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With only three more episodes left, the designers’ stress levels are reaching an all-time high. Watch a sneak peek of the backyard drama, and tune in Sunday at 10/9c to see what happens.

Want design ideas from the set? Candice, Genevieve and Vern offer their exclusive design tips from HGTV Design Star.

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With only 22 hours and $10,000, the six remaining designers are challenged with making over living rooms, dining areas and offices for two deserving military families. Watch the sneak peek of the episode:

Want design ideas from the set? Candice, Genevieve and Vern offer their exclusive design tips from HGTV Design Star.

Tune in this Sunday at 10/9c to see what happens.

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Tune in one hour earlier this Sunday night at 9/8c for the season finale of  HGTV Showdown. Former Showdown champs Vern Yip and Angelo Surmelis team up with carpenters Anthony Gilardi (team Vern) and James Lunday (team Angelo) take on this disjointed and dated kitchen/mudroom.


How will Vern and Angelo tackle this challenge? Will they add new flooring? Remove the wall dividing the two spaces to create one large kitchen? Bring in new cabinets or new appliances? What would you do to update this room?

 On the topic of your thoughts, how would you caption this photo?

hhgsd304_guy-funny-blog-smallKimando gave us this gem: “Napkins are plentiful as Anthony and Vern practice the ancient tradition of rubbing a kitchen god’s head to bring them luck in their kitchen renovation.”

Think you can come up with something better? Well, bring it on! Head on over to the Showdown blog and show us what you got!

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Tomorrow begins a new era in American history as Barack Obama is inaugurated as our 44th president. One of Michelle Obama’s priorities has been to make sure her family feels comfortable in their new home, The White House. It’s not unusual for incoming First Ladies to make changes in the more than 200-year-old residence. Take a look inside the 1961 White House in this tour with Jacqueline Kennedy. Mrs. Kennedy explains how she worked with a committee to make interior design choices. The Obamas chose California native  Michael S. Smith  whose style has been characterized as “a delicate blend of European tradition and American modernism.” The First Family will be in good company. Smith has designed spaces for Cindy Crawford, Steven Spielberg and many other notables. Smith’s first task: the daughters’ bedrooms.  I hope we get to see a little of Smith’s work and how he spent his $100,000 budget, courtesy of Congress.  

All this talk of White House renovation begs the question: what would HGTV designers do in the Obama’s new residence if they had the opportunity? Just like Barack Obama, Kim Myles was chosen as the best among her peers. As an HGTV Design Star and now host of Myles of Style, Kim continues to prove that she is a winning designer. Her take on The Lincoln Bedroom is another example of why Mrs. Myles won the popular vote.

Kim Myles' concept: The Lincoln Bedroom - Back to Basics

“The current Lincoln Bedroom hides its most famous feature — the bed — behind layers of fussy fabric, busy prints and stodgy color,” Kim says. “I’ve chosen to bring  the room back to basics and combined classic and contemporary elements.”

Taniya Nayak  is one of HGTV’s Designed to Sell‘s talented designers who knows how to stretch a buck. By the look of this sketch, however, it is obvious that Taniya had a little fun and went beyond her usual $2000 budget for the show. This Green Room is opulent but also environmentally-friendly.


Taniya Nayak's concept: The Green Room - Literally

Taniya Nayak's concept: The Green Room - Literally



“The stone, fabrics and flooring are all made from green products,” Taniya says. ”Sustainable living is a way of life now, and what better place to implement that than in the Green Room of the White House.” If the Obamas want to improve their digs without breaking the bank, they couldn’t go wrong with Taniya or Design on a Dime‘s Frank Fontana.

Frank Fontana‘s interpretation of The Red Room is red hot! Every President needs a little zebra print in his life.

Frank Fontana's concept: The Red Room - Colonial Funk

 “My concept for this design is something I like to call ‘Colonial Funk.’ It comes from the fusion of vintage colonial architecture and hip modern day decor,” Frank says. “A similar parallel to the Obamas themselves, as they must fuse their youthful and vibrant energy into a vintage and historic home.” I particularly like Frank’s attention to detail in the sketch. Look closely and see Obama family pictures on the walls. Nice touch.


