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Chris, your guess came the closest in answering yesterday’s “What the…?” I could definitely use one of these Francisco Gomez Paz designed Omero racks to help me organize my overflowing pile magazines that will soon include the premiere issue of HGTV Magazine that’s hitting newsstands on October 4th. (BTW, you can click here to start your subscription to HGTV Magazine.)

Design Happens - What the - Omero Magazine Rack

Do you have a cool way for storing your favorite magazines? Or do you cut and paste them into mood boards until there is nothing left?

Tell us in the comments below.

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This ultra modern piece looks like it might fly out of the screen into outer space. But I’ll give you a hint, it’s not big enough to make a crop circle.

Design Happens - What the...?

What is it? Leave your answer in the comments below. Check back tomorrow to find out who solved this mysterious close encounter of the design kind.

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Man, you all are good! I figured that either major fans of Ocean Spray cranberry juice or New Englanders would nail yesterday’s “What the…?” MizzyD guessed correctly first. R. Barth added, “My mom was from New England, and we grew up with one in our home as a memory of her childhood.”

Wooden Cranberry Scoop - HGTV Design Blog - What the...? Answer

This wooden cranberry scoop, circa 1860, is available from Nantucket House Antiques on 1stdibs.

Do you have a cherished family relic of times past that you display in your home?

Tell us in the comments below.

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Milk the clock. Offside. Scrimmage. Tight end. Hut hut. Wing back. One of these gridiron phrases is a clue to this week’s mystery object.
HGTV Design Blog - design game - What the...?
Be a star player. Leave your guess in the comments below. We’ll let you know tomorrow who scored first with the right answer.

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HGTV design blog - What the...? - Coat Rack
Melissa, you are the champ! While they look like punching bags for toddlers, they actually serve as a playful way to hang a coat or “scarves, belts and ties.” Eno Studio designer Donata Paruccini‘s Clothes/Coat Hanger is perfect for a bachelor pad or kids’ playroom. I think the all-white set would look cool in feature blogger Erin Loechner’s master bathroom. What do you think?
Tell us in the comments below.
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Raging Bull. Rocky. The Set-Up. The Fighter. I have a soft spot for hard-hitting boxing movies. While that’s the reason why this design caught my eye, its use has NOTHING to do with the controversial combat sport.

HGTV design blog - design quiz - what the...?

Let’s see who has killer instinct in the design ring. Take a stab at this week’s mystery object in the comments below. And check back tomorrow to see who threw a knockout punch with their answer.

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Remember those Calgon commercials from the ’70s and ’80s with their promises of a “luxurious world” to help you escape from the stresses of everyday life? Well, this week’s object won’t draw you a bubble bath, but it will help your skin stay soft. Sold in black or white, it performs four — that’s right — four pleasing functions when inserted into its base and attached to your iPod, CD player or computer. (Talk about a hint; that gives away one of the four.)

design quiz game - HGTV design blog - What the...?

Tell us what four things this object is designed to do in the comments below. I’m looking for all four. (And if you have no clue, tell us what four things you wish it would do!) Check back tomorrow for the answer.

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While there’s no nod to the ’80s in the design of this object, it’s totally tubular, man. Well, wait, I’m sure many of us wore neon orange outfits in the ’80s. But bright orange isn’t the only color this comes in.

HGTV design blog - design guessing game

What the … is it? Leave your guess in the comments below. And check back tomorrow for the reveal.

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While the scape of this week’s What the…? would likely peak the interest of hardcore rock-climbers, in reality it would be challenging to traverse because it’s so small.

What the...?

Take a hand at guessing what this is, and tell us in the comment area below. Tomorrow we’ll let you know if you were right.

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