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I’ve been pretty bad about keeping you guys updated, haven’t I? Since my last Studio Style post on May 30 (sorry!), I moved in, bought a temporary closet solution, a temporary pantry solution, have my furniture mostly where I want it and am pretty organized. I think the reason I’ve been so delayed in sharing a progress post is because I’ve been shuffling pieces around and wanted to share an almost final layout with you all. I still have LOADS of artwork to hang, accessories to paint/refinish and purchases to make, but I feel like it’s coming along pretty well for only being in a month. Now, I’m only sharing my “bedroom” today, because my living room is still stacked with boxes full of books. (I have yet to find the perfect bookshelf.) So, welcome to my boudoir! I’ll walk you through…

Kayla Kitts' Studio Bedroom

If you look at pictures of my studio before the move, you’ll notice this is the very back of the room. I wanted this to be my bedroom from the get-go. One downside (or upside?) is I can’t sleep in past 7:30 a.m. because the sun drowns in through the windows. I’ve become quite the early riser since living here. I have a collection of unframed artwork that I’ve purchased in South America, New Orleans and thrift shops that I need to get framed. I plan on creating a colorful gallery above my bed that will be a perfect balance with all-white bedding. I’m also in the market for an area rug to provide a nice underfoot when I hop out of bed. Suggestions are welcome!

Kayla Kitts' Studio Bedroom Pillows

I’ve never had a duvet, let alone an all-white duvet before, so this is a treat. I also have a black cat that loves to snuggle on my white bedding, so that’s something I’ve just had to overlook. I’m not a matchy-matchy person, but I loved the minty concrete walls by the windows, so I decided to pull some of that color in through the sheets and ombre throw pillow.

Kayla Kitts' Studio Bedroom Storage

See More of My Bedroom

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Well, I’m happy to announce I officially have the keys in hand to my new studio loft. I don’t move in until the weekend, but I stopped in before dinner the other night to soak in my home before the moving chaos begins. It’s…perfect. It’s much smaller than I remembered from my viewing and I’m perfectly fine with that. I must have been disoriented the first time I checked out the view because I don’t remember it being this fantastic. From my three windows I overlook a historic, urban neighborhood in the corner of downtown full of restaurants, bars and unique shops.

The few moments to myself also gave me time to picture a furniture arrangement and daydream of my future gallery wall for which I’ve been hoarding tons of artwork. I originally thought I had all concrete walls, but to my surprise, I have half and half. I also found out I have a medicine cabinet (yay, storage!), do not have a microwave, and have large enough window ledges to display houseplants and allow my cat, D’Artagnan, to hang out and enjoy the view, too.

Ready to step into my new place? It doesn’t have furniture yet, or anything, but will by next week. Oh, and don’t worry about taking off your shoes. I’m not that picky yet.

Studio Style: Step Into Kayla's Empty Studio Before Move-InView from the entrance | living room + bedroom

Studio Style: Step Into Kayla's Empty Studio Before Move-InView from the kitchen | living room + bedroom

Studio Style: Step Into Kayla's New Studio Before Move-InView from kitchen | industrial barn door leads to bathroom

Studio Style: Step Into Kayla's New Studio Before Move-InBathroom with industrial barn door

It’s “cold” now with all the industrial piping and concrete, but I have lots of ideas for warming the place up. What tips do you have for me?  Share them in the comments below.

Follow along as Kayla makes the transition into an industrial studio apartment. Check out her studio inspiration board here.

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I’m one of  those Pinterest people. You know the type. Their DIY board is a mile long and they pin to it every day but they’ve never done a single project. I’m also one of those people that will refuse to buy a certain product because “I could totally make that myself.” Sigh. I promise I’m on the path to recovery. I’m going into my new place with a confident, do-it-yourself mindset. And last week I conquered the first furniture makeover for my new place.