How do you think Frank, Taniya and Kim did with their Presidential concepts? Any decorating advice you’d offer to the Obamas?

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Congratulations to Vern Yip! HGTV’s Design Star judge and host of Deserving Design was recently named Favorite Male Designer of 2008 by The award is the latest in a long list of accolades for the Atlanta-based designer. No wonder.
Vern Yip, HGTV designer, host, judge
Vern Yip, HGTV designer and host of Deserving Design; Design Star judge

Vern has been wooing audiences and homeowners alike since he began sharing his designs with a television audience nearly 10 years ago. As seen especially in his newest show, Deserving Design - Vern designs as much with his heart as he does with his eye for design and architecture. He clearly loves what he does – as evidenced by a great big smile.  I know what makes me smile. A Vern Yip-designed space. Check out some of his latest creations:

Vern has a knack for making spaces personal. In this Deserving Design bedroom makeover, he surprised the homeowner with framed childhood photos.
Vern has a knack for making spaces personal. In this Deserving Design bedroom makeover, he surprised the homeowner with framed childhood photos.
What musician wouldn't want to hang out in this cool space?
What musician wouldn’t want to hang out in this cool room?
Vern's mix of pattern, color and texture works beautifully in this cozy living room.

Vern's mix of pattern, texture and color works beautifully in this cozy living room.

Vern often creates home offices on Deserving Design. These rooms are organized, bright and conducive to work.

Vern often creates home offices on Deserving Design. These rooms are organized, bright and conducive to work and inspiration.

If you dream of design stardom and would like to learn from the likes of Vern Yip, try out to be a contestant on season four of Design Star. Entries will be accepted until January 5, 2009.

Do you agree with casasugar’s choice of Favorite Male Designer? Who is your favorite HGTV personality? Do tell!

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Staff at HGTV headquarters in Knoxville, Tenn. returned to work this morning chattering about snow falling around the area. Unless you live in or around the Great Smoky Mountains, snow in these parts is rare. So, it takes just a few flakes to stir up excitement about the possibility of more of the white stuff and time spent away from school and work sledding, building snowmen or just snuggled up at home. A good snow is a beautiful thing – in so many ways.

If you like the crisp, clean look of a blanket of snow, why not bring some of the beauty of the white stuff indoors? Enjoy the peacefulness of being surrounded by white (or accents of white) in your home décor. If you’re stuck indoors by winter weather, check out options online. Use HGTV Marketplace to create a Wish List of what you like. That’s how I found these wonderful, white things:

To whiten up a room, start with a white light fixture such as this white glass globe light from Thomas Lighting.

For warmth underfoot, choose a white rug with some pattern such as this 5 X 7 geometric design from MAT.

A few well-placed white accessories such as this Filigree Bowl from Target is an inexpensive way to add a splash of white to any decor.

For more monochromatic drama, add a piece or two of comfortable furniture in white. This is my idea of cozy — the Petrie Apartment Sofa from Crate and Barrel. Keep a white room uncluttered and clean by stowing your audio visual equipment in a cabinet such as this distressed white armoire by Ballard Designs.

For more white ideas, often HGTV hosts will feature the color white in their rooms. This Thursday, Dec. 5 at 5 p.m., watch Divine Design and see how Candice Olson uses touches of white in a European-Inspired kitchen makeover. And watch a Deserving Design Christmas Special this Saturday, Dec. 6, at 8:30 p.m. as Vern Yip uses white furniture to create a contemporary look in an old firehouse.
Vern lightens and brightens with white.

If you’re not ready to devote an entire room to the lovely color white, Christmas is a great time to experiment with all shades of white. I love this white 47 inch tree from West Elm and this set of ceramic tree napkin holders.

How do you decorate with the color white?
What’s your favorite way to spend a snowy afternoon?

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