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May 8

Go Behind the Scenes of HGTV Star With Host Dan Collopy

Have you ever wondered what happens on the HGTV Star set when the cameras stop rolling? Or what David and the judges really think about who went home? Wonder no more! This year, interior photographer and HGTV fan Dan Collopy will take you behind the scenes on the set of HGTV Star. Did I mention he’s a former Australian soap star?

HGTV Star Behind the Scenes Host Dan Collopy

He’ll have access to the control room, the sound guys, the contestants, the producers, and of course, the judges. He’ll get answers you’ve never had access to before — and show you those funny behind-the-scenes moments that might otherwise be left on the cutting room floor.

Join Dan every week here on to find out what you didn’t see on TV. We kind of  love him (and his accent!) — watch his bio video to find out why you will, too.

Catch all the behind the scenes action right here on

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