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We enjoyed spending time with Emily Henderson, host of the show Secrets From a Stylist, at our design bloggers luncheon in Manhattan last week. (You can read about the 40 bloggers, including Design Happens contributors like Emily, who joined us at our New York offices here.) Before winning HGTV Design Star, Emily enjoyed a busy career as a photo-shoot stylist for top lifestyle and design publications. Now she’s even busier.

Read on to learn more about which designer has influenced Emily the most and what she finds impossible to pass up at flea markets.


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This week you could win goodies from The Trina Turk Residential Collection for Peking Handicraft. The collection offers some of Turk’s most popular designs on pillows, rugs, coasters and guest towels.


We’re giving away two pairs of Trina Turk’s Santorini Pillows, and we’ve even got some colors not yet available online! For a chance to win, answer this week’s question before 12/11c, Monday, August 23.

This week’s question: What fashion designer do you want to come out with a home line?

Click for official rules.

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Bird decor is everywhere, and even I’ve given into the trend with rustic bird candle holders in my living room. Vintage bird figurines are decking bookshelves, while birdcages are becoming centerpieces and lighting accessories. Check out these outdoor-inspired bird pieces that boast classic style and a touch of innocence.

bird table

From Old Sweetwater Cottage

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Anisha Ghosh is the founder of California-based, Saffron Marigold. Anisha and her small crew of dedicated employees create lush, block-printed linens inspired by (and made in) her native India. Anisha gave us the 411 on what drove her to found her own textiles business and showed us her new Maharaja collection.

1. What got you into designing home décor?

The idea to build a small business first came to me when I was a young bride, having just arrived in the U.S. I longed to decorate my home with beautiful Indian textiles. I wanted their vibrancy to help lift the feelings of homesickness that frequently washed over me.
I also wanted to create a small business that is fully committed to the arts and crafts revival and fair trade practices. After months of taking classes, traveling, researching and conceptualizing, Saffron was launched in January 2005.

2. What inspires your designs?
More From Anisha

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Whether creating hand-crocheted wool hats, intricately detailed scarves or a stunning jewelry collection, designers John Ross and Don Carney of PATCH NYC add their creative twist to everything they touch.


Now, they’ve partnered with West Elm for a new collection that redefines vintage style. We caught up with them to find out about their inspiration, their favorite music and a certain pup named Edith.


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Some of you have asked how my sister’s basement is coming along, and the answer to that is probably one that has plagued every remodel in the history of the world: it’s not! Everything has stopped, halted, been put on hold! Call it a delay, a setback, a change in schedule, whatever you want. I call it The Inevitable.

In early February we ordered my sister a couch, one that was said to be in stock minus a couple of parts. Let me explain: it’s a sectional, and because my sister has five kids and they all want to use the basement to watch BYU football games together, we configured it so that it would be almost fourteen-feet long. So it was going to have to come in several pieces. Like, a hundred.



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There is a lot to see at High Point Furniture Market. It is so vast that having some sort of game plan is essential. Chelsey and I are prepared with a list of must-sees, but what we’ve most enjoyed is just walking – briskly browsing, and stopping when something catches our eye. Often, it’s the workmanship, the level of detail, that one of us or both of us, notices.

We’re happy to say that we’ve seen a high level of artistry at Market this year. We couldn’t help but whip out the video camera when we noticed these truly unique pillows by DB Sources Inc. They are a showstopper.

Tell us what you think.

For more of our coverage on the High Point Furniture Market, click here.

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The wrong hotel and a 6am fire alarm could not keep fellow decorating editor, Leslie Judson and I away from the amazing design trends at High Point Furniture Market. We arrived last night and had the chance to meet with a few of the incredible designers showing their work here.

Kevin O’Brien is one of our favorites so far. He’s an artist turned textile designer who has some truly inspiring handmade home furnishings. All the designs come from original drawings or paintings Kevin has created and are then transferred onto his intricate pillows, bedding and even area rugs.

You can find his work in places like Bergdorfs and Barneys, but also check out his new exclusive boutique in ABC Carpet and Home opening this May.

For more of our coverage on the High Point Furniture Market, click here.

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