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Aug 30

David on Episode 8: “It Was Like ’80s Granny, Not-So-Chic”

David dishes on the final four’s budget design challenge. Who “ignored him completely” and who was practically “peeing in his pants” backstage at The Nate Berkus Show? Plus, he breaks down the best and worst designs.

David at the Nate Berkus Show

What do you think was the biggest disaster of episode 8? Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. Karl should have won. He is truly creative. Design Star could have given him some training to prepare him for TV. Genevieve is not a good designer. She is not creative. She uses her training which everybody gets who completes a design program: the basics. Smiles and "charm"? The "Block Appeal" guy John is so basic except when puts together those terrible designs. They are over-the-top ugly. And when he designs rooms in a house, they are basic, basic, basic. He has no taste, creativity.Watching him is like washing the bath water run into the drain. He needs to find some other occupation. Perhaps he and Genevieve could team up and star in a show as "Not Ready for Prime Time Designers". Karl got robbed!
    Oh by the way- why does Sofia, the Unsellable lady sit on the arms of upholstered furniture: couches, chairs and put her hands on the walls in houses ? On Design Inc, Sarah is interesting and creative. But she ALWAYS goes over budget. An abundance of money must be in her design plans. Sign up Genevive for some continuing designing education courses.

    Taniya and the Get It Sold designer are very good.

    Anne on September 13, 2011 at 6:28 pm

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