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Let me be the first to say that as a city dweller, I don’t know the first thing about raising or caring for chickens. Although I love that it looks like I have stylish coop options should I ever choose to pursue that. Anyway, as I was saying, I don’t know anything about raising chickens, save for what I might have picked up from Return to Oz, but I’m not putting any stock in that. (I mean, the chicken talks, so.) However, I do know what I think is lovely and delightful, and this sophisticated chicken coop from The Art of Doing Stuff fits the bill.

sophisticated coop

The details on this thing are amazing, from the practical (doors locked with magnets for security, pulley and eye hook system to open the door to the run) to the stylish (the lanterns, I can’t even). This swank coop may be the first thing to really make me want to own chickens someday. Although as my fellow blogger Rashon pointed out, it does kinda look like it could be a modern day outhouse, so maybe if the chicken-raising thing doesn’t pan out, I can try building one of those instead?

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Remember the other day when I said that I thought bees might be the new chickens? That very well may be the case, but designers are still cranking out great new poultry products.

chicken co-op by raad studio

Case in point: this cool Chicken Co-op (get it?) meant for urban poultry designed by Raad Studio. The Co-op, which coyly bills its ultra-modern design as a, “chicken residence,” comes flat-packed and features, “open, loft-like spaces which liberate the lifestyles of modern chickens.” The designers definitely have a sense of humor about their coop, but they’ve also vetted it with scientists and made it easy for the city-dweller to get started. No tools are required to assemble it; just add chickens and wait for eggs.

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