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I have a problem, a shoe problem. Fortunately my hang-up is wallet-friendly and doesn’t have anything to do with being unable to resist splurging on a fancy pair of heels.

horizontal shoe rack
No, my problem is far more banal and occasionally hazardous: the entire family, myself included, kicks off their shoes at some point between walking in the door and sitting down. But if we had a shoe rack as ingenious as this one by j-me design, maybe we would all be tempted to put our shoes away. This space-saving, wall-mounted horizontal rack can accommodate all types of shoes and stores them with a dash of modern style and gravity defiance.

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This week’s “What the…?” is a space-age looking version of the 20th-century ”junk drawer.” HGTV_Kelly’s guess nailed it in thorough detail, but we’re giving credit to Megan as this week’s winner for getting that they’re for hanging coats and hats first. (Sorry, boss).

Coat Hanger & Key Holder

Designer David Cathro’s Blomp Coathanger is a great find if you’re like me and always misplacing your keys and other miscellaneous objects. And there’s a bonus. When you’re done stuffing the Blomp, simply drape your coat over it to hide all evidence of clutter.

If you happen to come across any mysterious finds, email me at

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Remember when I introduced you to ORG a few short weeks ago? Well, it’s time to reveal part two of our master bedroom custom closet build, because today the team visited our home to install the final design (in just 6 hours, I might add)!

Here's our new friends installing this gigantic unit. Because our unit has full Forterra back panels (creating a clean, consistent look), the closet conceals the bedroom wall and eliminates the need for any drywall work. (yay!)

Our installers were fun, hilarious and excited to be building us our dream closet. If you’ll remember, we chose a material called Forterra that is produced with recycled content and is craaaazy strong. (Which means the ORG men are very, very burly.)

My favorite part of our new closet is the sweet little vanity you’ll see below. I’ve wanted a vanity since I was a little girl, and now, as a grown-up (sort of), I can’t wait to try it out! I mean, gracious, it just feels so luxurious to sit down while applying mascara. And yes, for the record, I’m very easy to please.

Don’t Miss the Vanity Pics

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Are you always digging through your cabinets to find the spice you need? Me too. And the one I want is always in back.

spice rack

Problem solved with this 24-inch spice rack from Purposedesign which mounts on your wall to keep the spices you always need at hand. Added bonus? This rack comes with the spices shown.

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My life has been so hectic lately — seriously, I can barely remember what day it is. I need to get everything back in order and I found a product that will help!


Three By Three Seattle’s Bamboo Dry-Erase Wall Panels are the ultimate solution for our busy lives. The panels have a real bamboo dry-erase surface and mount right on your wall. We’re giving you the chance to win their large Channel Panel. It comes with the following accessories: letter holder, three hooks, bamboo cup and holder, magnetic strip (1″x12″), four strong magnets and a dry-erase pen — all working together to keep everything under control! For a chance to win, answer this week’s question before 12/11c, Monday, April 26. Be sure to provide a valid email address so we can contact you if you win.

If you don’t win (or just can’t get enough from Three By Three Seattle), they are giving Design Happens readers 20% off everything on their site until the end of April. Just type in “happens20″ when you checkout.
This Week’s Question

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Recently the drawer that I use to store my cosmetics has become an unmanageable mess with bottles of lotion and hair product thrown haphazardly here and there because my daughter is late for school. And putting things back in their proper place is just so much work. No, it really is. Because I’ve just spent the last half hour repeatedly screaming, “YOUR SOCKS GO ON YOUR FEET.” Or telling my husband over and over again that the baby is in the fireplace.

And then I inevitably forget to throw away things that should be thrown away. Or more accurately, I get down to the last three drops of lotion, think I’ll eventually use those three drops, and then leave that empty bottle sitting at the bottom of the drawer for the next three years. Multiply this by about a thousand, and THIS IS MY LIFE.



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We all know that old cliche: new year, new you!

Every time January 1 rolls around, I’m inspired to rethink my ways. Sometimes that might just be to eat healthier (and give away that stockpile of holiday sweets asap) or get a snazzy new haircut. Other years, it’s a total overhaul of my home space. Usually, I clean out my closet (and donate or giveaway the unwanted stuff), refresh my slipcovers, change the bedding, bring out different dishes, and maybe throw some new paint on a wall or two. Nothing like an update to your surrounds to punctuate that fresh-start feeling.

We at HGTV are lucky enough to have a long holiday weekend, and I plan to take advantage of the time to do a little housecleaning and New Year rethinking. To get prepped — and inspired — I’ve been looking around for ideas and tips from a few of my usual home and design sources. But first, I realized, I’ve got to get control of the clutter, which only doubles after the holidays (thanks to new gifts and just general rearranging for the seasonal decorations).

Here are a few good sources I’ve found:

Clear the Clutter, Live Stress Free
The first, best step for sprucing up is to ditch the clutter. After all, you don’t see any of those fab makeover rooms on HGTV overrun with trinkets, old magazines or, well, much of anything that doesn’t serve an immediate design or practical use. This article has a few quick — and eco-friendly — first steps to take.

Clever Organizers
I’m a sucker for creative reuse — so when I saw this HGTV gallery spotlighting a few simple ways to transform aluminum cans into simple (and often decorative) organizers, I was thrilled. The kitchen utensil holders are delightful.

Declutter Your Life
The eco-pros over at Natural Home Magazine also have this lengthier piece, filled with tips for how to reuses your existing space creatively (because, really, who has the money for a total remodel these days?). There are suggestions for rethinking furniture positioning and understanding how your rooms relate together in a holistic (and whole-istic) way.

Mission Organization
And maybe I won’t be going whole hog like the folks on this show, but I still love to watch the video clips just to see how others have tackled their biggest problem spots (e.g. overrun countertops, managing multipurpose rooms). You can see the next episode on HGTV on January 5 at 9am ET.

For more visual inspiration, check out this gallery of stylishly organized spaces.

What’s on your home resolution list for 2009?

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