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Jun 7

Meet the Designer: Boris Eckey

HGTV Star Boris Eckey

With only two days left until the season 8 premiere, we’re introducing you to all 10 designers/contestants on this year’s HGTV Star.

Say hi to Boris Eckey. A native of Germany, Boris was introduced into the industry by his interior designer mother and architect father. After 15 years as a successful designer, Boris creates everything from large hotels to small residential spots. We asked Boris to vote “Yes” or “No” for controversial and trendy design topics.

It’s a design lightning round! Yes or No…

Pets on the bed: Yes!

Neon: Um, no.

All-white interiors: Yes.

Wall decals: No.

Chalkboard paint: Depends on the space. Yes.

Owls and birds in decor: I guess. Yeah, sure. Are we talking design here? Are we talking going to the zoo? Are we talking nightly disturbances of owls in your trees? I don’t know.

Denim: Yes!

Granite: Eh, no. Over. Done. Builder’s home from the 80′s and 90′s.

Decorative skulls: Over it. No.

Chevron:  Yeah. I can appreciate a good chevron.

Taxidermy: Um, if it’s used properly. I don’t mind taxidermy as long as I don’t feel like I’m walking into Pet Cemetery 3.

Lucite furniture:  If done properly, yes.

Fake flowers: No!

Ceiling fans: Noooo.

Pot racks: Eh, if you have a very large kitchen with a very high ceiling, then I think a pot rack can add to the charm of, let’s say, an Italian rustic vibe, but other than that no. I don’t like clutter. No clutter!

Karate-chopped pillows: No, not really.

Seasonal flags: It’s very American. I can enjoy a flag, sure. I think it depends on the type of home. If you have a Cape Cod, fly your flag! If you have a French chateau, don’t do it.

Faux finishes: Over. No.

Open shelving or glass-door cabinets: Sure. Yes.

Midcentury furniture: LOVE. Yes.

Boris Eckey's Design Portfolio

One of Boris’ Tuscan-inspired dining room designs

More about Boris: Read his HGTV Star biobrowse his design portfolio and vote him your fan favorite.

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