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Last fall, major designers debuted a range of purples for both tabletop and home. Any of my favorites below would make a gorgeous statement on your holiday table, sofa or bed. Pair purple with silver or gold, and say a chic farewell to 2010. Happy New Year everyone!

Bedroom needing a winter’s lift that will carry you right into spring? Check out Vera Wang’s new line of bedding, available at Bloomingdales. Super chic, and with a great mix of patterns and prints, so it looks like you culled many stores, instead of buying a set. Perfect!

Purple for 2011

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Writing about holiday decor often puts me to sleep. There’s only so much one can say about red, green, silver and gold decor until the desire to punch Rudolph in his crimson sniffer kicks in. Known as somewhat of a Scrooge from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve, I wanted this year to be hollier and jollier.

KAZAM! In two shake’s of a non-existent reindeers’ tails, I suddenly found my design side getting into the Christmas spirit.

This is the part where you hypothetically ask yourself, “Well, how did he do that?”

Brian’s Yuletide Challenge

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Picking the color of the month is like picking your favorite cupcake. Chocolate…so rich. Strawberry? Sweet, ripe fruit. Or how about silky red velvet with cream cheese icing? See what I mean? Practically impossible. How can you abandon any when they’re all so delicious?

In October, we got lucky; consensus came quickly. We all fell for peacock, turquoise’s big sister, which pairs perfectly with this season’s gray, dusty pink and chartreuse.

For November, it took a lot more work to find a color we could all agree on. We argued for gold (the metallic sort), cherry, raisin and even black. Finally, though, we made our choice. This month?

Did We Choose Right?

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Are you yearning for color but a little hesitant? Here’s a suggestion: don’t look around…look down.

The Rug Company

Instead of wall color and room-centering pieces of furniture, focus on your floor. Building a color palette from the ground up is a great way to create a color story for a space in your home. Here are some tips on how colorful flooring can add wow factor to a new room or easily transform an existing space, whether through solid blocks of carpet or the layering of decorative rugs.


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Color is deeply personal. We all have our favorites (mine is fuchsia) and those we despise (green just isn’t my hue).

Photo Credit: Domino Magazine

For some it’s all about beige, and then there are those of us who go wild and paint a whole room blue.

(Yes I am referring to that episode of HGTV Design Star).

Bring Color Home, Your Way

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That’s right! The royal color in Pantone’s shade of Purple Heart is popping up everywhere this season. It’s decadent and refined, but most importantly it adds an air of creativity to any space. Whether you want a touch of purple or a full-on look, we’ve put together a fun list of purple products with our new styleboards. Click on the picture to get the details on each product.


Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite finds for each color from Pantone’s Fall Color Trend report. Be on the look out for American Beauty (a lush red), Honey Yellow, Warm Olive and even Creme Brulee.

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I watch a lot of HGTV shows, and Designed to Sell is one of my favorites. If I can’t sit down and give my full attention to an episode, I love catching design nuggets while I’m doing other things. I had the show on Friday night while I was preparing to meet some friends for dinner when designer Monica Pedersen said something that stopped me in my tracks.
Lavender, Monica said, is the new beige. On this episode, Monica helps the Jacobs, a family of six, design their 1920s Colonial to sell so that they can move to Sweden. In the dining room, Monica is inspired by a blue-and-white, 18th century plate and convinces the couple to paint the space lavender to serve as a modern backdrop for the family heirloom. Kudos to the Jacobs for being willing to go outside the box. About the finished room, they said: “It works!” A potential buyer called the room traditional but also funky. What do you think?
Lovely in Lavender

Lovely in Lavender?

Whether or not you like the lavender, I think this dining room works. Just look at the before picture:
A Dining Room Not Designed to Sell

A Dining Room Not Designed to Sell

If you missed this episode – which also features a fabulous living room and sunroom makeover – mark your calendars for March 12 at 6 p.m. when you can see it again. Click here to find out more about the program schedule and the products used in this episode.

What do you think about the lavender? Would you use it as a neutral? Where would you use it besides in a little girl’s room? 

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