So, I’ve become mildly obsessed with Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan after a demo here in the office. I used a few colors (Henrietta and Paris Grey, to be exact) and some painter’s tape to completely transform a $10 laminate tripod table I found on Craigslist into a colorful, geometric show-stopper. I don’t want to boast, but she’s stunning. That project opened up Pandora’s box.

Chalk Paint Table Design

My second furniture transformation project happened yesterday on a whim. Two months ago, I fell in love with a gold, ornate floor mirror at one of my favorite antique shops. The owner marked $75 off the price, I loaded her up and drove away feeling like a proud mother. Two of the edges were severely tarnished, so I decided I’d just give it a fresh coat of paint and make it my own. After using the Chalk Paint®, I knew I wanted my mirror to have more of a matte finish and less of a lacquered look, so I used the same Graphite hue that Marianne used on her sheepskin rocking horse. I could only give it one coat of paint before the rain started, but I was able to actually get in all the tiny crevices and remove most of the gold. Today I plan on applying coat number two and a clear wax to finish.

See Kayla’s Painted Mirror

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As of June 1, I’ll be going from a 1,200-square-foot, two bedroom, two bathroom premium apartment nestled in the suburbs to a 615-square-foot industrial studio in a high-rise right in the heart of downtown. And when I say industrial, I mean concrete floors, concrete walls, a visible ventilation system on the ceiling and a contemporary barn door to close off the bathroom. To say that this will be an adjustment is an understatement, but I’ve never been more excited for a change.

I’ve been calling on my design-savvy friends and even Laurie March, HGTV Remodels’ House Counselor, for advice on how to create a comfortable flow, make it party-ready (without my bed being front and center) and make an urban, industrial space feel warm and cozy.

Here’s my new apartment’s floorplan. You walk directly into a tiny entryway with the kitchen to the right and a tall, narrow closet to the left. This is the only closet in the apartment, so I think it will serve as a great storage space rather than as an actual clothes closet. (You have no idea how many clothes I have.) The floorplan has the living room listed against the back wall, but the unit I viewed had the bedroom in the back. This is how I envision setting up my space. By doing this, the kitchen and living room are together and the bedroom is offset and can easily be separated with IKEA Expedit shelves or a track curtain (if the ceiling allows). [We'll discuss room divider options in a later post.]

Studio Apartment Floorplan at HGTV's Design Happens Blog

I have lots of ideas and lots of bookmarks building up. I need chic and stylish furnishings that are dual-purpose pieces, plus an idea for a closet. (My first thought was to make an industrial steel pipe garment rack and just display my clothes.) With so many ideas to filter through, I thought D-Happ readers would have the best advice. So, please help me sort through some of these decisions.

What layout do you think would serve best? Bed against the windows? Bed by the bathroom? Couch against the back, right wall? I’d love to get your input as I start planning out my new place.

Follow along as Kayla makes the transition into an industrial studio apartment. Follow her studio inspiration board here.

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In her small studio apartment, Malena Georgieva created the feeling of a separate bedroom by framing her bed with three orchid prints.

studio apartment bed

Photo: Trevor Tondro for The New York Times

It’s a great solution for such a small home, but it would be equally good for a shared bedroom. A room that does double duty, like a home office that also serves as a guest room, could benefit from this clever “partitioning” as well. Nicely done, Malena.

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Tune in Sunday night at 10/9c for this week’s installment of HGTV Showdown when designer David Bromstad (Color Splash) and carpenter Marcus Hunt (Hammer Heads) battle against designer John Gidding (Designed to Sell) and carpenter Jared Walker Dostie (Rate My Space) to make over this spatially-challenged studio apartment.

hhgsd303_bachelor-pad-before-blog-smallWill they replace the flooring? Brighten the room with paint? Find a way to seperate the bedroom area? What would you do to update this room?

On the topic of your thoughts, how would you caption this photo?:hhgsd303_jamie-in-sign-blog-small1

Blogger Kimando commented with this gem: “Clive: “Can I throw the pie now?” Got a better one? Head over to the Showdown blog and bring on the funny!

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