banquettes. Well, I would very much like to have this, too. However, this works well in a restaurant with expansive, open space. In a home with 12-foot by 8-foot walls, notsomuch. But…there is a way to get the same effect on a much smaller level.

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Interior design darling Kelly Wearstler has launched a new blog, My Vibe My Life.

kelly wearstler blog

The west coast interiors pro favors “maximalism” born out of a reaction to the minimalism of the 1990s. So far on her blog she’s shared pictures of her “vibe trays” used as inspiration for various projects, as well as a couple of shots of her design studio. Kelly says she will share her personal collection of photos which feed her creativity and give her happiness during her busy days.

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(British Accent) Hello. My name be James. I live in me flat with me blokes, in knotting hill, and i eat a lot of jacket potatoes. I fancy myself a bit of a urban sophisticate, cosmopolitan, mysterious and masculine. I like classic shapes and lines but with a bad-boy bent. I drink pimms, listen to vintage punk rock and fundraise for the labor party, when i feel like it. I like my patterns to be simple but my textures to be masculine. And yes, I even have me knickers tailored to fit me perfect little bum.

1. Droog Chandelier, Unica Home, 2. London Bus Sign, Jayson Home & Garden, 3. Marquetry Rug by Kelly Wearstler, The Rug Company, 4. Chelsey Black Leather 3-Seat Sofa, Fashion4Home, 5. Faulkner Table Trunk, Jayson Home & Garden, 6. Greenwich Chair, Jayson Home & Garden

Inspiration from: Burberry Prorsom, Spring 2011

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Design may not be the one true love of your friends and family. But that doesn’t mean you can’t improve their lives and look of their homes via a subtle infusion of style. So, what would be the snazziest Christmas present ever?

A coffee table made by you complete with coffee table design book. Here are instructions for the DIY coffee table pictured above. Below are our Top 20 design book picks sure to be a hit with someone on your holiday gift list.

  1. The Fashionista – Allegra Hicks: An Eye for Design by Allegra Hicks & American Fashion Designers at Home by Rima Suqi
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