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Jan Feb 2015 cover

Make this the year that you finally redecorate the living room, remodel the kitchen, or just spruce things up a bit. The January/February issue of HGTV Magazine can help you get started—it hits newsstands this Tuesday, January 6. Here’s a look at some of what you’ll find.

Four savvy design bloggers share how they style a space while still staying on budget. Plus we share online-only how-tos for DIY projects from each of their rooms.

purple room

Update idea: Remake a hand-me-down piece of furniture or snag an item from a local yard sale. Our clever editors took a used china cabinet and turn it into a display piece you’ll be excited to show off. We see many dinner parties coming your way in 2015!

china cabinet

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The color blue is having a moment! Our editors at HGTV Magazine just love the hue, and the March issue (on newsstands now) shows it. When mixed with white, blue becomes especially easy to use and oh-so-pretty to decorate with.


A sea of blue (with a pop of green) on our March cover

We featured some of our favorite blue and white pillows in this issue and think they’d look just as good in your home as they did in our magazine. Now’s your chance to win one pillow in either of two designs you see on the cover.

Here’s what to do: Enter for your chance to win by emailing us at with the subject line: Blue Pillows. Tell us your favorite way to decorate with the color blue in your home, and we’ll pick our favorite four ideas.

Hurry, though — contest ends at 11:59pm EST on Wednesday, March 6. If your entry is chosen, we’ll respond to you directly. Good luck!
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Need more of a blue fix? Check out February’s Color of the Month: robin’s egg blue. It’s more of a cool, teal blue that’s perfect for welcoming the coming spring.

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Sara Peterson, editor in chief of HGTV Magazine, took time out of her hectic, making-a-brand-new-magazine schedule to talk to me about what it was like to see this project come to life.

Sara Peterson

Sara Peterson at home. Photo by: Squire Fox

LZ: Can you tell our readers in a nutshell what it’s like to create a magazine from scratch?
SP: It’s exhilarating, but also a lot of work! We spent months thinking about and discussing all the reasons people love HGTV, and then how to translate this hugely popular TV network into a fun, fresh, new kind of home/lifestyle magazine that was unlike anything else out there. Some days, I watch so many HGTV shows that I’m surprised my DVR hasn’t exploded.

LZ: What was your biggest accomplishment?
Getting the magazine out with a cover that I’m proud of—it says fun, fast makeovers in big colorful letters. I love that cover line, and I’m hoping that will speak to a lot of HGTV fans.

LZ: In one word, how would you describe HGTV Magazine?
SP: Happy.

LZ: Is there any particular story that’s your absolute favorite from the inaugural issue?
SP: That’s like trying to name your favorite child! I can’t do it. We put 100% effort into every single story. That I can tell you!

LZ: Tell us a little bit about your staff: Where do they come to the magazine from?
SP: One day the whole staff talked about where we grew up and all the places we’ve lived. We hit on every part of the country—the South, the Midwest, the East Coast, and the West. We’re a very diverse staff, which is so important when you’re creating a national magazine that needs to speak to homeowners and renters everywhere.

LZ: What’s the best part about your new digs in the eco-friendly Hearst Tower?
SP: The views are incredible. We’re on the 35th floor (the Hearst Tower is in Midtown Manhattan, at 57th Street and 8th Avenue), and we face south, so on a clear day, we can see all the way downtown and a long stretch of the Hudson River. I also like that we have an open floor plan in our office, and the offices all have glass walls. It’s a team effort to create a magazine, and this openness makes constant collaboration even easier. We talk face-to-face with one another more than we email. I appreciate that.

LZ: Any sneak peeks or secrets from the magazine you can share with our readers?
SP: We photographed Sarah Richardson’s farmhouse in Canada—but not just the rooms. We sneaked around and took photos inside her closets, inside her kitchen cabinets, in her medicine cabinets. Sarah has such amazing style, so it’s great to get her tips for making a family home extra comfy—but it’s also really fun to find out what’s in her pantry, what’s in her coat closet, even what’s under her kitchen sink! Also: David’s Bromstad’s current paint color obsessions. Who doesn’t want to know those?!

