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We’re no strangers to pompom wreaths here at Design Happens. In December, furry balls were flying everywhere when Marianne was creating a wreath for a holiday Crafternoon episode (folks went wild for that project).

When Haeley from Design Improvised highlighted a Valentine wreath she made using pompoms that had adorned her Christmas tree — I knew our readers would love this craft, too. I like that these hues aren’t traditional Valentine colors (aside from the red), and yet they work beautifully — anyone notice Haeley’s use of a familiar design blog’s February Color of the Month?


Valentine’s Day is just over a week away — don’t let the big day sneak up on you! You’ve been warned!

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At last week’s Alt Design Summit in Salt Lake City, I had the pleasure of meeting Aimée and Bettijo of Paging Supermom!. Not only did I leave Utah with a couple of new friends (hi, ladies!),  I also left with a hilarious Valentine idea that the two had shared. This whoopee cushion Valentine is just — well, kind of amazing.

My Funny Valentine

Now — as Bettijo and I discussed at dinner one evening — would this be a nightmare for teachers of students who gave these to their friends? Maybe? Probably? Well, let’s not focus on that right now (details, details) and just embrace this Valentine for what it is — adorably funny!

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Conversation hearts are a Valentine’s Day rite of passage. It hardly seems like February 14th without a box of those pastel-hued candies, complete with their ever-evolving messages. (Remember how they’ve changed from “fax me” to “email me” to “text me?”)

While they’re adorable, though, they aren’t especially delicious. This year, swap the chalky candies for these delicious conversation heart sandwich cookies. The best part: You can create your own custom messages with an office stamp and an edible ink pen.

Valentine's Day Conversation Heart Cookies
Add bright hues of gel-paste food coloring to basic sugar cookie dough, then stamp each cookie and sandwich the colored hearts together with a sweet vanilla cream filling.

Conversation Heart Cookies for Valentine's Day

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Just 2 more weeks till Valentine’s Day, can you believe it?

The stores are stocked full of tasty little bon-bons packed into pretty packages — which are all very tempting but so…well, mass-produced. If you’re looking for an easy way to surprise your valentine with an equally pretty box filled with homemade tasty bon-bons, then I’ve got you covered! This heart-and-arrow takeout box is a snap to craft and dipping fortune cookies into chocolate couldn’t be easier — even for a certified non-cook like me.

Kids will love making these to give to classmates, family friends or grandparents, and your wallet will appreciate that the materials can be picked up, inexpensively, at your local market and craft store.

Ready to get started? Get the complete step-by-step instructionsValentine's Day Kids' Craft: How to Make Chocolate-Covered Fortune Cookies

As a variation to the heart-and-arrow box, I added square corners cut from paper doilies to each side, then surrounded the lace with self-adhesive rhinestones. Valentine's Day Kids' Craft: How to Make Chocolate-Covered Fortune Cookies


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If you’re like me, you’ve *just* finished packing away the holiday decorations and it’s already time to start thinking about Valentine’s Day. While it’s true that time does fly, it seems to go into hyper-speed whenever we approach a holiday centered around sweets. Well, honestly, Valentine’s Day is about letting the people in your life know how important they are to you — but — you get to say it with chocolate. Which is a win-win in my book any day.

Candy and cupcakes are great by themselves, but to take your V-day gift-giving up a notch, you need a cute handmade container — preferably one that’s quick, easy and inexpensive to create. Voila! May I present doily treat cups that are SO easy to make that they’re the perfect Valentine’s Day project for kids.  

Honestly, you won’t believe how easy these are — and they’re totally food safe and kid friendly. Ready to get crafting? Well, alrighty then, here are the complete step-by-step instructions plus a few photos to spur your creativity.

Because you use a muffin tin to shape them, they’re just the right size for cupcakes: lace doily treat cup

Or you can sandwich wired ribbon between the doilies to create a cute handle: doily treat cup  READ MORE

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So, you have your heart-adorned decor, the perfect cocktails and enough lovey-dovey goodness to keep you all warm and fuzzy for a while. What more do you need this Valentine’s Day? Well, I don’t know about you, but my neck of the woods is cold, rainy and just downright blah. This fun and spring-inspired project is the perfect pick-me-up to help get rid of those winter blues. Our favorite spring elements – fresh flowers and bright hues – have come to the rescue! And the best part of all? You create the flowers’ pastel hues with a little handmade touch. It’s like magic (thanks to a little food coloring).

hand-dyed rainbow bouquet roses

For the most dramatic change, use carnations or roses. The flowers will soak up the water and food coloring, which will cause the blooms to change color. And sometimes, all it takes is a few hours!

Add a few cups of water to a tall glass, and then add 20 to 30 drops of food coloring to the water (the darker the better). Use a clean jar for each new color. Drop your freshly-pruned stems into the colored water, and let them remain in their color baths for at least 24 hours. Color changes may take up to 48 hours. When you’re happy with your colored flowers, remove them from the food coloring, add water to a fresh vase and arrange your new rainbow bouquet. Lovely! Get the Full Step-by-Step Instructions >>

hand-dyed rainbow bouquet roses

What colors would you make your blooms? Would you stick solely to primaries or throw in some orange, purple and pink? Tell us below!

For more fun family projects each month, check out the HGTV Family Gardening Club.

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