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Jun 16

Episode 2 Recap: 1 Loft, 1 Makeover, 1 Less Designer

Another week, another challenge! This week, the remaining nine designers met host and mentor David Bromstad in a refurbished, industrial loft in downtown L.A. All that was missing? Furniture, accessories and lighting. That’s where our trusty contestants come in.

David Bromstad With HGTV Star Cast

They had just 48 hours to create four distinct areas: living, sleeping, eating and working. Here’s what the loft looked like when the group arrived on the scene:
Industrial Loft Before

Read on to see how the group did in their first team challenge, and this week’s winners and losers.

I love industrial, warehouse spaces, with exposed brick walls, rough-hewn hardwood floors, high ceilings and wide-open spaces. But as many city-dwellers know, this type of space presents its own design challenges: It can be difficult to create distinct spaces and you often have to get creative with dividers and privacy walls. Jessie, who said she had designed “hundreds” of lofts, seemed like a shoe-in to win. Tylor’s portfolio also features both loft spaces and industrially-inspired pieces, so it seems like he’d have an edge here.

Since the loft features mostly warm-wood tones, the group (inspired by Boris’ urging) decided to go with a palette full of cool tones for the loft. The designers also created a “client” to inspire the space:  a young, rock-glam couple.Then, they split into groups to tackle the various areas.

Boris, Abby and Jessie paired up to design the dining space, entryway and kitchen.

Abby took ownership of the entryway space, but got bogged down with painting, then repainting the space. That left her at the mercy of Boris to shop for all of the room’s furnishings, including the rug and chandelier, which were judge favorites. Here’s Abby’s entryway design:

Abby Entryway After

The judges weren’t fans of the purple, turquoise, black and white color palette that stretched all through this group’s space. David called the colors “a little juvenile” and said they distracted from the architectural elements and exposed brick. They weren’t into this striped banquette, either. Here’s Boris’ dining space:

Boris Dining Room Loft After

Jessie tackled the kitchen, which was the only space with existing furniture. Since the main pieces were in place, she spent the majority of the time painting, shopping and accessorizing. But Sabrina was less than impressed with Jessie’s accessorizing, since the cabinets were still bare. And like Boris’ dining space, Genevieve wasn’t feeling the room’s cabana-striped curtains. Here’s Jessie’s kitchen:

Jessie Miller Kitchen Design

Cris and Tylor worked together on the loft’s main living space. Each designer’s camera challenge task (this year’s first) was to creatively repurpose a vintage item, and this room represents the both best and the worst effort. Tylor found a vintage Volkswagen hood at the salvage store and proceeded to cover it with graffiti reminiscent of a demolition derby car. Cris and I agree: That piece belongs in the junkyard, not on the wall. Cris’s repurposed item? A very cool vintage camera and tripod transformed into a light.

Industrial Loft Living Room After
Brooks and Jeribai created this combination music studio space and office. The judges were all about the messy-chic audio-cable inspired chandelier by Brooks. They also loved the corrugated metal wall by Jeribai.

Brooks and Jerabai's Studio
Anne and Tiffany worked together on the loft’s bedroom. After last week’s bedding drama, Anne took ownership of the comforter, pillows and blankets. ““Anne redeemed herself with sheets this week,” Genevieve said.  Tiffany found the room’s focal point, a vintage-sign-turned-headboard, at a salvage shop, but it was Anne’s guidance that helped her decide not to paint it white. Anne was also smart, funny and engaging in this week’s camera challenge, which led the judges to name her this week’s winner.

Tiffany Anne Bedroom
On the bottom: Abby, Boris and Jessie with their turquoise and purple and stripes. In the end, the judges felt that Jessie’s over-the-top kitchen styling was too, well, over-the-top to let her continue on in the competition. Jessie, I’ll miss your spunky personality! You seem like a a lot of fun.

HGTV Star Contestant Jessie Miller
What did you think of this week’s episode? Did the right designer go home? C’mon — tell us in the comments below.

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