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joya rocker

A modernist nursery is no longer an impossible look to achieve. Great new furniture companies are popping up all the time.

This nursery rocking chair by Canadian company Monte has a chunky wood base which I find really evocative of children’s design but a refined, clean-lined seat. I think it would work just as well in any room as in a baby’s room.

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Episode three was a total blast (watch it here). Excitement just oozed out of Micah and Evelyn. I promise never to say ‘oozed out of them’ again. Gross. But it did. They were desperate for help and all they wanted was fun, color and some function. They already had a TV room (that you didn’t see.) They also wanted a place to play with their friends—they love themselves some board games. They also needed a dining room. The loft was pretty daunting actually; it was massive and dark and totally vacuous. Frankly, it was very cold, and these people are not.

Secrets From a Stylist: Episode 3 Loft, BeforeI know. Empty. Dead. Boring.

But It Gets Better

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So many great guesses. The correct answer for this week’s “What the…?” is a Walter Wayle 11 clock by French designer Philippe Starck. Chelsea M. was the first to get it right. Congrats!

Walter Wayle 11 Clock

Simplicity in design drives the form of this ultra modern clock that can be found at (Although, if I used a clock like this without numbers, I’d be late everywhere.)

If you come across mysterious decor you think would make an excellent puzzler, email me at

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I’m proud to admit — I have Bieber Fever! (When Justin Bieber whips his bangs away from his face…I feel a little lightheaded.) So you know where to find me this Friday when his new movie Never Say Never opens in theaters. And like any devoted fan, I’m mildly…OK majorly obsessed with every aspect of his life. What better work assignment than this blog post…daydream for hours about his bachelor pad. (It’s a grueling job, I know.) I’m picturing MTV-style house parties, ultra-modern furnishings, resort-style pools and, of course, lots of girls. Check out these five designer spaces fit for Biebs, his entourage and moi.

Justin Bieber Nicole Sassaman Recording Studio Design

I just know Biebs would love this swank space with its state-of-the-art recording studio, mounted guitars, flat screen TV and relaxed modern appeal. Can’t you just picture him brainstorming his next big hit single with me gazing on adoringly from the comfort of the sectional? Design by Nicole Sassaman


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Want to own a piece of movie history?

Sleeper House

Denver Business Journal

The impossibly modern looking house featured in Woody Allen’s 1973 movie Sleeper was just put up for auction in Golden, Colorado. It was built by architect Charles Deaton in the 1960s and called the Sculptured House. I’d love to see what the surrounding snowy mountains look like from inside.

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Fall is upon us, and I’m in search of snuggle-up-by-the-fire-inducing designs.

It seems furniture artist Claire-Anne O’Brien had the same idea when she created these adorable knitted stools, which tap right into a recent hot trend in home decor: warm, cozy weaves. I love the playful quality of Obrien’s designs. One of these stools would look cute in an office or even a kids’ room.


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