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Looking at the title “Bunny Pillow,” you may have thought I was going to feature a pillow with a picture of a bunny on it. But you’d be wrong! Somehow, the crazy design scientists at bombdesign must have spliced some genes together and engineered a pillow that IS a bunny. Behold!

bunny pillow

It’s silly, whimsical and unexpected, but not too cartoonish. And it looks so soft. Plus, it’s just practical. It’s a stuffed animal and pillow in one! I could see kids taking this in the car or on planes for travel, toting it along to sleepovers, you name it. I also think it would make a really sweet baby shower gift. (How precious would this be sitting on a rocking chair in a nursery? I die from the cuteness!)

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It’s time to gather friends and family to celebrate the holiday season! If you are looking for ideas for hosting a fun, easy get together for children or adults, a Gingerbread House Party just may be perfect for you. With our inspiring ideas and downloadable printable party designs, you’ll be all set.

A simple white store-bought cake is easily dressed-up with crushed peppermints and festive lollipops.

Prepare gingerbread houses in advance so your guests can decorate them during the party. Put out icing bags and a variety of candy for the guests to use.

For a perfect centerpiece, prepare a gingerbread house prior to the party to display. You can use paper embellishments in addition to the edible details, like this gingerbread man party circle.

Finish the gingerbread house by adding coconut for the perfect “snow” base.

Offer a variety of desserts for the guests to snack on after they decorate their houses. Mini gingerbread house pops are perfect for this party theme and will be a hit with all the little ones.

Send your guests home with a treat embellished with our printable favor tags or fill our gingerbread house favor boxes (download template) with candy or small toys.

Visit the full Gingerbread House Party feature for many more ideas and printable downloads!

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I’ve always considered myself a good gift-giver, but I’ve been going to a lot of baby showers lately, and I’m forced to contend with the reality that I have no idea what to get for new parents. I’m all, Do I go practical? These strollers cost as much as my rent! Maybe a toy. That’s not a choking hazard, is it? I could get them a cute onesie…but they don’t know the sex yet. These are all pink or blue. WHY CAN’T I JUST FIND A CUTE UNISEX ONESIE?! until my brain essplodes. That’s what makes this Floating in the Clouds 3D Wall Art by Gosh & Golly so attractive. (Well, that, and the fact that it’s adorable.)

3d wall art

It’s cheery, totally gender-neutral, would look precious over a crib, and since it’s made to order, the hot air balloons can be customized with different colors and patterns. Gosh & Golly also makes whimsical mobiles, just in case you sense that the parents-to-be wouldn’t go for sticking things on the wall. (But here’s hoping they’ll set up a registry and let you know what they want in the first place!)

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Set designer and art director Cat Belluschi Paulk has taken the skills that she’s used on film sets and translated them into an organizing and interior styling business, Modifize.

kids personalized art

One of the ways she personalizes a home while not losing sight of cost is creating custom art. In this case, photographing childrens’ artwork, printing it and hanging it for display. Such a thoughtful way to make a space your own.

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Getting stuck at the kids’ table isn’t so bad, especially if you get to make this turkey.

paper turkey

Photo by Nicole Hill Gerulat

Give your youngest guests a craft to do while the real turkey is roasting. There are step-by-step instructions for constructing this adorable popcorn stuffed bird at One Charming Party. Gobble gobble!

Looking for other ideas for fun handmade gifts and decorations? HGTV’s got you covered with the premiere of our new show 15 Fresh Handmade Gift Ideas on Friday, November 26 at 7pm ET. Plus our experts have created 15 fabulous step-by-step presents you can make yourself and have curated more than 100 of our favorite handmade gifts from Etsy crafters you can buy. Have a happy, crafty holidays!

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Fall is upon us, and I’m in search of snuggle-up-by-the-fire-inducing designs.

It seems furniture artist Claire-Anne O’Brien had the same idea when she created these adorable knitted stools, which tap right into a recent hot trend in home decor: warm, cozy weaves. I love the playful quality of Obrien’s designs. One of these stools would look cute in an office or even a kids’ room.


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No more pencils, no more books, summer is a great time to give kids’ bedrooms a new look. Enlist your children in the design, and find projects they can do themselves.’s Kids’ Rooms Design Guide has ideas, tips and simple decorating projects to get you started. Here are some of my favorites:


This contemporary bedroom by Rate My user ECinNC is designed for the ultimate girly girl.

More Kids’ Room Ideas

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About once a year, I feel the urge to do something crafty. Perhaps it’s my memory of making a Mother’s Day gift at school and trying to get it home before it fell apart. But, right on time, the mood struck me last week when I saw some lovely spring-colored translucent soaps that looked to me like perfect Mother’s Day fare. But they needed a little something, a little personality.


Embellished Glycerin Soaps

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Instead of marking your doorway or wall, try one of these great growth charts to measure your kids’ height. Not only are they adorable, but you can also take them with you if you move!

The whimsical print on Bold and Noble’s growth chart is available in Azure blue and Poppy red.

A long jute ribbon is the basis of Miss Natalie’s Heirloom Growth Chart, which is highlighted with classic red and manila tags.

Easy-to-apply vinyl wall decals are another great option for growth charts. Check out janeymacpress’ options.

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