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It is rare for an American city to acknowledge the need for smart, greener growth. However, a New York City zoning regulation states that any new residential unit must a have 30′ yard.

atrium house by mesh architects
I admit that I was shocked to hear that there was a such an law was on the books in this densely packed, land-starved city. So I wanted to celebrate this smart, green rule on Earth Day and show you the gorgeous way MESH Architects accommodated it in this North Brooklyn home with a center atrium. This former industrial garage space invited the outdoors in and became a stylish home.

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Have a gander at this remarkable wedding detailed on 100 Layer Cake.


Not only was the vintage-circus-themed celebration filled with so much obvious glee, but the decorations were fabulous. (Do yourself a favor and look through all the pictures.) The dance floor was canopied with lights and inverted parasols which made it seem completely magical. Such a creative idea for an outdoor party.

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When I first moved to Los Angeles, I remember being so madly in love with the idea of dining outdoors on our tiny apartment’s balcony. Watching the sun set over the Pacific ocean with a glass of wine and light breeze in my hair quickly became an after-work habit of mine and I vowed never to take it for granted.


Erin’s Dining Room Tips

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The first day of spring was Friday. Here in NYC it snowed. That being said, the two days preceding the snow were beautiful. I am SO excited for spring. I love checking out amazing gardens in and around the city. So, until the weather catches up with the season, I get my fill of spring by looking at beautiful pictures of gardens. I print these pictures out and I put them around my desk and immediately, I’ve got a sunny disposition.

No matter where you live, you can find amazing gardens. Even here in the urban jungle that is NYC there are amazing gardens. Two of my favorite places to go to soak in the greenery: Brooklyn Botanical Garden and Governors Island. Also, this summer here in NYC we have a special new space to enjoy, The Highline. It’s a huge planted park that is built on the old raised railroad tracks that run along the west side of the city. I was lucky enough to take a private tour of the work in progress, and I can honestly say that it’s breathtaking!

What kind of gardens do you love? How are you hyping up for spring? Check out more brilliant landscape designs at Knibb Designs!

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