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Today is the first day that HGTV Magazine is on newsstands! Did you get yours yet? I’ve gotten mine and I have to say, it’s one of the prettiest and most useful design magazines I’ve ever seen (even if I am a little biased).

vern yip and hgtv magazine

Left: Photo by Sarah Dorio from Leader of the Pack p. 35, Right: Our magazine cover!

In its inaugural issue Vern Yip, judge for HGTV Design Star lets readers into his family’s home in Atlanta, Georgia to get a look at his unbelievable dog room (page 35 in case you’re following along with your magazines). With four dogs and two young kids in the house, it’s hard to believe that anything is organized, but this chocolate-colored room is perfection. I recently talked to Vern about his home and his article for our brand new magazine. Here’s what he had to say:

LZ: Have you seen the magazine yet?

VY: No, not yet! But I’m very excited to see it.

LZ: So we know you’re an old pro at being in other people’s homes with the cameras rolling, but what was it like to be interviewed for the magazine having the photographers at your house?

VY: It’s always good. Your home should be a physical manifestation of you. It’s a way for people to experience who you are. It was fun to share my personal style with readers.

LZ: In your article for the magazine, you show us your fantastic pet room just off your kitchen. What do you suggest people do who don’t have enough space to make a separate room for their pets?

VY: I’ve always been a dog person, but I haven’t always had a dedicated room for the dogs. Before having this room, I didn’t compromise between practicality and not having a dog at all, though. A couple of tips for keeping a clean and neat house:

Number one: get a great vacuum cleaner, and number two, look at the materials that your dog comes in contact with – the floor, the upholstery – and make sure you select those correctly to be soil and stain resistant.

To corral the clutter, use the same the same ideas you would in dealing with clutter in general. Instead of having a coffee table, use a storage ottoman. The lid flips open and you can quickly put away dog toys and leashes.

LZ: What’s your number one rule about the dogs in your house? No people food? No jumping on the couch?

VY: I wish I was that kind of disciplinarian with them! Before we had kids they had the run of the place. The one thing I don’t do, we don’t allow our dogs in our beds. It’s one area that I like to keep super clean and tidy.

LZ: Given that you’ve got pets and kids in your house now, are there any design decisions you’ve made wish you could do over? Do you make different choices now?

VY: No. My choices aren’t primarily driven by dogs or kids. Our decisions are reflections of us and who we are. Successful design is a confluence of function and aesthetics. It needs to function on a high level. I need to be able to sit on the sofa and not worry about getting a stain on it. That’s who I am. You can have great looking things that are also practical.

LZ: OK, Vern, lightning round. I’m going to ask you a question, and you give me your gut reaction:

Dogs playing poker – kitsch and cute, or tacky and awful?

VY: Kitsch and cute.

LZ: Painted animal portraits – yea or nay?

VY: Yea!

LZ: Dogs in the bed – snuggle up or get out!

VY: Get out!

LZ: Leather furniture and pets – for sure or forget it?

VY: For sure!

LZ: And last but not least: I know I’m not supposed to ask this – because dogs are like kids – but do you have a favorite dog?

VY: [Laughs] Yes, I do! I’m so embarrassed to admit that. But I can’t tell you which one it is!

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Online home design magazine Rue has just released its third issue.


From the owl silhouette on the cover to the pied à terre in Paris to an eclectically renovated brownstone, this issue is full of vibrant images that are sure to inspire. The magazine does a fantastic job of showcasing aspirational designs that you can use in your own home. If I’m ever in a position to install a free-standing bathtub, I want one just like the one on page 177.

Plus, don’t miss coverage of the Lavish party that HGTV co-hosted with Rue in Atlanta on page 16.

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