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Jun 6

Meet the Designer: Cris Mercado

HGTV Star Cris Mercado

With only days left until the season 8 premiere, we’re introducing you to all 10 designers/contestants on this year’s HGTV Star.

Meet Cris Mercado, an interior designer, architectural assistant and draftswoman raised in the Dominican Republic. She considers her style “bold contemporary” and includes vibrant hues into her designs whenever she can.

What’s the number one mistake people make when designing their home?

One thing that happens a lot is when you go out to get your furniture and you don’t measure the space. When you get back home, you notice that the sofa you got doesn’t fit in the space or you didn’t even measure the doorway to see if it’s even going to go in. So, I think most people sometimes forget that measuring is really important, because you want to have balance, you want to have the appropriate scale and you don’t want things to feel too crowded or space it out too much that you feel like there’s nothing there. I think that’s very important. It’s the first thing I do when I hit a room; I have to measure everything.

What color do you dislike the most?

Khaki. Even though it’s neutral and you can work with it for everything, it just reminds me of my uniform back in middle school: the khaki pants with the blue shirt. I don’t dislike it, I just try to stay away from it.

If you had $100 to refresh your decor in any way, what would you do?

To spice it up, something very easy in the living room, some throw pillows, a lot of color. That changes the mood completely. A fresh coat of paint, too. If you feel like you’re bored at home, just take a wall and paint it. Add an accent wall. That makes a huge difference.

HGTV Star Cris Mercado Designs

One of Cris’ contemporary bedroom designs

More about Cris: Read her HGTV Star biobrowse her design portfolio and vote her your fan favorite.

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